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The Joys of Baking! – kitchen krazzy. Baking is my passion.

The Joys of Baking! – kitchen krazzy

I have inherited it from my mother and grandmother both of whom were excellent cooks and bakers. One slice of my mother’s pineapple upside down cake was enough to quell the tuition teacher’s anger over incomplete homework and the carrot cake was particularly useful to calm down the aunty next door when she came to complain about yet another broken window. So as you can see baking is in my blood, and thankfully, I’m not too bad a baker either.

My pound cake may not bring tears of happiness in ones eyes but it does disappear in a rather alarming fashion in the presence of my friends and colleagues. That day dawned soon enough. How To Purcahse An appliance. Buy Bajaj Table Fan Online at Best Price in India. Summer is knocking at the door, and if you are looking for cooling options to keep your home cozy then table fans, wall fans and ceiling fans are some viable options.

Buy Bajaj Table Fan Online at Best Price in India

Bajaj presents you an extensive range of table fans to choose from. Bajaj table fans have an elegant appearance and give a modern look to your home decor. Portable and Lightweight Bajaj table fans are portable and lightweight hence they are extremely mobile to use in different settings. Cooking in front of gas stove for hours is a difficult task during summer days. Oscillation Movement. The Importance Of Vegetable Chopper – kitchen krazzy. I’ll admit it, I’m a huge fan of cooking shows, be it Masterchef, both Indian or international, Top Chef or Nigella, I love watching wonderful food being created and consumed.

The Importance Of Vegetable Chopper – kitchen krazzy

But watching these shows also has an unfortunate side effect, one feels almost compelled to replicate those delicious meals. Everything About Induction Cookers ~ City Street Spotter. The induction cooker is a modern kitchen appliance.

Everything About Induction Cookers ~ City Street Spotter

It has some amazing and interesting features installed in it. An induction cooker not only mitigates the burner, but also makes cooking more fun and even efficient. It is a state of the art product and even quite new, but certainly effective. Further, such a product works well only if is branded. We can risk buying a local product when it comes to buying electric goods, and this if bought, would be the most important cooking appliance as the whole process would depend over it.

The induction cooker comes with smart cooking options. The Ease Of Having An Appliance! Buy Coffee Makers Online at Best Price In India. Buy Bajaj Room Cooler Online at Best Price in India. Global warming has led to drastic climatic changes, hence the summers in India are of longer duration and hotter.

Buy Bajaj Room Cooler Online at Best Price in India

Both humidity and dry heat are elevated by the deteriorating environmental conditions. With the onset of summer, ailments like heat strokes and dehydration arise. Skin irritations due to profuse sweating is another commonality. Hence, just fans in our homes and workplaces do not suffice anymore to create a comfortable living ambience. Powerful Air Throw. A Microwave Oven: Why One Needs It? We come across a lot of kitchen appliances in our day to day lives.

A Microwave Oven: Why One Needs It?

More than utensils, the cook house is full of easy to make things products. How to clean an appliance. Magic Machine In The Kitchen. Which Cooling Agent to Buy?: karannsingh. PANAROMA OF A KITCHEN – Karann Singh – Medium. For the food lovers, kitchen is there second home!

PANAROMA OF A KITCHEN – Karann Singh – Medium

Also, for the cook who spend half of their time in the kitchenette is a wonderland for them. Also, now a lot of things have changed in there. The Journey To An Easier Life. Kitchen Soldiers At Work – kitchen krazzy. Buy Microwave Oven Online at Best Price In India. Elevate kitchen convenience to a whole new level If you find yourself tethered to your kitchen stove each day, it’s time to bring in a Morphy Richards microwave oven.

Buy Microwave Oven Online at Best Price In India

Your Morphy Richardsmicrowave ovenheats and cooks food much faster than aany conventional method of cooking, because the heat directly reaches the molecules of food,resulting in energy savings.Besides simply defrosting and reheating previously cooked food, a combination microwave oven with convection and grill features also grill, cook and bakefood to perfection .Choose from several Auto Cook options that are pre-programmed to suit different types of cooking. The auto defrost feature allows for automatic defrosting and cooking in a single step. Cook better with the convection feature During convection cooking, the heat circulates through the chamber, ensuring uniform browning, while saving on time and energy. Dish out some scrumptious recipes Clear the chamber air with a deodorize function.

The Evolution Of Time- Appliances And Humans. THERE IS A KNOCK ON THE TUMMY : COOKING CALL! ~ City Street Spotter. How many of us acknowledge the hard work our cook does, to serve us the best meal so that our tummies are full with the delicious and healthy food.


Don’t stereotype the cooking as a mother’s job. Male are awesome chefs too! So this goes both ways, but do we acknowledge the same? I don’t believe so. SCREENSHOT ALL THE HOME APPLIANCES. Coffee Maker Vs The Pan Coffee: karannsingh. We all have relied on the pan for ages and still do.

Coffee Maker Vs The Pan Coffee: karannsingh

For ages we have been making tea, coffee boiling substances in the pan. The Technology Driven Kitchen Applinaces. Where Is My Coffee Maker? ~ City Street Spotter. There is never a day without cups of coffee. It isn’t a single one to take a note. Zoom It Around The Dish – article directory. State Of The Art Appliance For The Lazy Chef. Click a button and it’s hot already. Put the utensil up, and food done in minutes. THE HIDDEN CHEF IN YOUR KITCHEN: WHERE TO LOOK FOR? – Medium. I am a lazy cook, and the preparations before doing the real job , is annoying; I forget everything and end up having a slice of bread, because office work gets me already.

Still, I do miss some nice food; fresh, spicy and homemade. For The Tea lovers, The Walk Along Kettle. – kitchen krazzy. Indians love tea and the young generation can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Constantly, boiling milk and the pan heating up every hour. MICROWAVES: THE TIDE WHICH BRINGS EASY COOKING – article directory.

Quora. Tea and Coffee Maker - A Useful by Karann S. By Karann S. consultant.