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PHL govt launches anti-human trafficking hotline. With almost a thousand cases of human trafficking involving Filipinos recorded as of February 2011, the Philippine government has launched a 24-hour anti-human trafficking hotline that will respond to emergency calls from victims in Metro Manila and the provinces.

PHL govt launches anti-human trafficking hotline

In a release posted Friday night, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said the Inter-Agency Council against Trafficking-Advocacy and Communications Committee (IACAT-ADVOCOM) launched the 1343 Actionline “Laban Kontra Human Trafficking" campaign, which became fully operational on March 15. Appeal for more human trafficking prosecutions.

NORTHERN Ireland’s public prosecutors must do more to bring successful prosecutions against those involved in human trafficking, it was claimed yesterday.

Appeal for more human trafficking prosecutions

On Tuesday evening, more than 130 premises were raided on both sides of the border and eight people arrested in a joint PSNI/Garda operation targeting organised prostitution, criminality and money laundering. The PSNI rescued three suspected victims of human trafficking when they searched 10 suspected brothels across the Province. Officers visited more than 20 addresses and searched several of them. The operation – which involved 170 police officers – resulted in five arrests for a variety of offences. Longview police create awareness of human trafficking. Longview authorities are trying to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking.

Longview police create awareness of human trafficking

A video put out by Longview Police and city officials is a mission to educate the public about human trafficking. Take Action. The Realities of Enslaved Female Africans in America. Choose Authentication. Amnesty international ukraine human trafficking. Children of the Night - Rescuing America's Children from Prostitution. Frontline - Sex Slaves (2005) Profits of Pimping: Business of Sex Trafficking. Bio Bradley Myles Bradley Myles currently serves as Polaris Project's Deputy Director.

Profits of Pimping: Business of Sex Trafficking

He has been working on the issue of human trafficking for the past 6 years since 2002. His major areas of responsibility at Polaris Project include serving on the Executive Management Team, directing national program efforts, leading all training and technical assistance projects, handling the majority of government relations, coordinating the efforts of local offices, supporting Federal and State policy advocacy efforts, consulting on numerous anti-trafficking research studies, and helping to steward the work of Polaris 30 staff and 15 Fellows. Mr. Dr. Dr. To download this program become a Front Row member. ZOOM IN: Learn more with related books and additional materials.

New sex-trafficking law in New York clears prostitute's record. A new New York law that recognizes minors forced into the sex trade as victims not criminals was used Wednesday to cleanse the record of a former Bronx prostitute.

New sex-trafficking law in New York clears prostitute's record

Leni Johnson, 22, became the first American to have her convictions for prostitution dismissed after a Bronx prosecutor agreed she had been forced into the sex trade at age 13, according to the New York Daily News. "I feel very relieved and really happy," Johnson, who uses a pseudonym, told the Daily News. U.S. human trafficking report includes U.S. cases for first time. The report says the United States complies with a victims' protection act but still has forced labor and prostitution.

U.S. human trafficking report includes U.S. cases for first time

U.S. gets high marks, but not perfect, in annual human trafficking report12.3 million adults and children affected worldwide, U.S. report saysSecretary of State Clinton notes abusive employers, sexual slavery in U.S.Stories of dozens of victims recounted in report (CNN) -- The U.S. government's annual worldwide human trafficking report, released Monday, for the first time includes an assessment of trafficking in the United States.

The 373-page "Trafficking in Persons Report 2010" says some 12.3 million adults and children are in forced labor, bonded labor, and forced prostitution around the world. Only 4,166 trafficking prosecutions were successful last year, according to the report. The United States listed itself in the report's top tier of compliance with minimum standards set forth by the U.S. Campaign Against Sex Trafficking Is Gaining. Trafficking of Women and Girls. Human Trafficking Awareness. Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery by Siddharth Kara (Columbia University Press)

Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

Search Kids for cash scandal. Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania The "kids for cash" scandal unfolded in 2008 over judicial kickbacks at the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Kids for cash scandal

Two judges, President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan, were accused of accepting money from Robert Mericle, builder of two private, for-profit juvenile facilities, in return for contracting with the facilities and imposing harsh sentences on juveniles brought before their courts to increase the number of inmates in the detention centers.[1][2] Investigation[edit] An investigation into improper sentencing in Luzerne County began early in 2007 as a result of requests for assistance from several youths received by the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center. Lawyers from the law center determined that several hundred cases were tried without the defendants receiving proper counsel.

The board ruled against Lokuta in November 2008 and she was removed from the bench. The U.S. Chocolate Industry Admit: “we must do more”… « STOP THE TRAFFIK blog spot. United States and Ukraine Fight Human Trafficking. United States and Ukraine Fight Human Trafficking By Merle David Kellerhals Jr.Staff Writer Washington - Saying that Ukraine is on a "remarkable journey," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed a plan with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko to combat human trafficking in Ukraine.

United States and Ukraine Fight Human Trafficking

The diplomats also agreed on a plan to assess energy resources such as shale gas to strengthen the East European nation's energy security. It was the third meeting of the U.S. -Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission. "We covered many topics, including our effective cooperation to stop nuclear proliferation, our support for Ukraine's efforts to strengthen its own democracy and the rule of law, and progress on global issues from food security to HIV/AIDS, as well as steps to help Ukraine develop its domestic energy resources and attract greater private investment, particularly from the United States," Clinton said February 15.

Dying to Leave ~ Essay: Profiting from Disparity and Desperation. By David Kyle September 22, 2003 What drives the global boom in illicit human smuggling and trafficking?

Dying to Leave ~ Essay: Profiting from Disparity and Desperation

Read the briefing (below) to find out what the U.S. is doing to stop the human cargo industry. As a teenage resident of Naples, Florida, I was jarred by the contrast between my community, a sunny playground for some of the wealthiest people on the planet, and the town of Immokalee down the road. Just 50 miles away, it looked like a production crew had built a film set located in poverty-stricken rural Mexico. Sure, the economic disparity within Collier County was striking, but someone had to pick our crops; wasn’t the fate of entire families of “seasonal farm workers” better than what they had left behind?

Dying to Leave ~ Video: Full Episode. AbuseWatch.NET. It may come as surprise to learn that people don't have to travel to Thailand, Jamaica or Mexico City to encounter child prostitution; it's right here in America. Most large U.S. cities house populations of child prostitutes, kept there under the control of pimps to satisfy increasing demand for their sexual services. Groups of these children travel to venues - the Super Bowl for example - as child prostitution road-shows, in response to demand for them. These kids come from neighborhoods like yours - runaways, children and young teens kidnapped from the street (from outside the mall or movie theatre) or grabbed while on vacation, chatted up on-line, answering an ad for a job - who are rarely, if ever, seen again.

Human Trafficking Trial Begins in Philadelphia. FRONTLINE/WORLD . flashPOINT . Moldova: the price of sex . PBS. (anonymous)This is outrageous! It is a shame! We have lost track of who we really are and who we were meant to be. Human Trafficking In the United States « Stop Child Slavery. Slavery, a Personal Question Online. Sex Slaves. Hidden cameras trail "Olga" as she takes the women from the port of Odessa to Istanbul and then to a parking lot in the Aksaray district where the women are sold. An undercover journey deep into the world of sex trafficking, following one man determined to rescue his wife -- kidnapped and sold into the global sex trade.

About Slavery and Human Trafficking. What is Human Trafficking and Slavery? In modern day slavery, human beings are literally bought and sold as property on an international market, for amounts ranging from $80 to $5000 or more. They have no control over their lives or their children's lives: where they live, what work they do (usually dirty, degrading or dangerous), their sexuality, or their health. Being enslaved is extremely hazardous to human life and health - for example 25% of child slaves in India do not make it to adulthood, and another 22% are permanently disabled.

Sometimes slaves are kept captive with literal chains or bars. In other cases threats of violence, or actual violence against enslaved people or their families keep them from running away. Victims of human trafficking are subject to gross human rights violations including rape, torture, beatings, starvation, dehumanization, and threats of murdering family members. China police detain man over 'sex slaves' in basement. 23 September 2011Last updated at 11:05.

Enslaved in America: Sex Trafficking in the United States. The following essay is one of our most-referenced resources from a past initiative of the Women’s Funding Network. We partnered with women’s funds and foundations across the United States as part of a national campaign to research, prevent and end domestic minor sex trafficking.

Women’s funds and foundations are often the first to create, support, and promote the latest solutions to major social problems, and our members’ response to this issue was no exception.