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"Amplio mundo mi ciudad" ACTUALIDAD EN RD CONGO y RUANDA. Congo: A humanitarian crisis on a massive scale. « Russell Pollard. In December 2004, the New York based International Resource Centre blamed a six-year military conflict in Congo which was being fought over the country’s rich gold, diamond and mineral stores for 3.8 million deaths in Africa’s third-largest nation.

The WarChild organisation has reported more recently that more than 5.4 million have died as a result of the conflict, which represents the biggest death toll of any conflict since World War 2. At a demonstration in London on December 10th 2011 by a representation of the Congolese people, this number was quoted as 8 million. The figure reported by WarChild is that 2.7 million of this number are children ( 1 in 5 children die before their 5th birthday). This is a massive humanitarian issue. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) investigation team has uncovered mass human rights abuses, including the possible genocide of Hutu refugees. More photos from the Congolese demonstration HERE Like this: Like Loading...