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Here are 12 of the best long takes in movie history. 9 (Short) Storytelling Tips From A Master Of Movie Trailers. "Anybody with an editing system on their computer can take a movie and crush it down to two and a half minutes," says Hollywood teaser man John Long.

9 (Short) Storytelling Tips From A Master Of Movie Trailers

"But that wouldn't necessarily be an artfully delivered piece. A great trailer is its own mini-story. " Long and other masters of short-form movie marketing enjoy a rare moment in the spotlight May 30 courtesy of the Golden Trailer Awards. Judged this year by Frozen co-director Chris Buck, Girls, and Star Wars star Adam Driver, Divergent filmmaker Neil Burger, and other industry talents, the Beverly Hills awards show honors the work of trailer houses including Buddha Jones, co-founded by Long, which is nominated this year in 24 categories. Start Fast, End Big Long believes the lessons embedded in effective movie trailers can be helpful to anyone interested in telling a good story. The Mini-Movie Needs Its Own Heart Think Non-Linear They took a similar approach to promote Denzel Washington's 2012 Flight. Tweak The Three-Act Structure. Spellbinding Short Film Visualizes the Human Psyche. For his haunting animation Unity, Tobias Stretch imagines a mysterious story of love, death, and resurrection.

Spellbinding Short Film Visualizes the Human Psyche

Set to a piece by avant-garde composer Christopher Bono, the short stop-motion film is composed of over 10,000 photographs featuring 10-foot-tall tree-like puppets with articulated limbs and soulful, human eyes. The deeply expressionistic, operatic work relies less on linear structure than on evocative mythological notions of time and change; as if underwater, Stretch’s characters move toward one another as slowly as the shifting of the seasons. Stretch’s narrative opens with a house seemingly extracted from a forgotten painting by Vincent van Gogh; housed inside this old, rustic landscape is a lonesome man and woman who blend seamlessly with the mossy earth and bare winter trees. Hurled from their decaying Edens into the fast-paced urban present, the couple ages as autumn turns to winter, left hibernating and fossilized beneath heaps of cold, downy snow.

Digital Cinema Report. By Debra Kaufman The 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes unleashed a cross-species thriller and, on July 11, the sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Matt Reeves and shot by cinematographer Michael Seresin will debut in U.S. theatres.

Digital Cinema Report

Although most 3D movies currently are shot in 2D and converted to 3D in post-production, this movie was shot in native 3D. Seresin, who also shot a significant portion of Gravity, faced his first experience shooting native 3D. Although he doesn’t consider himself a “technical cinematographer,” Seresin felt confident. 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Raindance. Stepping into the unknown can trigger a whole set of emotions – from excitement to paralytic fear.

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Raindance

I bet anyone making a movie can relate to this: “Will I have the wherewithal to finish this, will anyone see it, and what if they laugh (or cry) in the wrong places?” All fair questions. As they say, you’ll never know until you try it. You aren’t the first person to start making a film. I thought I’d share with you some of the things I wish I knew when I started Raindance in 1992, or the British Independent Film Awards in 1998. How DANIELS Broke the Internet with the Music Video Sensation 'Turn Down for What' Three years ago I posted one of my favorite music videos of all time, created by the directing duo DANIELS, who’ve since racked up many more awards for their terrific music videos and short films.

How DANIELS Broke the Internet with the Music Video Sensation 'Turn Down for What'

I was excited when I found out they would be at this year’s Sundance Screenwriters Lab with me with their feature film project, but little did I know they’d be releasing a viral sensation shortly thereafter. Their music video for DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down for What” has crossed 35 million views as I write this, thanks to its absurd hilarity, excellent direction, and infectious energy. Canary Wharf Group plc - Filming & Photography. To apply to film and photograph on the Canary Wharf Estate you need to do the following: Read all of the content on this page, including the terms and conditions.

Canary Wharf Group plc - Filming & Photography

Fill in the Company Registration Form and the Film and Photography Application Form and email them to If required, send a risk assessment, method statement and evidence of public liability insurance to See the FAQs section below for guidance. Love Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling? Download a Free eBook That Analyzes Each One. When Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted out 22 storytelling tips, something interesting happened.

Love Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling? Download a Free eBook That Analyzes Each One

It was as if the curtain was lifted to reveal the heart of a mysterious, magical, and inspiring player in filmmaking, and many screenwriters (I was one of them), treated this small collection of advice as a lost book of the storytelling bible. Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, who has spent 12 years writing and developing stories at Pixar, has now shared his eBook in which he expounds on each tip.

Continue on for the link to the free download. How to Set a Living Room on Fire with VFX in 4K. Can Thoreau Unlock the Mysteries of Shane Carruth's Cerebral 'Upstream Color'? What does Henry David Thoreau’s classic narrative of his 2-year sojourn in the wilderness, Walden, have to do with Primer director Shane Carruth’s sophomore effort, Upstream Color?

Can Thoreau Unlock the Mysteries of Shane Carruth's Cerebral 'Upstream Color'?

According to Vimeo user Anna Robertson, everything. 253 Behind-The-Scenes Images Show How Alien Came To Life. Want to Get the Most Out of Your External Hard Drives? Here's Something You Should Know. Not long ago, Macworld put the new Mac Pro to the test on the front of connectivity and external drive performance.

Want to Get the Most Out of Your External Hard Drives? Here's Something You Should Know

At one point the test involved 36 devices connected via Thunderbolt, USB 3, and even FireWire 800 (via Thunderbolt docks), including an extensive list of external hard drives plus an Apple Thunderbolt display, two Apple Cinema Displays, and a 27-inch HP LED display. The results shed very interesting light on some of the capabilities — and possible limitations — of Thunderbolt daisy chains. Macworld gathered a veritable cornucopia of devices to hook into the little trashcan-looking workhorse, including external drive units from Buffalo, G-Tech, LaCie, OWC, Promise, Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital. At the point where 36 devices were chained to the Mac Pro, external storage totaled over 100TB. Here’s Macworld on some of its methodology and details (my emphasis): Link: Lab tested: The Mac Pro Daisy Chain Challenge — Macworld.

Histograms: Are they a Helpful Exposure Tool, or Should You Avoid them like the Plague? A few months back, we shared some tips on how filmmakers can use histograms to properly expose their images.

Histograms: Are they a Helpful Exposure Tool, or Should You Avoid them like the Plague?

Despite the fact that histograms can be a helpful exposure tool in certain situations, there are quite a few downsides to using them in a filmmaking setting. Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters explains: Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated. Best circular polarizer filter: 02 Hoya PRO1 digital filter Price: £60 (58mm) £110 (77mm) Hoya is a respected filter manufacturer making good quality and affordable products for photography enthusiasts.

This Hoya PRO1 has been specifically designed for digital cameras. It’s packed with technology: it’s Digital Multi-Coated (DMC) to reduce lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections, and Low Profile Frame (LPF) with an ultra-thin filter frame to help avoid vignetting on wide-angle lenses, as well as being able to hold a lens cap. The PRO1 produced striking results, boosting colors and contrast in our scene without affecting the overall color balance of the shot. This PRO1 filter oozed good quality, from its lightweight build to the vibrant images we shot using it, and its black matte almite frame really helped reduce reflections. Image results were very good, and it certainly ensured blue and green colors became more saturated and appeared clearer with better contrast. Get Unique Stabilized Low Angle Camera Shots with the Freefly Tero Remote Controlled Car.

Now that stabilized gimbals have come out of the sky and into our hands with devices like the Freefly MōVI, they’re being put on all sorts of things. Freefly is continually pushing things forward, and they’ve now come up with their own custom remote controlled car that you can actually mount a MōVI to, which opens up all sorts of new possibilities for camera positions and angles, and gives you super smooth footage in the process. Micro-budget filmmaking 101: sketches of DIY... RØDE's New Stereo VideoMic X On-Camera Microphone Promises Great Audio Quality in a Tiny Package. 6 Features That Make the Teradek Cube an Amazing Camera Accessory. Dave Kendricken 01.23.14 @ 10:52AM Tags : cube, encoding, externalrecorder, h264, hd-sdi, hdmi, recorder, remote, remotecontrol, teradek, teradekcube, transmitter, video, wifi, wireless, wirelessmonitors Camera technology is not the only reason it’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker.

Manufacturers such as AJA, Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Convergent Design and others offer increasingly inexpensive solutions for bolstering and customizing camera workflow — especially when it comes to external media recording and monitoring. Clip joint: voiceover narration. A film is perfectly capable of telling a story without a narrator: the combination of moving pictures, dialogue, and music are powerful enough to convey complicated plot twists, establish background information and even provide insight into a character's innermost thoughts. So why employ voiceover narration – of either the omniscient third-person or the confessional first-person variety? The addition of a narrator can give the impression of full disclosure or complete honesty. An omniscient narrator might give the film a literary feel, adding a sense of history and weight. Voiceover narration often makes the film seem more factually realistic, even though it's a device that distances the viewer one step further from their immediate understanding of the story.

FILMMAKER PASS: Working Directors Weigh-in on The State of Cinema and Making a Living. In June I went to New York when my film was playing a festival in Brooklyn. Sony FS700 Scene Files from AbelCine. Grading House of Cards in 4K: It’s Scary Because It’s Real. Working on a show for Netflix isn't your typical episodic TV job. 8 Somewhat Unusual Screenwriting Tips That May Help Kickstart and Maintain Your Creativity. 4K Camera Showdown: Is the Under $2K Panasonic GH4 Sharper Than a $20K+ RED EPIC? Third-person Oculus Rift hack delivers a true out-of-body experience. Microsoft Demos Amazing Timelapse Technology. 3 Reasons a Distributor Will Pass on Your Film. Disney Developing New ‘Flow Of Time’ Frame Rate Variation Technique In Switzerland.

Disney Research in Zurich is developing a new production and post-production technology known as “The-Flow-of-Time” that allows for use of multiple frame rates, among other new functions. Learn How Camera Movement Affects a Scene in 'The Career of Paul Thomas Anderson in Five Shots' Come On People, It's Time to Stop Arguing About Crop Factors Already. Robert Hardy. Confused About Codecs? This Video Tutorial Will Teach You What You Need to Know.

Codecs are complicated. Here's What You Need to Know About Video Compression. Here's Walt Disney to Explain the Amazing Multiplane Camera. Watch the Amazing 6 Minute Single Take from HBO's 'True Detective' & Learn How They Pulled it Off. This is Shane's Inner Circle, a World-Class Educational Resource for Cinematographers. Sex & Cinema: The History of (Cinematic) Penetration. Learn How David O. Russell Writes & Directs Movies in This 'American Hustle' BTS Video. What Michael Bay's Films Can Teach Us About Visual Storytelling. This Analysis of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' Steps Inside the Mysteries of Room 237. Tutorial: How to Make Fake Guns Look Realistic for Less Than $10. Watch This Documentary on the Camera That Changed Filmmaking Forever. Walter Murch & Jon Favreau Discuss the Science Behind the Way We Perceive Movies. DIY Tutorial: How to Make an Inexpensive Jib with Remote Tilt Head.

Going Old-School with Your Diffusion: How & Why to Use Stockings on Your Lenses. LiteGear - Speciality Lighting Gear. Nerdly » Ten Best: Frightfest 2014 Movies. 7 Difficulties Friends and Family Have With Your Film Job. Indiegogo Co-founder: Crowdfunding Is Becoming an Incubator for VCs. Polarizing filters test - Results and summary - Storyboarding Tips from DreamWorks. Does the $2,500 Sony A7S Have Dynamic Range Similar to an ARRI ALEXA? What is Contrapuntal Music & How Did Kubrick & Tarantino Use It in Their Most Famous Scenes? Storytelling in an 'A.D.D. Culture': How to Capture Your Audience's Divided Attention. David Mamet on Drama (a Memo to 'The Unit' Writers) Tutorial: Want a Dirt Cheap Wireless Monitor? A $30 Hacked TP-Link MR3040 Router Will Help.

Film School Crash Course: The 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time. The Girl With The Film Blog. One Movie/Three Structures: THE AVENGERS. HDR Timelapse Workflow Question - LRTimelapse Forum, your software for advanced time lapse photography. Home - For pride of place. Tips on How to Shoot a Killer Fight Scene. Imagine Products, Inc., workflow solutions from acquisition to archives. Blackmagic Firmware 1.8 Adds 4K RAW, Better 1080p for BMCC, & New Menu Interface. James Franco Adapted a Poem to Create the Most Disturbing Short Film You Will Ever See. David Cronenberg's NSFW GoPro Short May Be the Most Unsettling Film You See This Week. Make Your Movie Rain More Dynamic & Sexy with These Dirt Cheap DIY Tricks. Image stitching and virtual tour solutions. EditReady, the World's Fastest Transcoding App, Gets MXF Support in New Update. Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty Discusses URSA & Image Issues with Production Camera 4K.

This is amazing. It's real, and it's going to change everything we know about making films. Altergaze: 3D printed VR Goggles for Smartphones by Liviu Berechet Antoni. Cinephilia and Beyond: Archive. Do Cinematographers Have a Future in the Video Game Industry? A Glimpse Inside the Unique Cinematic Style of Federico Fellini.

Spend The Evening Learning About The Making Of Your Favorite Movies. Lighting Tutorial: Learn How to Capture 9 Visual Styles Without Ever Moving Your Camera. Taking a look on film sales, distribution and production. AirDog - Auto-follow Action Sports Drone. Stephen Follows. Great Speakers, Great Networking, Great Breakfast - Breakfast Club. Masterclass in Lighting from Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Dean Semler. Pulling the Perfect Key in After Effects with Key Cleaner & Advanced Spill Suppressor. Downscaling Panasonic GH4 Footage from 4K to 1080P with Dave Dugdale. T22gGBO.png (PNG Image, 7903 × 2966 pixels) - Scaled (12%)

Director Josiah Signor on Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Micro Budget Indie Party Movie. Behind the scenes of Bentley's iPhone-filmed, iPad Air-edited ad. Password-Protected Area - Login - Advanced Producing with Richard Holmes. The Optimal Length For Video Marketing Content. Short Films Funded by the BFI 2011-14. 25 Film Sites That Will Numb The Pain Of The Tube Strike. Dimenco No-Glasses 3D TV: in your home for €899 by Dimenco. Kick-Ass Scenes That Are In Trailers, But Aren't In The Movies. Showing Films. Get to Know the AMIRA with ARRI's New Virtual AMIRA Camera Simulator. Image stitching and virtual tour solutions. Android DSLR Monitor App - nonlinear post. Cooke Cinema Lenses: What Exactly Is the Cooke Look, and Why Do You Want It? The LUUV Turns GoPro Stabilization on Its Head, Allowing for 180˚ Rotation. Complete Strangers Undress Each Other in This New Video from the Creator of 'First Kiss'

Shorts Support Scheme.