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Most Upvoted 4703 votes Answered Too Fast I’ll Never Look at a Drive-Thru the Same Way I’ll Never Look at a Drive-Thru the Same Way
When two beards cross paths...
Happy fathergeek's day
The five stages of incessant pop music.
Captain Jack Spearow
Australian Troll
Awkward Physical Contacts
Pooping in school
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The-six-stages-of-taking-a-dump-in-public.png (600×897)
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Language Log: Spiral thingy lightning bolt! Language Log: Spiral thingy lightning bolt! Spiral thingy lightning bolt! In the cartoon Get Fuzzy, the dog Satchel has taken to swearing by "saying the cartoon-style swear squiggles" (as the human character Rob puts it). While we've looked a lot at "taboo avoidance characters", used to mask individual letters in taboo words, we've touched much less often on "cursing characters" (as Ben Zimmer referred to them here; a bit later he referred to them as "obscenicons"), those "cartoon-style swear squiggles" used individually or in clusters -- What the #$*!
Dear Lily
US budget explained.
Good grammar FTW.
Where does your schnoz fit in?
Friend zoned.
A wild girl appeared...
When you're Batman it doesn't matter who's there.
The Shakespearean insult kit.
Jasper realizes...
Good vs. evil cat.
Join the resistance.
Setting an alarm clock.
Doing homework.
How rainbows work.
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Poetry bear is a poet.
Zombie defense.
Touch screen haters club.
Halloween fun.
Problems with the friend zone.
Harry Potter spoiler alert.
Geek love.
"things that go... BOOM!!!" T-Shirts & Hoodies by RevolutionGFX
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The Creation of Mario by *TsaoShin
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Star Wars Snowflakes
Dutch Southern Old Big Boy
The Vader's.