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LED Strip NEONICA - 5050 / 300 LED / 5 meters - cold white - Neonica - LED lighting manufacturer. LED Strip NEONICA 5050 - 5-meter reel (300 LED SMD) Made in Poland of the finest components, LED strip light is perfect for all kinds of linear illumination.

LED Strip NEONICA - 5050 / 300 LED / 5 meters - cold white - Neonica - LED lighting manufacturer

Applicable for suspended ceilings, bathroom and kitchen lights, furniture, shelves and cupboards lighting. It is also widely used in advertising industry to make all kinds of light signs and channel letters. Easy installation with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. Selected LED chips from the leading Taiwanese manufacturers provide the same colour of light through the entire length of the strip. Quality LEDs and well matched resistors provide very long life. Features: luminous flux of a single LED - 4000-5000 mcd (about 12,5 - 15,5 lm / LED)Long-life (100.000)low power consumption of about 14W per metereasy installation with 3M double-sided adhesive tapeonly 2 mm thick, high flexibilitycutting section - every 3 LEDs – 50 mm Specifications: How to choose the right power supply?

Lumix Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and distributor of led lamps and modules, led concealed down lights , led strip lights , led track lights , led drivers , led cinema step light , fiber optic lights, in Delhi/NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, India. SONLUX – Arbeitsleuchten, Innenleuchten und Außenleuchten von Sonlux, dem Komponenenten- und Leuchtenhersteller. Home. 5630 led 2835 led 5050 3528 3014 SMDs - LP-Led Light Manufacturer. PLCC-2 package Top light More than 100,000 hours lifespan Ra80 Auto machine RANK sorting OEM/ODM MCPCB led board service available Warm White CIE.

5630 led 2835 led 5050 3528 3014 SMDs - LP-Led Light Manufacturer

Contacts - ZhongShan TopShining Lighting Co.,Ltd. GmbH Licht + Form > Homepage. Modular Lighting Instruments © Electroluminescent Panels. There are a variety of reasons why we all should be using LEDs as alternatives to the standard lights used in our houses, offices, hotels, retail, clubs & decorative environments for both indoor and outdoors use.

Electroluminescent Panels

Look around and you will quickly find that the inefficient, high maintenance light sources, including filament, fluorescent, halogen & neon are still used in abundance. You can change this now and begin making serious energy cost savings by using Surelight’s LED lighting systems. Find out more - Look at our LED Lighting pages. EL Panels are a low-energy, eco-friendly and cost-effective form of illumination. EL Panels are paper thin, light, flexible and may be shaped or cut to size creating a uniformly lit area. EL Panels can be used for advertising, automotive, backlighting, retail displays, point of sale, safety lighting and other applications.

EL Panels can be animated according to your wishes. Find out more - Look at our EL Panel pages. PUK - Sistemi professionali per l'illuminazione. PRODUTOS - : Cristher O catálogo CRISTHER, surgido em 1981, oferece uma ampla gama em iluminação técnica e arquitetónica para soluções de exterior.


Merecem destaque os produtos de alto design em pedra natural, as luminárias de LEDs de alta eficiência que incluem o sistema SIMPLEX, a família solar de características únicas, a gama de soluções submersíveis, lâmpadas LED de alto rendimento… entre uma extensa oferta com mais de 1700 referências. Dopo O catálogo, fruto de um estudo aprofundado das necessidades do mercado, reflete a oferta da marca DOPO, que define um novo conceito e objetivo: oferecer uma ampla gama em iluminação exterior funcional e competitiva entre mais de 800 referências. O catálogo DOPO, surgido em 1990, oferece todo o tipo de soluções de aplicação desde apliques, elementos balizadores, soluções encastráveis, projetores, piquets… assim como diferentes designs, materiais e acabamentos. Contacts - ZhongShan TopShining Lighting Co.,Ltd. Lamparas-led. Made in italy.