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This is Kai. A Certified Maintenance Specialist. Addressing the homeowners who need some help with home renovation.

Best Shower Panels: Top Multi-Jet Models Reviewed [Oct 2020] Showering is an act that we love to perform every day, unlike the olden Elizabethan era when people did it once or twice a year!

Best Shower Panels: Top Multi-Jet Models Reviewed [Oct 2020]

Thank God we're so lucky! A hot shower rejuvenates our body and mind from the exhaustion and dryness that we are subjected to after scores of busy hours. It's a very personal time when we take care of our body parts performing a cleansing and nourishing ritual on a daily basis. For thousands of years, people bathed in the open waters. But with the progress of civilization, private bathing became common and the quality of that experience entirely depended on the mechanical design of the watering system while the modern systems offering a lot more fun than ever. Modern shower or bathing panels are equipped with features to ensure impressive bathroom time. Here we prepared an in-depth analysis of a list of high-end shower panels with an aim to help you choose the one for your needs.

How We Picked These Products Our quest did not stop there. Honorable Mentions 1. 2. Best Acrylic Bathtubs: Art & Science Finally Meet [Sep 2020] Why choose an acrylic bathtub When you're set to buy a bathtub, questions arise as to which kind of tub you want to get and why?

Best Acrylic Bathtubs: Art & Science Finally Meet [Sep 2020]

Do a little market research and you'll be littered with cast iron, stone, wood, cultured marble, and ceramic tile tubs. In contrast to the cast iron, marble, and ceramic tile tubs, the acrylic tub is lighter and they are cheaper too. Here are some solid reasons you'd prefer an acrylic tub: Easy and fast cleaning can be done with relative ease. Acrylic bathtub: Buying guide Before buying an acrylic bathtub, there are things you should know about. 1.

Looking back in time you know that each washroom is unique, and so are the tubs inside these washrooms. Consider the following types for Western models: a) Left & Right-handed According to the placement of the water drain, you ought to pick from a right-handed or a left-handed model. B) Corner c) Freestanding The freestanding bathtub is the kind that will not be fixed to the wall. Best Shower Valves: The Elite Choices. A shower valve (also known as manifold) is an extremely important device that regulates the water flow rate coming from your shower, and keeping both pressure and temperature at a constant, desired level.

Best Shower Valves: The Elite Choices

As a result, this fixture appears to be vital for a safe and comfortable shower experience. However, as you are reading this article, it means you are either facing some serious shower water temperature control problems or simply doing your research for finding the best shower valve out there to buy. Whatever your motives are, you’re on the right page. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been frustrated with a sudden pressure drop or a splash of ice-cold water in the middle of the taking a shower. To avoid these annoying problems, as well as leaks, drips, or a crazy level of water consumption, stay with us and learn more on the principle behind shower valves, their main parts, types, as well as some of the top-end products on the market. Top 10 Best Freestanding Tubs (2020): Review & Buyers Guide.

A freestanding tub is a welcome addition to any bathroom.

Top 10 Best Freestanding Tubs (2020): Review & Buyers Guide

They are great to look at, comfortable, and give a luxurious feeling to your bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to have a luxury hotel experience as they soak in the comfort of their own homes? For this reason, we are providing you with a list of the best freestanding tubs that you will find in today's market. These will definitely be welcome additions to your home and can help you soak and wash all of your daily stresses away.

Read on if you want to know more about our extensive review on this topic. The ToiletsGuide team banded together sharing a common interest and experience in the field of interior designing and fittings. Furthermore, we practice an all-inclusive product analysis method that does not miss out o a single important detail of the reviewed item. Top 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet (Aug. 2019): Review & Buyer’s Guide. Why Should You Switch to Dual Flush Toilets?

Top 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet (Aug. 2019): Review & Buyer’s Guide

We’ve all been in that awkward situation, and to make matters worse you don’t want the owner of the house to know the kind of mess you left. I’ve even heard of people saying that they cannot go to someone else’s toilet. But if everyone can switch to dual flow toilet, then we may not be doing the environment a favor, but our pockets as well. So, why are people falling in love with this toilet? First, you can help reduce the environmental footprint without affecting your household hygiene. Second, some are a bit costly and others affordable, but the best thing is you get to reduce your water bill since you are already saving water. No home can afford to miss out on this important opportunity. The benefits are many and the results are good. How Did We Pick the Best?

So, after a visit to my friends’ house, I thought about researching the best toilets when I came across the dual flush toilet.