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Enhancing the Healing Environment with NHS Directory. Online business directories have become quite a popular way to look for the local companies and also to gain an access to the contact information of these companies .Along with that, people will also get the benefit of reading the reviews of their customers. Earlier, there were large number of the publishers who produced communication directories for various areas of public sector but they charged money from the users. The main goal of these communication directories is to allow the procurement staff members to gain complete access to all the details.

The database of NHS directory also has the provision of mail merger facility which works as an effective marketing tool The first communication directory produced was the NHS directory and after that several of the directories were produced in series. The users are provided with the most concise and accurate database. This media is supplied to the public sector free of cost Like this: Like Loading... Kaltz - What have our clients said about us? "The National Schools Procurement Directory is a one-stop 'bible' which nearly every school across the country uses. As an educational supplier it's a must to be featured in it.

In order to drive your business forward schools need to know about you and the guide provides the perfect opportunity for this. " Claire Young, (BBC One Apprentice Finalist, Series 5) School Speakers "In late 2013, we decided to use KALTZ for the first time by advertising in the 2014 Emergency Services Procurement Directory.

Part of our decision at that time was the provision of a contacts database which was forwarded to us at the time of booking and has already proven of tangible benefit to us in the securing of 3 new police forces who are now using several of our products as a direct result of contacts via the database. In addition we are in further contact with another force which has yet to place orders however all communications to date have been as a direct result of the database provided to us. V. Leverage Education Database To Sell To the Education Sector | Kaltz Ltd. Any marketing program relies on data to be successful; in fact, the foundation of a strong marketing program is built through utilization of relevant and genuine data.

So, if you are selling to the education sector having at hand school databases can help a great deal in your marketing. Companies that provide this information are much sort after. These kinds of databases have records of schools’ contact and demographic data which can be utilized to build insightful marketing lists. Since the data is live and updated continuously you get access to fresh and accurate data on a daily basis. Using Bad Data Is Counter Productive By trying to sell utilizing bad data like a bad email or postal data may hamper your marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should seek companies that cleanse and update their education database periodically, guaranteeing that the database is fresh and accurate, every single time you access it. Like this: Like Loading... Top Tips To Win A Public Sector Procurement Contract Without A Hassle | Kaltz Ltd. The public sector procurement process is certainly a daunting task.

Both for a novice or a seasoned bidder the tender process tends to be complicated as well as time consuming. To enhance your chances of winning contracts you require submitting tailored bids. The terminology is confusing that calls for extra attention to detail. Since an array of supporting documentation is required to be submitted the bidders are often left frustrated and drained. However, if bidders are a little tactful they can make the exercise hassle free. Here are the tips on how to make the procurement process less stressful and win a contract: First of all be ready to grab any potential opportunity that comes your way.

Submit your bid that is complete in all respects. Single out all the information that you think is commercially sensitive and should not be disclosed. Identify all the requirements fully, and if you have an doubts clear them prior to bidding. Like this: Like Loading... NHS database | NHS databases - Kaltz. Schools Procurement Directory | Schools Suppliers Database - Kaltz. Schools Procurement Directory | Schools Suppliers Database - Kaltz. Kaltz - Public Sector Procurement. Public sector procurement managers have a responsibility to achieve "best value" with taxpayer's money. Part of the initiative towards achieving best value is the sharing of best practice, which is basically the effective communications between one public sector organisation and another. We facilitate the sharing of best practice by producing communications directories for the NHS, Schools and Tertiary Education establishments, Local Councils, and all areas of the Emergency Services.

These directories assist public sector purchasing staff to reference details of their counterparts and they also represent an excellent advertising platform for suppliers. Over the past 14 years, we are very proud to have produced and supplied over 800,000 directories, FREE OF CHARGE to the Public Sector and to have helped thousands of companies develop their public sector business. Schools Procurement Directory | Schools Suppliers Database - Kaltz. Schools Procurement Directory | Schools Suppliers Database - Kaltz. Kaltz - Careers. Hello and welcome to the area of our website dedicated to careers at Kaltz Ltd. We're really pleased that you're interested in joining our team as we have some great opportunities to offer. Our business is strong because of our people... they are the magic ingredients who make it happen.

Throughout the business, we are focused on our customers, driven by goals and united in our success. We are committed to growth and building an even stronger business for the future. With real energy, passion and pride in all that we do, our team is both powerful and effective. To apply, please fill in the Contact Form and attach your CV, or alternatively email us at

Welcome! Kaltz - Public Sector Procurement. Schools Procurement Directory | Schools Suppliers Database - Kaltz. The publication for all headteachers and bursars within state and independent Schools. The National Schools Procurement Directory, launched in February 2003, is designed to assist head-teachers and bursars achieve best value with their annual budgets.

It enables Heads and designated purse-string holders to communicate with their counterparts in other schools with regard to similar purchasing projects. The Directory allows those with purchasing responsibilities to access requirements quickly and accurately by obtaining quotes from companies who are already accustomed to dealing with Schools (Kaltz do everything within their power to ensure that the companies appearing within the Directory have previously dealt with schools). The Directory is provided free of charge to all state secondary and all independent schools in February each year as schools begin to plan budgets for the coming fiscal year. It is used by head-teachers, deputies, bursars and finance managers. IACCM - The Global Contract Management Association. Kaltz - What have our clients said about us? Public Sector News.

Kaltz - Public Sector Media Specialists News Kaltz Ltd produce public sector procurement / communication media totally independently. Although Kaltz Ltd work with the co-operation of public sector organisations, they are by no means affiliated to/or associated with any government body. Kaltz Limited Publishing House, Bark Street, Bolton BL1 2AX Tel 01204 458 880 Fax 01204 458 881 Email (General Enquiries) © 2015 Kaltz Ltd Kaltz CareersInterested in working at Kaltz? Click here to apply Download Acrobat Readerrecommended Home | NHS | Schools | Tertiary Education | Local Government | Emergency Services | About Us | News | Testimonials | Careers | Contact Us.

Local Government Procurement Directory | Local Government Suppliers Database. The publication for management and procurement personnel within local councils. The Local Government Procurement Directory was launched in December 2004 when 20,000 copies were distributed nationally across the 468 councils, totally free of charge. The directory is designed to enable those with procurement responsibilities to communicate with their counterparts in other councils across the UK.

The Directory is distributed in December of each year as purchasing staff are beginning to think about planning for the next year's budget allocation. Local council director and management hierarchies are researched by our in-house research team with the co-operation of every council in the UK. The publication is funded by the inclusion of companies who are already well accustomed to doing business with individual councils.

National Health Service Procurement Directory | NHS Suppliers Database. The publication for management and procurement personnel within the National Health Service. The National NHS Trust Procurement Directory, launched in January 2001, is designed to enable senior-level staffing within individual Trusts to communicate with their counterparts in other Trusts across the UK. It contains details of management staff within Procurement Agencies, Health Authorities & Organisations, Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Service Trusts and GP Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's).

It is the only media of its kind which is distributed to over 12,500 directors and senior management, twice a year, totally free of charge. It is updated bi-annually to reflect constant NHS restructuring, which at present, is resulting in a high management staff turnover. Individual Trust details are updated by our in-house research team with the co-operation of every Trust in the UK.