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Kakali Biswas

Kakali Biswas is the founder and owner of Dora By Phoenix, an online boutique offering the widest collection of sarees, dhutis, jackets, and dresses. She has a passion to coordinate with the local artisans to offer some heartfelt outfits and sarees that are unique and adorable.

Handloom Cotton Sarees - The Best Of Handweaving Crafts. Problem loading page. Handloom Cotton Sarees - The Best Of Handweaving Crafts. Handloom Cotton Sarees - The Best Of Handweaving Crafts. Printed Cotton Sarees: The Hottest Trends and Designs for 2024. Printed Cotton Sarees: The Hottest Trends and Designs for 2024. Unveil Simplicity With Handloom Cotton Sarees For The Modern Bengali Bride. Ever wondered that amidst the extravagant sarees and décor purchased for a bride, there is something else she might crave? Wondering what it is? Among the razzmatazz of bright wedding sarees in silk, a few pieces of handwoven cotton create the right balance. If you are a bride-to-be and love sarees that speak of authenticity and reveal the artistic touches of workers and the heritage of India, buy handloom cotton sarees. Sometimes, every bride needs to stay away from embroidered and printed silks and embrace her love for threads. Truly speaking, every handwoven saree that you own will reveal the charm inside those beautiful weaves and preserve the cultural tradition of the country.

You might just wonder why buying handloom boutique sarees is not typically bridal. It’s time to break your myth and explore how handwoven sarees are a perfect choice for today’s bride. Balance comfort and elegance Embrace uniqueness Got for culturally-significant sarees Handloom trends Love the experience. A Deep Dive Into How Stars Embrace Handloom Cotton Sarees. Unveiling the Innovative Colour Designs of Hand Block Printed Sarees - BloggingShogging. Hand block print sarees are available in a versatile range of colours and designs to complement your style. Whether it is for a casual daytime occasion, wedding, or showcasing your style in the workplace, there is an array of colours and options to suit everyone’s style. They have always been high on fashion as well as comfort with so many breathable materials like linen, cotton and silk. However, when it comes to the colour palette of hand block printed cotton sarees, each one is a testament to the rich and cultural heritage of India.

From blues, reds, greens, or dual-tone shades, each saree has a story to tell and the block prints reveal the brushstrokes on traditional materials. Read on to know how innovative colours and designs of a hand block print saree reveal the enduring beauty of every woman. Handblock printing is an age-old craft involving skilled artisans from India crafting intricate designs with wooden blocks. Vibrant Shades in Red, Green, and Yellow Soft Pastel Shades. How Chanderi Sarees Weave a Tapestry of Traditional and Contemporary Style? – Dora By Phoenix. Are you embarking on a journey through the rich heritage of textiles? When exploring the exquisite weaves of India, one cannot help but stop at the timeless form of Chanderi sarees. Apart from being beautifully adorned, these sarees are a testament to the fusion of modern and traditional styles. If you are looking forward to grabbing Chanderi sarees containing prints inspired by trendy characters and objects, the collections at Dora By Phoenix won’t go unnoticed.

Our handwoven Chanderi sarees can seamlessly adapt to the taste of modern women and bridge the gap between traditional and modern elements. From versatile patterns to a fusion of contrasting hues, our sarees are suitable for a wide range of occasions from casual get-togethers to grand celebrations. Chanderi handloom sarees: creating a perfect blend of traditional and modern style Chanderi handloom sarees are manufactured of soft fabrics and have existed since the olden days. 1. 2. 3. Are you yet to buy Chanderi handloom sarees?

About Laal Paar Sada Saree and Bengali Sentiments | Dora. There is no denying that every Bengali is in awe of the fascinating laal paar and sada saree. We have all been watching our mothers and grandmothers sporting them during the festivities like religious occasions, the oh-so mesmerizing sindoorkhela on Bijoya Dashami, or even during special events, such as weddings or the thread ceremony. If you are a fan of this inherent love of Bengalis, you can’t miss out our handloom cotton sarees online and what we have in store for you at Dora. Have you ever wondered that the traditional Bengali laal paar sada saree is not merely an attire you flaunt every day or during special occasions? It is also about evoking those sentiments that have stayed amidst the competitiveness of experimenting with clothes. Let me tell you a story before narrating the collections.

For the rest of you in Kolkata, are looking forward to some alternative pieces in this theme, here’s what you may add to your closet from our Hand Block Print Collection. Amar Uma: Fish Fish: Pin. Explore 5 Different Blouse Designs to Pair Up with Your Cotton Sarees. Cotton sarees have been a part of our daily wear for long, from wedding occasions, festivities, daily wear, or family get-togethers, cotton sarees are almost like a hallmark attire. When you don a cotton saree, you can always manage to stand out in the crowd. Thanks to their super stylishness and versatility. But styling a saree also depends on the blouse design you choose. The blouse you choose impacts your saree.

Today, a woman buying handloom cotton sarees online is not limited to a few options of blouse designs than what it used to be a few decades back. Instead, you have new styling ideas when it comes to choosing sarees for blouses. Versatile Styling Options Mixing and matching sarees is no longer an age-old concept. Elbow-Length and High-Neck Blouses Cotton sarees exude a timeless charm with varied colours and prints. But if you want to add richness to a humble cotton saree, let a high-neck blouse do the wonders. Contrasting Shades Off-shoulder and Halter Neck Blouse. Unveil Splendour During Durga Puja With Bengal Handloom Cotton Sarees - Agrinoseeds.

There are festivities and occasions, and there is the biggest festival of Durga Puja. For every Bengali, this time of the year is all about month-long celebrations. From praying to “Ma Durga”, the Goddess incarnate and the undaunted feasting, comes styling and dressing up in the best attires. For saree enthusiasts, Durga Puja presents an ensemble of Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata. About five out of six women have already started shopping for the festivities.

So, it’s time you pick your ‘pujor saree’ before all the good stuff sells off. After all the biggest festival of Bengal stays incomplete without the six yards of cotton elegance and rituals like “Bhog” and “Anjali” Significance of Bengal Cotton The Bengal handloom cotton sarees epitomise timeless elegance and have been a part of the festivities for centuries. If you take a closer look at the cotton saree collections of Bengal, the hand-embroidered details and native weaving techniques show up. Select for the Four-Day Celebrations 1. 7 Distinct Saree Draping Styles for Zoomers. If you are a saree lover, you surely know how versatile and elegant the outfit is. But women today may not think alike, especially Gen Z thriving on casual outfits for a major part. But research reveals that women today have started appreciating sarees and have started draping them in different avatars. Now, that is where the trick lies.

Be it for draping a saree to the workplace or pulling off a wedding occasion. The style of flaunting the six-yard is allowing today’s women to stay classy and sassy at the same time. So, Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata have reached an all-new level with gliding and moving in them during casual and formal occasions with equal ease. So, if you are averse to attending occasions in sarees, customisation of draping styles may create an everlasting impression. 1.

Imagine carrying a saree to the workplace. 2. If you have a good height and can manage the well-pleated look, it is a fantastic option for staying close to your traditions. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Reasons to choose handloom cotton sarees for festivities - Dora By Phoenix. Have you ever wondered why handloom sarees create a craze among saree lovers? One reason could be that these sarees represent the cultural diversity of India and are equally versatile for styling. The land of rich diversity also has its share of festivities throughout the year held in different states. A majority of these celebrations are based on communities and religions, making the handloom sarees a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Are you also searching for some unique handloom cotton sarees? Here is why you can choose handloom cotton sarees for women to drape during the festivities. Handloom and festivals go hand in hand What other saree can embellish the grandeur of festivals than the handloom cotton sarees?

Hand-woven Begumpur cotton in red, white, and black with block prints all over is one of the best choices for festivities in Bengali households held throughout the year. High on comfort Play with colours Are you also searching for some unique handloom cotton sarees? Bengal Silk Sarees – Celebrate Pohela Boishakh in Gorgeous Colours. The Bengali New Year is knocking on the door and festivities are about to begin. For women, it means flaunting gorgeous sarees on an auspicious day. Dressing up in new clothes for Pohela Boishakh or the Bengali New Year’s day has been a cultural trend of Bengal is for several years. For women, it’s all about buying new sarees for gifts and individual use. If you are searching for what to wear or gift for Pohela Boishakh, you have come to the right place. At Dora By Phoenix, we have an authentic collections of Bengal silk sarees Kolkata for those who want to grace themselves uniquely on the festive day. Here are a few collections of silk sarees to flaunt with the fresh start of the Bengali calendar.

Hand Batik on Murshidabad Silk Saree : With the beginning of the Bengali New Year comes the essence of summer, so lightweight fabrics would be more appropriate for the season. Hand-embroidered Bishnupur Katan Silk Saree : Hand-embroidered Murshidabad Silk Saree : Why women love to sport hand block printed sarees? - Dora By Phoenix. The art of hand block prints on sarees has evolved over the years. Creating marvellous prints with carved wooden blocks covered with natural dye and pressed on the sarees to create beautiful patterns is what hand-block prints are all about. No wonder these sarees constitute the pride of India and represent the culture and heritage of our country.

If you are searching for block printed cotton sarees online, you have come to your destination. At Dora By Phoenix, we have collections galore when it comes to choosing ethnic Indian sarees that appeal to women of all ages. Do you know why Indian women crave hand block printed cotton sarees online? Versatile With a wide range of designs and patterns to complement the feminine styles a hand block print saree is the perfect attire for women to flaunt on different occasions. Comfortable fabric Hand block prints on sarees have always been high on comfort and fashion. Style it your way Pocket-friendly collections.

6 Stylish Ways to Drape Your Saree in Winter. You love flaunting sarees in the winter but do not want the chilly winds to play the spoilsport. Draping a saree requires really good skills to enhance the looks and to ensure that you feel comfortable. Do not let anything deter you from sporting a saree in the sea of gowns and suits. You stand a good chance to become a showstopper as a guest on wedding occasions! A saree won’t let you freeze if you know how to drape it in winter. The advantage is that that draping style may turn out to be a trendsetter. Check Out: Best Organza Saree Online Here are 6 stylish ways to drape the six yards and look ravishing. 1. Are you comfortable in blouse styles like turtle neck? Whether it is a turtleneck or any other style you pick, make sure that it does not look like a sore thumb. 2.

Draping your very own six-yard attire is not just about the look but class and comfort. 3. You don’t like to drape a shawl over a gorgeous saree as it may hide the colour and texture of the attire. 4. 5. 6. 6 Stylish Ways to Drape Your Saree in Winter. 6 Occasions You Can Gift a Tie And Dye Katan Silk Saree and Create A Perfect Bond - Magazine Valley. Do women need excuses to wear a saree?

Well, buying sarees for most women is like a tempting treasure hunt that they can hardly resist. But what about when you are in a dilemma searching for sarees that serve as perfect gifts? You need not feel a bit shaky if you know the occasion for gifting the saree and the temperament of the person. Most of you may love to get your hands on something trendy when buying sarees to be gifted for different occasions. The best would be streamlining your search based on the season.

When it’s buying a saree that syncs with the chill yet makes it a pleasure to wear, your eyes are sure to get stuck on a tie and dye Katan silk saree. Why tie and dye Katan silk sarees? Come winter season, you will get all sorts of invitations. This variety of silk runs well with the tempo of a party or a casual get-together. When you get a Katan silk saree with tie and dye techniques, it revs up the fervour of different social occasions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Must-Have Ethnic Sarees for The Festival Diversity - Actress Outfit. Menu Must-Have Ethnic Sarees for The Festival Diversity India is a land where you find the beauty of unity in diversity. The diverse landscape is unified by the common love for sarees. Sarees are adored by women of every age group. Especially when Indians enjoy any festivity, they choose saree to deck themselves up. 1. Whenever there is a festival, it is important to look your best. The choice of saree is usually determined by your cultural preference. So, feel free to experiment with your saree look without fear (diversity). 2. The most common saree that you will find in every Indian household is a hand printed cotton saree. . · Bishnupur Katan Silk: It is hard not to find a Bishnupur Katan Silk Saree in a Bengali household. . · Laal Paar: If you’re a Bengali, you must know what a Laal Paar or Red border saree signifies.

. · Mul Cotton: Mul cotton is pretty popular on every kolkata saree boutique online. Choosing sarees have now become very easy. Why Nail Art Is Popular In Today’s Women Fashion?