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Kannastör grinders offer exceptional versatility and come in a variety of dimensions. Our diverse line of preparation tools are sure to compliment your kitchen collection. Enlighten your senses. Illuminate your palate. Choose Kannastör and experience extraordinary taste. Kannastör Grinders are the only spice grinders to feature: •Removable screen for easy cleaning and screen replacement. Unique drop thru holes to prevent over shedding of spices •Specially designed blades for effortless shredding •Screen guard reduces stress on screen. Extra-large storage capacity •The original guitar pick tool

PLASTIC VS. METAL HERB GRINDERS: WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOU? Simply put, if you smoke on a daily basis and don’t have a grinder, you are putting way too much work into your smoking sessions.


Many people who smoke are after that smooth, consistent flavor every time, and a grinder is the perfect solution to make sure you get the most from your botanicals. There are a variety of grinders on the market, and for good reason. Many smokers are turning to grinders to help make breaking up their bud easier than ever before. With so many different types of grinders on the market with only subtle differences, it can be difficult to decide on which is best for you. Some go through a variety of grinders – spending a lot of money – before finally settling on the best one for their needs.

THE SECRETS TO GETTING A PERFECT GRIND EVERY TIME. WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN PURCHASING YOUR NEXT GRINDER. A grinder is the quintessential tool for anyone who wants their herb to burn evenly and at its highest potency.


Despite their relatively common nature, many people have no idea where to start when buying a grinder. WHAT GRINDER IS RIGHT FOR YOU? If you have a need to smoke, but you find that the act itself is causing too much of an effect on your lungs, you aren’t alone.


Many people who share your interest find that vaping is a solution that solves their problem. By using a grinder, you can grind your herbs, spices and other smokable materials into a much finer solid, that can then be used in a vaporizer to ensure that you get the quality you need without the cough that hurts. This also makes it easier to get the maximum benefit from your smokables. Grinders take your smoking sessions to the next level in the same way a coffee grinder makes coffee a lot better than boiling the coffee beans in water: it maximizes flavor and effect, concentrating it into something enjoyable. SIGNS IT’S TIME TO REPLACE YOUR GRINDER SCREEN. Using a metal herb grinder has become common practice for smokers.


It’s also become very popular for grinders to have additional chamber, separated by a mesh screen, that can capture the pollen from herbs being ground into a smooth base tray, accumulating for later use. The pollen is highly desired because of it’s concentrated potency, however, due to its small particle like size, and sticky texture, the screen over time tends to become clogged and prevent additional pollen from being extracted and separated from the herb grounds. Reclaiming Your Kief To reclaim this kief, place the screen in a Pyrex glass dish and pour just enough rubbing alcohol to cover the screen. Agitating the screen while it soaks helps to remove some of the kief, but depending on how clogged your multi-stage grinder has become, you may also need to use a toothbrush to gently remove the stubborn residue.

YOU’VE PURCHASED YOUR FIRST VAPE, NOW WHAT? So you’re new to vaping and you’ve purchased your first vaporizer – now what do you do?


Whether you’ve made the purchase because you wish to quit or cut down your smoking or it’s just something that interest you, making a switch to vaping may be a bit more challenging than you thought. With so many types of “vapes” on the market, many people don’t know quite where to begin to make the transition. Although many people may start the transition by using disposable vape pens or cheap copy cat vaporizers, the best vaping experience possible requires that you begin with a quality accessories and great tasting flavors. Knowing what to do first and having knowledge from experienced users can save you hundreds of dollars from trying out different things before finally getting to what you were looking for. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, then read below. CHOOSING THE RIGHT GRINDER FOR YOUR VAPING NEEDS.

If you enjoy vaping nicotine or various flavored liquids, you might also be interested in dry herb vaping.


This is a practice that countless individuals enjoy, and it is certainly worth exploring if you haven’t tried it already. You’ll need the right equipment, such as a dry herb vape pen or a desktop vaporizer. The grinder you use to grind your herb is also an essential part of the process. Using the right grinder can help you save time and money, and it will take your smoking session far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. Washing 101: Keeping Your Grinder Clean Without Harm. Caring for your herbal grinder is important if you are going to extend your grinder’s life and get your money’s worth.

Washing 101: Keeping Your Grinder Clean Without Harm

Herb crusher grinders are available in several different styles; from metal grinders to plastic, there is an herbal grinder for just about every taste and budget. Cleaning Your Herb Grinder Before First Use Cleaning and caring for this type of grinder requires a little more attention and time. Herb crusher grinders are normally made of metal and break down into a number of components. For an herb crusher that has four components, the first step in cleaning is to disassemble it.

Before using, clean off all individual parts by applying Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) using a Q-Tip to reach all the crevices and hard to reach areas. Getting the Gunk Out A dirty grinder can be cleaned by numerous different methods, but the two most popular are boiling and freezing. Clean using boiling water by placing all the pieces in a large pan of water. (widget) (widget) (widget) Dailymotion.