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Bruce Macfarlane

Kansoly runs RFPs and reverse auctions for data, mobile, or fixed line.

Telecom Eprocurement And Key Issues Related To It. When it comes to telecom eProcurement, the term is widely used to represent a number of things starting from RFP to contract management through spend analysis tools and auctions.

Telecom Eprocurement And Key Issues Related To It

However, there is the need of an appropriate definition to help you understand what eProcurement actually includes. What actually it is? E-procurement is the term that was traditionally used to describe the e-enabled “purchase to pay” process. As the time passed, a number of other procurement processes were e-enabled and were included in the eProcurement procedure. Main Features Of Telecom Expense Management Software You Should Know. Telecom Expense Management Solutions. Tenders Procurement.

Telecom Inventory Management. All You Need To Know About Telco Eprocurement. E-procurement is an abbreviation used for electronic procurement.

All You Need To Know About Telco Eprocurement

As procurement is the complete procedure of submitting RFPs, inviting tenders, finalizing contract, ordering and purchasing the goods, eProcurement means doing all these things online. Thus, telco eProcurement is the procurement of telecommunication products and services, that is done online. In the telecom eProcurement, the chief procurement officer of the company sets policies for governing the procurement procedure within the organization.

Things To Consider While Submitting a Mobile Tender. What Does The Telecom Procurement Process Entail? Telecommunication procurement is a long process that involves various things.

What Does The Telecom Procurement Process Entail?

Whether it is the data, products, or services related to the telecom industry, it takes a time to complete the procurement. Starting from the RFP to the follow-on purchase process, there are many important things that need to be completed in between. And it takes a time to get all these procedures done in the perfect manner.

Reverse Auction – A Weapon You Can Use For Negotiating On Your Telecommunication Services. Telecommunication industry is much vast and there is a lot of choices that you can get while buying mobile or data services.

Reverse Auction – A Weapon You Can Use For Negotiating On Your Telecommunication Services

However, the problem is people don’t know about the different sellers and as a result, they just rely on the one that is trusted by most of the people and is known as the best. And by just buying from the only trusted supplier, the buyers don’t get to know about the offers that local telecom suppliers offer to them and lose the chances of reducing their telecommunications cost. Well, don’t need to worry. If you are wondering that how you can know about the services and offers that different sellers are offering then reverse auctions are the answer to that. It is the perfect tool that you can use to find attractive deals on the telco services and to negotiate on them.

Mobile eProcurement. Tips To Write An Effective Telecommunications RFP. When you will count on the fastest growing industries, telecommunication industry will be among the top ones.

Tips To Write An Effective Telecommunications RFP

Whether it is manufacturing computers, tablets, etc., setting up telecom infrastructure, satellite communication, creating and maintaining wireless networks, or selling service plans for mobile phone users, all come under this industry. However, a phone call, a brochure or a small meeting is not enough to sign a new deal in the telecommunication industry; the deals are made through RFPs (Request For Proposals) which are created by spelling out the various details. And for those who have never written a proposal before, writing an RFP can be a daunting task.