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Podcast - Marketing Strategy with Dorie Clark.


How new Internet standards will deliver a mobile revolution - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing. An arcane-sounding change with potentially significant implications for consumers and businesses is under way on the Web: the shift to a new generation of HTML, the programming standard that underpins the Internet.

How new Internet standards will deliver a mobile revolution - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing

Senior executives, regardless of industry, should take note; like the exponential growth of device-specific applications, this evolution of HTML will further boost the power of mobile devices, accelerating changes in the way people consume content and the potential use of smartphones and tablets as both a marketing platform and a productivity tool. The next generation of the Internet standard essentially will allow programs to run through a Web browser rather than a specific operating system. That means consumers will be able to access the same programs and cloud-based content from any device—personal computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet—because the browser is the common platform. Web-centricity Consumer impact Industry impact Software developers. Telecom operators. The CMO.

Maestro Social Media. Social media (social networking) is content created by people using accessible and free Internet online resources.

Maestro Social Media

Social media allows people to discover and share information, including text, pictures and video. It’s a relatively new and innovative way for people to connect and form relationships, both personal and business. Social media web sites include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linked In, FourSquare, Pinterest, and many more. [list style="arrow"] (Eager to get started? [/list] [toggle title="Facebook"] …currently has more than 845 million users, making it the most well known and popular social media site.

…is a free, online social media service that allows users to send short text messages (up to 140 characters long), to other users.


UNRULY VIDEO CHARTS. WEB TOOLS ANALYTICS. Baza Firm IT. INVESTOPEDIA. Skuteczne newslettery i e-mail marketing bez abonamentu - FreshMail. Seth's Blog. HUBSPOT Whitepapers & eBooks. Red Herring. What Is The Future For Display Advertising? Often, a question doesn't have an easy answer in the digital advertising business.

What Is The Future For Display Advertising?

This is a column devoted to an answer to a single question or topic - and providing a bit of space for it. Today's participant is Dave Morgan, who is CEO of Simulmedia, an ad technology company focused on the addressable television market. He recently answered a series of questions about the future of display in a conversation with You’ve started Tacoda, Real Media (which later merged with 24/7 Media) and been deep in the display ad space.

What do you think is going to happen with display in the future? DM: [To preface] for the last three years, I've spent almost no time around display advertising. I tried to think of what the next five to seven years holds and, "What things are certain in display advertising" -which led to "We're going to see more page views and more impressions.

" And then, "Where's that growth going to be? " Then I thought about advertising. OK. Yahoo!


The 20 Most Expensive Google AdWords — And How to Compete Against Them. Last Updated Jul 19, 2011 8:41 AM EDT Social media marketing may get all the buzz, but Google advertising still drives tremendous web traffic (and profits for Google): Over the last year Google generated over $33 billion in revenue, 97% coming from advertising, with a major portion of that from AdWords.

The 20 Most Expensive Google AdWords — And How to Compete Against Them

So what are the most searched, most expensive Google AdWords? Here's a list from WordStream, a search marketing software and services firm. (For a complete breakdown check out WordStream's Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords Advertising infographic.) Insurance Loans Mortgage Attorney (surprised "attorney" follows "mortgage"?) What if the keywords in your industry are incredibly expensive and you can't afford to spend huge amounts on advertising and customer acquisition? Larry Kim, WordStream Founder and Chief Technology Officer, provided these tips: Be specific: Focus on specific, 3 to 5 word phrases. Related: © 2011 CBS Interactive Inc..