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Buy Plain Black Lino Online. Acre Jean Drape Hire. Wool Serge Drapes act as Acoustic Curtains + Black Stage Curtains. Wool Serge Drapes are Blackout’s most popular rental and sale product.

Wool Serge Drapes act as Acoustic Curtains + Black Stage Curtains

Their adaptability ensures they can be used across a wide range of projects - often used for masking and obscuring light, space dividing, stage curtains or to cover up any seating areas. The material itself is extremely sound absorbent so can assist with acoustics at your venue. Our wool drapes colour range consists of a vast stock of Black, with Grey, Blue, Red and Chroma Key also available in many sizes. All backdrops meet European flammability requirements. Wool Serge Drape hire are fitted with ties at the top for ease of installation, along with a pipe pocket at the bottom which allows weighting with tube or chain.

The new home of Scenery Salvage. As we in the UK move towards a more sustainable society, we must re-use and recycle more, and landfill less.

The new home of Scenery Salvage

With increasing landfill taxes, landfill operator and haulage costs, and more stringent packaging waste regulations, the recycling of materials, including wood, assumes an increasing importance. The wood recycling sector therefore looks forward to an exciting future with enormous potential for expansion. A high priority for the Government Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is to stimulate demand for recycled wood products through a marketing and education initiative.Wood Recyclers Association members process waste wood chips, mainly for use by the particle board manufacturing industry. The main emerging volume market for prepared wood chip is energy generation. Lighthouse Audiovisual UK - Lighthouse Audiovisual.

The Biscuit Factory Offices To Let In Bermondsey, Southwark SE16. The Inkjet Paper & Canvas Specialists.