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Pacsun coupons - 20% 30% 50% off promo codes. The definitive guide to understanding science on the Internet. You know you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet.

The definitive guide to understanding science on the Internet

Well, that's doubly true when it comes to scientific stories and studies. As the recent faked chocolate diet study illustrated, science information online is often inaccurate and incomplete. To recap: A science journalist cooked up a fake name and did a clinical trial in Germany wherein he stacked the deck to make sure his results would suggest that eating dark chocolate can aid in weight loss.

Then he alerted the press, which obligingly circulated the enticing headline without questioning the study or the scientists, duping potentially millions of readers. Criticisms of his ruse—and there are many—aside, the fact that so many journalists just regurgitated some crap data is disconcerting. First, you have to understand how science works, learn how to read a scientific article (and a journalist’s article about science), know where to find reputable information, and know what to look out for.

How science works Levels of data. Sierra trading post coupon code 40% Are Microbes the Taste-Makers of the Future? On its journey from plant to ice cream cone, vanilla travels thousands of miles.

Are Microbes the Taste-Makers of the Future?

Shady fields of waist-high vines in Madagascar, the South Pacific, or Latin America produce valuable fruit, which is cured, oxidized, and dried in an intensive sequence of events lasting several weeks. Microsoft isn't selling Kinect for Windows anymore. Given that Microsoft has consolidated so many other parts of how it operates lately, word that it's discontinuing the new Kinect sensor for Windows shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Microsoft isn't selling Kinect for Windows anymore

From here on out, Redmond will no longer sell the now redundant desktop-specific version and instead point app developers toward the "functionally identical" Xbox One unit and its necessary adapter cable instead. The Xbox One sensor was apparently pretty popular amongst desktop developers and Microsoft couldn't keep up with demand in some markets, so rather than keep producing two incredibly similar units, it's likely focusing its efforts on producing more of one. Should you already own a Windows Kinect don't fret -- Nadella and Co. promise that support for it isn't going anywhere. Golf - One of the Most Recognized Outdoor Sports. Sports, both indoor and outdoor games are the best sources to enhance physical fitness.

Golf - One of the Most Recognized Outdoor Sports

It has been made a compulsory subject in many reputed education institutions. Outdoor games which include cliff dropping, rock climbing, mountaineering, camping, picnic, streaming, boating, exploring adventurous places and many others are becoming popular worldwide. Golf is one of the most recognized games. Renewable energy investment heats up worldwide. From China to Mexico, renewable energy investments are hot.

Renewable energy investment heats up worldwide

Global investment in renewable power and fuels reached $270.2 billion last year, nearly 17% higher than in 2013, according to a new study on renewable energy investment from the United Nations Environment Programme. This figure marks the first increase in three years. Together, wind, solar, biomass and waste-to-power, geothermal, small hydro and marine power are estimated to have generated 9.1% of the world's electricity in 2014, compared to 8.5% in 2013. China led the pack as the location of the biggest renewable energy investments last year, with $83.3 billion, followed by the U.S. at $38.3 billion and then Japan with $35.7 billion.

While solar installation boomed in China and Japan, and offshore wind projects in Europe garnered $18.6 billion, some of the most notable renewable investment increases came from developing countries. The total investment in these markets was $131.3 billion in 2014, up 36% from the previous year. 3-D images of tiny objects down to 25 nanometres. Men's Running Jackets-adding More To Fitness With Health. If you are a fitness freak, make sure your clothes also add on to your fitness.

Men's Running Jackets-adding More To Fitness With Health

There is an awesome collection of Men's Running Jackets. Running is an aerobic activity burning a huge amount of calories; hence you need a jacket or clothing which is well ventilated and keep you comfortable even if you are sweating heavily. This also depends on the weather and humidity of the place where you go for running. If you are using warm weather running jackets then it shall help you to wick away moisture and provide protection from sun rays. For winter, do not prefer to wear something really tight and warm because once you start running, you may feel warm and hence make sure your jackets keep you comfortable at that very moment.

Before ordering for the running jacket make sure you check the following feature of the jacket:- Software that Scans the Entire Internet Helps Pinpoint Security Weaknesses. When a major flaw in the encryption that secures websites was revealed this March, Zakir Durumeric, a research fellow at the University of Michigan, was the first person to know how serious it was.

Software that Scans the Entire Internet Helps Pinpoint Security Weaknesses

By performing a scan of every device on the Internet, he realized its full potential even before the researchers who had first identified the flaw, known as FREAK. 9 Free Analytic Tools to Measure Your Content Effectiveness.