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Formative Assessment

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Library Girl's Picks: The Best Digital Tools for Formative Assessment. On Monday, I had the opportunity to participate in another fab edition of the TL Virtual Cafe webinar series.

Library Girl's Picks: The Best Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

This month's PD offering was an "Edutech Smackdown" featuring the Queen of All Things Library: Joyce Valenza. I love these smackdown sessions because they are the ultimate crowdsourced PD. Formative Assessment Infographic. Formative Assessment. Reflecting on reflection. This is hardly wasting time.

Reflecting on reflection

It is this kind of sitting that allows the mind to wander, to wonder and to speculate. Sven Birkert calls this process "resonance" in The Gutenberg Elegies: Resonance—there is no wisdom without it. Literacy Assessment Informs Instruction. Quality assessment is a process of inquiry.

Literacy Assessment Informs Instruction

It requires gathering information and setting conditions so that the classroom, school, and community become centers of inquiry where students, teachers, and other stakeholders can examine their learning—individually and collaboratively—and find ways to improve their practice. NEW from NCTE: Formative Assessment that Truly Informs Instruction A Round-Up of Thoughts from the NCTE Chat on Formative Assessment What Does It Look Like to Assess Literacy Learning in Your Classroom? If you haven't shared your perspective for the NCTE Assessment Story Project, please do. Why Check for Understanding? 22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning.

I came across Terry Heick’s blog – 10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds – at TeachThought from earlier this year and really enjoyed the formative assessment strategies that he outlined.

22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning

Using formative assessment techniques in class – or “simple assessments” as Terry calls them – are easy to administer and provide the instant feedback teachers need to identify which students need more help, and then adjust their instruction and lesson plans to help them. Visit Terry’s blog above to get more detail on the following ten formative assessment techniques: 1. New Clothes 2. Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom. Printable article Successful middle schools engage students in all aspects of their learning.

Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom

There are many strategies for accomplishing this. One such strategy is student-led conferences. As a classroom teacher or administrator, how do you ensure that the information shared in a student-led conference provides a balanced picture of the student's strengths and weaknesses?