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USB2USB – USB File Transfer System by Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, Nuzairi Yasin & Nazjimee Amat Omar for MIMOS Berhad. USB 2 USB, And More….

USB2USB – USB File Transfer System by Saharudin Busri, Mohd Nizam Najmuddin, Mohd Rohaizam Mohd Tahar, Nuzairi Yasin & Nazjimee Amat Omar for MIMOS Berhad

OMG, where have you been USB2USB? All the times that I had to go through the pain of transferring photographs and files from one card to another via the computer! What a hassle! Imagine the freedom to transfer directly from one USB or SD card to another without the via media. If only this wasn’t a concept and a reality, boy would our geeky lives become easier to share. Being only 3 millimeters thick, USB2USB fits easily into your wallet. Temporary Mobile Housing for Disaster Relief by Michel Antoun Zateef. Home Away From Home This temporary mobile housing design aims to provide readily available shelter to those affected by a variety emergencies and disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and fires.

Temporary Mobile Housing for Disaster Relief by Michel Antoun Zateef

Structurally, the unit is composed almost entirely of compressed oriented strand board, making it lightweight and easy to construct. Leaning Rocker by Avihai Shurin. Lean Back Ever find yourself in a busy waiting area but all the chairs are taken?

Leaning Rocker by Avihai Shurin

At the airport, doctor’s office, DMV, the list goes on… It sucks! Saint Francis Chapel by Rafael Hintersteiner. Chapel of Simplicity When we hear the word “chapel,” we imagine a grandiose, highly stylized structures with heavy symbolism throughout.

Saint Francis Chapel by Rafael Hintersteiner

The Saint Francis Chapel is easily considered the antithesis to the ubiquitous design. Reduced to just the structural components, this small, concrete chapel is void of symbolism and distracting over-styling, making it essentially just a room for contemplation. Upon completing their reflections, visitors can ring a bell (the most complex element of the chamber) to conclude their experience. Designer: Rafael Hintersteiner. Toothbrush Series by Yumaki. Chic and Consious Toothbrushes Gotta love these custom toothbrushes by Yumaki!

Toothbrush Series by Yumaki

The series of 3 includes: KIRI- a steam pressed bamboo handle with burnmark, FURUI KAME, a faux tortoise shell handle with metal badge, and KICKFLIP, a biodegradable sugar cane plastic handle with lasered texture. Each brush also utilizes antibacterial bamboo charcoal blended nylon bristles for extended lifespan and enhanced hygiene. Do want! But wait there’s more… Flexy Cake Pans by Simon Michel. The Flexy series of cake pans offer a unique twist on the generic round and square bakeware you can find in any grocery store. Mold each one to your liking for a more personal touch that will stand out from the rest. Designer Simon Michel states that the bakeware is composed of food-safe plastic, but that might need a lil tweaking considering the material’s low melting point. Other than that, it’s an interesting idea for designer-cooking at home! TweeTin - Birdhouse by InDezign. Trash to Birdy Treasure InDezign’s TweeTin instantly transforms your old coffee tins into a perfect nesting sanctuary for our feathered friends.

TweeTin - Birdhouse by InDezign

Simply clean out your old tins, screw through the bottom to affix them to a vertical surface like a wall or tree, clip on the TweeTin cover and… voila! Composed of flexible, recycled plastics, there are a number of sizes and each is easily to clean so they can be reused year-to-year during nesting season. Circle – A Continuous Printer by Yang Jae Wook. The Circle Printer One of the most annoying computer peripheral on anyone’s desk is the printer.

Circle – A Continuous Printer by Yang Jae Wook

It’s noisy, it vibrates and it takes up so much space! Which is why I’m all for innovations that look at minimizing size without losing functionality. Armada - 3D Scanner by Isaac Blankensmith and Kyle DeHovitz. 3D Made Easy Armada is a phone-sized portable 3D scanner built so that anyone can capture the physical forms of objects on the go.

Armada - 3D Scanner by Isaac Blankensmith and Kyle DeHovitz

Armada syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone to create a 3D scan of any object through triangulation between its cameras and cross-beam laser. Divisible – Balloon Whisk by Hansol Kwon. Divide and Conquer the Balloon Whisk Cleaning a whisk can be a challenge, especially if you are working with a sticky mixture or thick dough.

Divisible – Balloon Whisk by Hansol Kwon

Divisible is a clever design that addresses this issue, as well as the storage. The whisk simple splits in half, straightening the curvy wires and facilitating easy cleaning. Kitchen02 - Adaptable Kitchen by ProductTank. Kitchen Design for Now and When You Are Ninety!

Kitchen02 - Adaptable Kitchen by ProductTank

Disturbed by the way their ninety-year-old ‘Nan’ has to struggle in her current kitchen scenario, Product Tank has designed this compatible Kitchen 02. It’s compatible in the sense that both the sliver generation and the young-guns can use it easily. Like they say, “This is not a Kitchen for a Michelin starred chef, just an old lady who wants to remain independent and cook herself simple meals.”Features: Designer: Product Tank. Breeze of Hope – Wind Chime Light by Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling & Zhong Zhida.

Wind Chime for Better Illuminations I have a soft spot for wind chimes and love the subtle music they play. On a spiritual level they are supposed to keep negativity away and increase the good vibrations. A bunch of designers have upped their karmic good by designing a lamp based on the principles of the chimes. The only difference is that the wind movement causes the lamp to harness energy to power the lamp rather than sound the soothing “clinks”. Designers: Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling & Zhong Zhida. DrawBraille Mobile Phone Concept by Shikun Sun. The Ultimate Braille Phone DrawBraille Mobile Phone is one of the most compelling concepts that focus on making mobile phones easy-to-use for the blind. HTC Autonome Concept Mobile Phone by Francois Rybarczyk. Direct Power The Autonome is a mobile phone concept with a unique charging feature.

The regular way to do this will be to directly plug-in the phone to the wall socket, negating the use of any cables. Alternatively, you can detach the specialized module, tank it up and then hook it back to the phone and transfer the juice. Dabba – The Lunchbox by Rob Englert of Ram Industrial Design. Tiffin Proportions Dabba means lunchbox in Hindi and is inspired by the Dabbawallas of Mumbai. This ingenious design aims at making you choose healthy food options and pack a balanced meal for work. Each box displays a food icon and is sized to keep portions in check. I love the combination of bamboo and silicon used, and if things go well soon the Dabba will be available at a store near you.Dabba Features: Photography: Hal Silverman Studio Designer: Rob Englert of Ram Industrial Design. Odorico Pordenone Caravan by Jakub Novák. Expanding Home Odorico Pordenone is a delightful caravan that expands its seams to accommodate you and your folks quite comfortably.

For a person who is never intimidated by the size of the car that I am driving, a bulky trailer somehow manages to unnerve me. Looking into this idea’s perfect fusion of design, technological and architectural approach, I think this one has nailed it good. Skycare - Wheelchair by Brian Liang. Wheelchair for Air Travel For those confined to a wheelchair, getting around onboard an aircraft can be quite challenging & usually requires assistance from one of the flight crew. Fiorella - Yacht Concept by Hyun-Seok Kim. Living Lotus. Dustpan Wastbin Combo by Hsiang Wang. Codependent Objects This thoughtful design is the result of an observation into human routine and our unique desire to organize objects. Certain objects like the dustpan, broom and waste-bin often get thrown in odd places or awkward corners, giving them a “homeless” feel or appearance.

This combo solution focuses on the relationship of these 3 items, combining them into one codependent unit that looks as good as it is useful. I'm Hanging Printer by Marc JuHyun Cha. Free Up Your Desk. Ringen - Watch by Marc Tran.