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The Research Process

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Information Inquiry
Information Literacy
Mike Eisenberg
The Big 6 Research Process
The Simple Four

The Big 6 Model for Research. Mike Eisenberg Vodcast #4—The Role of the Teacher-Librarian and the School Library Program. Mike Eisenberg Vodcast #3—Accountability in the Information Literacy Program. Mike Eisenberg Vodcast #2—How to Implement an Information Literacy Program. Mike Eisenberg Vodcast #1—What is Information Literacy? Research Process Models. We know from decades of studies that when people do research, they follow a process with some predictable stages.

Research Process Models

There are many models of this process. Here are three. Information Literacy for Littlies. From the time they are born children are innately curious and as soon as they are able to articulate the words, they ask questions so they can make the connections they need as they try to make sense of their world.

Information Literacy for Littlies

As the nearest adult we try to help them with the answers. When the child comes to school they know they are going to learn to read not only so they can enjoy stories for themselves but also so they can answer their own questions. So how can we help them do this right from the get-go? Can we do more than just allowing them access to the non fiction section of the library? How can we help them. Research Process Livebinder USC-SLIS 742. Approaches to Information Inquiry. Models and Process for Information Inquiry Many educators and librarians have designed models to illustrate how teachers and learners act in information inquiry situations.

Approaches to Information Inquiry

Other models have been developed for processes such as instructional design, thinking, and writing. During the 1980s educators and librarians experienced a surge of interest in information skills. Icts-sc / The Simple Four. The Simple Four is a problem-solving research model developed for South Carolina and works with the research and inquiry standard (Standard 6) in the 2007 ELA Academic Standards.

icts-sc / The Simple Four

Step 1: PLAN (Planning means that students are engaging the topic or assignment and deciding what they know about the topic; what they want/need to know about the topic; and what information they need about their topic to complete their assignment or research project.) Approaches to Information Inquiry. Big6 Resources.