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Anatomy Resources

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Language of Anatomy

Histology. Integumentary System. Interactive Resources. Nervous System. Special Senses. Cardiovascular System. Respiratory System. Blood and Immune System. Skeletal System. Muscular System. Videos for Anatomy. Digestive System. Lesson on Calculating the Post-Mortem Interval. Courtesy of Patti Bertino’s email post.

Lesson on Calculating the Post-Mortem Interval

The postmortem interval (PMI), also known as a time since death estimate, aids forensic scientists in death investigations. This lesson will introduce your students to the processes of decay and decomposition, forensic pathology, and forensic entomology. The lesson includes several video lectures, animations, and worksheet exercises with practical applications to explain the concept of PMI and accumulated degree hours (ADH). Intended Grade level11-12; content is intended for mature audiences. A&P. Build-A-Body. Overview Learn about the body's systems with this drag and drop game.


Choose organs from the organ tray, and place them in their correct position within the body to create organ systems. Build-A-Body is a drag and drop game where players are tasked with assembling an organ system from a set of organs. Players may then attempt case studies where a functional problem with a system must be linked to the organ affected. How to play Build-a-Body.