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Know How US Recession Affect Indian Markets at The Finapolis. Top Reasons Why Investors Should Go With The Flow - The Finapolis. Why Are Property Stocks Rising Back? The Finapolis. In the past 3-6 months, real estate stocks have sprung back to life.

Why Are Property Stocks Rising Back? The Finapolis

So fast and strong has been ‘revival’ in markets that the property shares have beaten old favourites like consumer durables, IPO stocks, and even banking shares in this period. This marks a true change in heart as far as stock markets are concerned. Even a year ago, participants were unsure of the real estate sector, but the last few months have seen a consistent transformation. Is this on account of improving prospects of organised real estate companies? Understand Reasons Why Stock Is Falling - The Finapolis. The sharp drop in Yes Bank shares has given many bottom-fishers a so-called dream opportunity, but don’t start punching buy orders yet.

Understand Reasons Why Stock Is Falling - The Finapolis

When Yes Bank shares plummeted 29 per cent on April 30 after a shock loss in Q4, Whatsapp trading chat groups, social media and many market analysts became bullish on the stock. Yes Bank is just an example. Over the last few months, the Indian stock market has seen quite a few names, big and small, witnessing extreme forms of volatility. In October 2018, shares of e-commerce firm Infibeam Avenues fell as much as 73 per cent in one day after concerns related to a message doing the rounds alleged corporate governance. Key Things To Learn From Politicians About Personal Finance - The Finapolis. Things To Keep In Mind post Election - The Finapolis. Stock markets have already reacted to exit polls that were announced on Sunday, May 19 evening.

Things To Keep In Mind post Election - The Finapolis

Tomorrow, i.e. May 23 will see the all-important results of the general election and the first signs of 17th Lok Sabha formation will be visible. For investors, this period i.e. post-election result, can mark the beginning of a difficult time for trading and investing. Election results are not decided by stock markets, or by political parties. In India, tens of crores of votes spanning across 543 constituencies will be counted and that will throw up the winners (and the losers). History does not repeat itself. Six Quick Focus Areas For Modi 2.0 Explains The Finapolis. Namo continues.

Six Quick Focus Areas For Modi 2.0 Explains The Finapolis

With a renewed reinvigoration, the BJP government is in for a second term, riding on Narendra Modi’s brand equity. The Sensex is already flirting with 40,000 levels. Markets believe that the second innings will lead to renewed strength in pushing strong reforms and boost to domestic consumption. Reform dreams are abound, and not without a reason. Know how NPA & UPA Government have Brought Change in India - The Finapolis.

As elections draw closer, comparisons of the economic records of political parties become natural.

Know how NPA & UPA Government have Brought Change in India - The Finapolis

After independence, India adopted a planned economy with significant state control; as a result, despite strong growth potential, India lagged behind most of its Asian peers and thus disappointed many. It took a crisis, namely the Balance of Payments of the early 90s for India to change course. The government led by P V Narasimha Rao with Manmohan Singh as the Finance Minister started the process of economic liberalization. In 1997 in the “dream budget”, Finance Minister P. Know 5 Common Money Misconceptions About Money - The Finapolis.

Everyone around us may have something to say about money management, but that doesn’t mean you should pay heed to every (often unsolicited) advice coming your way.

Know 5 Common Money Misconceptions About Money - The Finapolis

A number of them are based on personal experiences, assumptions or just hearsay, and may not stand the test of universality or plain facts. As such, it makes a lot of financial sense to dissect certain common money misconceptions to help you make informed choices: 1. “There’s still a lot of time to start saving for my retirement” Know Why Rupee Rise Surprises All - The Finapolis.

After a severe battering in 2018, the Indian Rupee has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

Know Why Rupee Rise Surprises All - The Finapolis

The domestic currency is now near 7-month highs, jumping 1.8 per cent so far this year compared to nearly 8.5 per cent loss in 2018. Robust foreign inflows have helped the cause of the rupee, but the stability in the rupee is also calming frayed nerves in the equity market. In short, the quick roundabout in rupee’s fortunes from Asia’s worst-performing currency to now best-performing in emerging markets this year has taken everyone by surprise. Know Why stock market and debt market are on opposite sides? - The Finapolis. The Interim Budget 2019, as expected, was rural and social sector friendly and quite populist in nature.

Know Why stock market and debt market are on opposite sides? - The Finapolis

In fact, it could be mistaken as a political statement. However, the budget as a financial instrument did pack some punch. Importantly, it met the expectations of an income support scheme for small farmers ahead of the key Lok Sabha elections. 19 Personal Finance Resolutions to keep this year - The Finapolis. What can you do today that you were not capable in the last few months?

19 Personal Finance Resolutions to keep this year - The Finapolis

New Year Resolutions. A goal is a dream with a deadline. As you step into 2019, your personal finance will be the top priority. It’s all about your money and how you manage it. 2018 has come and gone, but if you keep on making the same mistakes next year, tomorrow will never come. Will critical sectors top or flop in 2019? - The Finapolis. 2019 is already upon us.

Will critical sectors top or flop in 2019? - The Finapolis

While brokers and market experts usually share Sensex/Nifty year-end targets, such numbers do not really add any value to an equity investor besides giving an idea about expectations direction wise. The market is composed of different sectors and each sector houses many companies. So, here is sector wise outlook of some of the most critical sectors like banking, FMCG, pharma, IT, infrastructure, capital goods etc. Sectoral outlooks provide you with deeper insight and that can help you take informed decisions about what to do with your equity investments in 2019.

Cementing ties. Are Indian markets ignoring risks of US Fed rate hikes? - The Finapolis. Indian equities have profited from a short-term shift in market views after oil prices corrected, and the rupee appreciated. Many participants are thinking that the US Federal Reserve’s policy moves in response to weak so-called US growth will revive easy liquidity conditions, which will sustain strong portfolio flows into India. This global scenario may not play out on expected lines and may make Indian stocks vulnerable given that they are trading at a fair value zone, ahead of volatile times as far as domestic politics is concerned. Let's have a closer look at the issue and examine how the Indian stock market may be impacted. A short recap before we jump to the topic. Know the Benefits of Mutual Fund Investment in India - The Finapolis. Mutual funds, with their numerous benefits, are fast becoming the first and best choice for investments for beginners and professionals alike. If you’re just starting out on investments and need a reminder about why to opt for mutual funds, take a look here: Tax saving benefit of mutual funds More often than not, the first thought that crosses an investor’s mind is if the chosen investment tool will fetch a tax benefit.

Know Why Think NPS This Tax Season? - The Finapolis. With the tax season setting in, a wholesome tax-efficient investment is what the tax payers are looking for. And a long-term retirement fund that is getting all the attention this time is National Pension scheme (NPS). One of the primary causes for getting this attention is the extraordinary NPS tax benefit that has just been made entirely tax free by the government and the contribution has been increased to 14% from the 10% earlier. NPS has been popular from the time it was launched in 2004 for the government employees and then opened up to all Indian citizens in 2009. It’s low cost, and allows you to choose your mix of assets among equity, corporate debt, government securities and alternative investment fund. NPS tax benefits are beyond the prescribed limit of Rs. 1.5 Lakh under Section 80 (C).

What’s on offer This voluntary retirement fund matures once you reach the age of 60 years. NPS was earlier partially tax free, allowing you a tax exemption of up to 40% on the maturity corpus. Read How much tax do salary allowances draw? - The Finapolis. That time of the year is here again when we all sit down to calculate our taxes. Yes, it is the tax season and though you should have computed your taxes much earlier, it’s never to later. To compute income tax exemptions for salaried employees, you must know each component of your salary. Apart from the basic pay, the salary comprises a number of allowances that are provided to meet various expenses of everyday life.

These allowances can be divided into three categories – taxable, non-taxable and partially taxable. Let us discuss the taxability of allowances in details. House Rent Allowance (HRA) Know What do Honest Taxpayers Expect from Budget 2019? The Finapolis. Dear government, you have informed that direct tax mop-up has grown by 14.1 per cent to Rs 8.74 lakh crore during April-December 2018. The rate of growth is even more impressive since collections of the corresponding period of fiscal 2017-18 also included extraordinary collections under the Income Declaration Scheme, which do not form part of the current year’s collections.

On the GST front, monthly tax collections have been regularly coming between Rs 90,000 crore and Rs 1 lakh crore. These numbers are a clear testament to the fact that the honest taxpayer of the country is doing their job diligently. And, it is this honest taxpayer that has budget expectations and needs relief in the Budget that is less than 10 days away. Usually, interim budgets are staid affairs since they are looked at as being simple vote-on-account being just ahead of an election. News on Crude Oil Price Drop - The Finapolis. Crude oil has brought cheer to the Indian equity markets, which was already in a severe grip of a liquidity scare, a weak rupee and depressing foreign flows. RBI Battle VS Government - The Finapolis. Read Weekly Financial E-Paper with The Finapolis.

Online Financial Calculators - The Finapolis. The technical studies / analysis discussed here can be at odds with our fundamental views / analysis. The information and views presented in this report are prepared by Karvy Consultants Limited. The information contained herein is based on our analysis and upon sources that we consider reliable. We, however, do not vouch for the accuracy or the completeness thereof. This material is for personal information and we are not responsible for any loss incurred based upon it. Read Personal Finance Articles In India - The Finapolis. Exclusive News on Investment Planning - The Finapolis. Latest Personal Finance News - The Finapolis. The technical studies / analysis discussed here can be at odds with our fundamental views / analysis.

Stay Updated with Real Estate News in India - The Finapolis. Latest News on Gold - The Finapolis. The technical studies / analysis discussed here can be at odds with our fundamental views / analysis. Latest News on Fixed Deposits - The Finapolis. Read Insurance News & Articles In India - The Finapolis. Read Latest Loan News - The Finapolis. Get Latest Mutual Funds Latest News - The Finapolis. Get Latest Mutual Funds Latest News - The Finapolis. Stay Updated with Share Market News - The Finapolis. Get Income Tax Latest News -The Finapolis. Read Personal Finance Articles & News at The Finapolis.