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Beverly L. Hall Denies Knowledge Of Atlanta Cheating Scandal. After rampant cheating was uncovered in Atlanta schools, former Atlanta schools superintendent Beverly L. How Colleges Punish Families Who Choose to Save - Daniel Indiviglio - Business. Schools and the government should focus on income, not savings, when awarding financial aid assistance Throughout the U.S., millions of parents struggle to save for their children's college education.

How Colleges Punish Families Who Choose to Save - Daniel Indiviglio - Business

It isn't easy: in a consumer culture like ours, there's always something new to buy. Driving an older car, using an out-of-date computer, and ignoring cool new gadgets like the iPad aren't easy -- particularly when you've got some income that you could be spending on such luxuries. No wonder seeing the U.S. savings rate as high as 6% is unusual.

But those parents who do the responsible thing and save are discriminated against: students whose parents save less often qualify for more financial aid. Coming Together to Kill Education Reform. A new consensus is emerging in education politics.

Coming Together to Kill Education Reform

But can the center hold? And would reformers even want it to? Bipartisanship is supposed to be a good thing — except for when Republicans and Democrats come together to try to paper over our education problems. That's what worries me about the recent string of seemingly positive events: 1. 2. 3. Sounds great, right? Madfloridian's Journal - Another "false front" education reform group? Keep eye out for their op eds in local papers. The Michigan Education Association writes about the Education Action Group and warns to watch out for their activities.

Madfloridian's Journal - Another "false front" education reform group? Keep eye out for their op eds in local papers.

Behind the false front. Student journalist sue Kan. community college over public records fees. KANSAS — The Student Press Law Center and a college journalist filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Johnson County Community College in Kansas for excessive fees to release open records, including nearly $10,000 to produce one day’s worth of emails.

student journalist sue Kan. community college over public records fees

The college estimated a total of $24,130.72 to fulfill requests by the SPLC and former copy editor Marcus Clem for staff emails and documents related to other open records requests. Attorney Christopher Grenz, of the Kansas City law firm Bryan Cave, who is handling the case pro bono as part of the SPLC’s attorney referral network, said the fees are “facially excessive.” “They’re basically hanging a price tag on what should be public documents in order to keep those documents from being public,” Grenz said. Department of Ed Lets Schools Off the Hook. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Department of Education officially released standards for states to exempt themselves from certain provisions of the No Child Left Behind law.

Department of Ed Lets Schools Off the Hook

Many states are desperate to avoid the consequences of failing to meet the requirements of the 2001 law, which mandates that all students be 100 percent proficient in reading and math by 2014 or lose federal funding. Education-reform advocates widely acknowledge that NCLB was a step toward ensuring accountability and achievement in schools -- it also, for the first time, shined a light on the achievement gap between white and minority students. Reporting From Outside Party Lines. MEDIA ROOTS- Forty years ago, Finland began transforming its educational system to a more personalized methodology of teacher to student learning as part of the government’s economic recovery plan.

Reporting From Outside Party Lines

Finland’s youth has since shot up to the highest in the world in reading, math and science skills. House Approves a Bill Supporting Expansion of Charter Schools. That Dangerous Dictionary…and Other Books Too Risqué for Texas Students. September 24-October 1 is Banned Books Week, and ACLU staff and volunteers are posting their thoughts about the freedom to read throughout the week. House Republicans Push to Slash Pell Grants, Ed Funding. As part of the program to shrink the national deficit, House Republicans have introduced a proposal that would cut funding to Pell college tuition grants, NPR and 30 other education programs, the San Fransisco Chronicle reports.

House Republicans Push to Slash Pell Grants, Ed Funding

The House Appropriation committee, whose members authored the legislation, are also seeking to eliminate President Obama’s “Race to the Top” initiative. The Committee is also looking to withdraw funding for programs unrelated to education. The panel proposed slashing the Department of Labor’s budget by one-fifth, slicing funds for the National Labor Relations Board by 17 percent and barring funds to implement Obama’s health-care overhaul. It would also withhold funding for Planned Parenthood unless it says it will stop providing abortions. The current round of proposals is meant to set up a funding plan to allow the Federal Government to operate at least until November 18th of this year. The GOP’s Plan To Take Education Policy Back To The Early 1990s. Everybody hates the No Child Left Behind Act.

The GOP’s Plan To Take Education Policy Back To The Early 1990s

In the last few weeks, both conservative Republicans and President Obama have announced plans to overhaul George W. Bush’s signature education law by sending power over K-12 schooling back to the states. On the surface, this might seem like a rare moment of bipartisan consensus. Don’t believe it. The two plans actually represent radically different views of the federal government’s responsibility for helping children learn. To see why, it helps to understand some common misconceptions about NCLB. Mark Miller says Wisconsin Republicans enacted the most drastic cuts to K-12 schools of any state in the nation. When Wisconsin’s monthly unemployment numbers for August took another bad turn, both major political parties scrambled to affix blame.

Mark Miller says Wisconsin Republicans enacted the most drastic cuts to K-12 schools of any state in the nation

Republican Governor Scott Walker pointed at "problems in the national economy" in his weekly radio address on Sept. 22, 2011. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller, D-Monona, fingered the Republican agenda of budget cuts and tax breaks for businesses for failing to create family supporting jobs. Big Oil: $135 Million. When is it not enough to have too much?

Big Oil: $135 Million

Apparently, when you're a giant oil corporation. Big Oil's avaricious honchos are always searching for another dime they can slip into their corporate pockets, no matter whom it hurts. A crude example of their ceaseless money grab is presently unfolding in Texas. Construction firm to ask judge to remove DeKalb schools' lawyers in $100 million suit   Madfloridian's Journal - Ed reform group leader showed true colors in ugly note to a Ft. Wayne union teacher.

The note is posted at the website of the Ft. Wayne Education Association in all its rudeness. They omit the name of the teacher, and no background is given on the situation. In my mind there is no explanation and no background needed that would excuse such outrageous comments. Lobbying, Insider Trading & Censorship at the Washington Post: Kaplan U. The State of Public Libraries in the U.S: This is article and info graphic by Guest Writer Jocelyn Blore There’s something comforting about the public library.

The Magazine - Administrators Ate My Tuition. September/October 2011 Administrators Ate My Tuition Want to get college costs in line? Start by cutting the overgrown management ranks. By Benjamin Ginsberg Photo: Mario Lalich N o statistic about higher education commands more attention—and anxiety—among members of the public than the rising price of admission. Between 1975 and 2005, total spending by American higher educational institutions, stated in constant dollars, tripled, to more than $325 billion per year. The Crisis in the Humanities and the Corporate Attack on the University (Peter Fettner.

Less government, and because it was sparked by a strategic decrease in taxation, not anincrease. That simple, easily available fact belies the pretensions of the far Right, andreveals their persistent falsification and manipulation of history. The "Shock Doctrine" Comes to Your Neighborhood Classroom. Why school reform can’t ignore poverty’s toll - The Answer Sheet. Some school reformers are fond of saying that “great teaching” can overcome the effects of living poverty on children, and that those people (me included) who insist that poverty matters are only supporting the status quo. Vouchers in sheep's clothing in the Ed Reform Movement.

ALEC Education Agenda. Introduction In July and August of 2011, the Center for Media and Democracy and The Nation exposed efforts by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to privatize education through charters, vouchers, watering down teacher certification, breaking teacher unions, increasing testing, discrediting public schools, and eroding local control. V For Vendetta: Michigan GOP Singles Out Teachers For Right To Work.

Education: Long-Term Contribution Trends. Improve oversight of charter schools: An editorial. Charter schools are supposed to be held to a higher level of accountability, but a legislative auditor's report found shortcomings in how the Recovery School District has overseen those schools. Despite Sweeping Scandals, Big States Don’t Check for Cheating by Teachers. Wall Street Goes to School. Dick Armey Wants To Completely Eliminate Any Federal Funding For Higher Education. By Zaid Jilani on October 6, 2010 at 11:45 am. How California Schools Turned Struggling Students Into Second-Class Citizens - Education. With higher stakes associated with standardized tests than ever before, rewards like a pizza party or an extra school dance are fairly common for students who perform well.

But two high schools in Orange County, California have ignited controversy for a rewards program that treated low performers like second-class citizens. Richard D. Kahlenberg Reviews Steven Brill's "Class Warfare: Inside The Fight To Fix America’s Schools" Bronx Principal Investigated For Faking Grades. In Public School Reform, What Can Private Money Buy? - City Limits Magazine. Empowering Parents through Quality Charter Schools Act. School ‘Reform’: A Failing Grade by Diane Ravitch. The Magazine - The College For-profits Should Fear. Ohio’s charter schools owe state over $2 million in unpaid audit fees. America’s Most Outrageous Teacher Cheating Scandals. President Obama Kills No Child Left Behind. Susan Ohanian's Testing Outrages (Susan Ohanian Speaks Out)

Who Pays When Public Schools GO PRIVATE? - News & Announcements. Part-time college students face abysmal graduation rates. Mathematicians warn of damage to UK economy from maths funding cuts. TRANSPARENCY TUESDAY: College activity fees add hundreds to tuition bills; state laws may offer a peek under the hood. Michigan Public Schools Privatizing Teachers 'Very Real' Possibility, State Lawmaker Says. Hey kids, want greater First Amendment rights? Try getting arrested! The Magazine - The End of College Admissions As We Know It. New GOP target at EPA: Graduate student interns who are tools of Obama’s 'radical policies' Who’s Running Your School District? Is the Near-Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop?

Study: 35 states flunk on teaching civil rights history. Koch Lobbyist is ALEC State Co-Chair for Wisconsin; Scholarships Raise Ethics Concerns. John Danner shoots for the stars with Rocketship charter schools. U.S. universities hit with copyright infringement suit.