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Beijing Kaikong Control

Beijing Kaikong Zhongxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional manufacturer of welded pipe flying saws and cold-formed steel equipment in northern China

Profile Roll Forming Machine_Beijing Kaikong Control Co.,Ltd. Cold roll forming machine is a kind of roll bending processing equipment which is made of special section profiles by means of the multi-pass forming rolls which are sequentially configured.

Profile Roll Forming Machine_Beijing Kaikong Control Co.,Ltd.

The metal strip such as coiled meterial and strip is continuously bent horizontally. As the mechanical performance of cross-section is better than hot-rolled sectional steel products', cold-formed profiles show advantage on surface finish and dimensional accuracy, as well as meterial saving, energy saving and production efficiency. Cold-formed profile become widely used. How is Flying Cold Saw Different than the Hot Friction Saw? With the increase in population, there comes an increase in the demands and requirements.

How is Flying Cold Saw Different than the Hot Friction Saw?

Hence, the manufacturing units work on increasing their working speed and producing more number of products in as less of a time as possible. In order to do that, they seem to be changing their style of work by giving up on old and traditional technologies, and give way for using the latest technologies. So, with the assistance of advanced machinery and efficiency of the workers, the society is gaining a lot of benefits. There are various, up and coming, steel tube cutting machines nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology in the manufacturing industry.

Flying Cold Saw Cut Off - Beijing Kaikong. Flying cold sawing is a new online cutting technology in H.F. welded tube industry.

Flying Cold Saw Cut Off - Beijing Kaikong

Compared with the friction heat saw, the biggest advantage is that the end of the tube is smooth and without burr after cutting off. For high quality requirements, these is no need off-line second treatment. In addition, due to the use of servo tracking technology, cutting length accuracy is higher than the traditional friction flying saw. Dust and noise pollution are obviously reduced in the production process. The 5 Major Benefits of Deburring Methods: kaikongcn — LiveJournal. In the manufacturing industry, the burr is a commonly used term.

The 5 Major Benefits of Deburring Methods: kaikongcn — LiveJournal

Also known as a “flash”, the burr is an unwanted raised edge or the small piece of material that is left after the part is manufactured. It’s not something that manufacturers intentionally leave on the parts, but it’s the aftereffect of the manufacturing process. Burrs can be formed in every material like metal, rubber, plastic, etc. As a manufacturer, you cannot supply the parts that have burrs in them because it affects the quality and appearance. For example, a plastic part with burrs will look extremely messy. In case the machine is unable to give a finished look, you should opt for deburring methods. Other than the look, the other benefits of deburring methods are: Prevents injuries If the sharp edges on the manufactured parts are processed, it will create enormous injury risk.

Profile Roll Forming Machine_Beijing Kaikong Control Co.,Ltd. 5 Important Tips For Maintaining Your Cold Saw!! Band Saw Versus Cold Saw. There are two main types of saw, ac old saw and a band saw.

Band Saw Versus Cold Saw

Both of these types of saws have the ability to easily slice through metal, but there are some key differences. Some of the significant differences are talked about below. Cutting abilities When you are shopping for a saw, it is important for you to determine your requirements and consider all your options carefully. When talking about band saws, they specialize in versatility. Best Hydraulic cutting machine. 3 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of a Circular Cold Saw Cut off Machine. Posted by Kaikongcn on September 3rd, 2020 If you are struggling to get clean cuts from your circular cold saw cut off machine, it’s time that you learn the tips on how to maximize its efficiency while ensuring perfect cuts.

3 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of a Circular Cold Saw Cut off Machine

Otherwise, you would be unnecessarily wasting your time, money, and material. Even though fabricators buy machines to ensure an impeccable finish that doesn’t require secondary operations, quickly creating clean cuts is not easy. To be honest, it is challenging especially when you work with different materials. So, here, we have shared some useful tips that will help you maximize the efficiency of your circular cold saw cut off machine. Break-in the blade properly If you don’t do this, you are losing in terms of productivity as well as finish. What Are Flying Cold Saw Cutting and Their Industrial Benefits?: kaikongcn — LiveJournal. About Roll forming: Definition, Mechanism and Benefits. Definition.

About Roll forming: Definition, Mechanism and Benefits

A Guide To Know About a Two Blade Saw. Best Cold cutting machine. Advantages of Using Roll Forming Process Over Other Methods to Produce Certain. Posted by Kaikongcn on July 30th, 2020 Roll forming is considered to be a cost-effective and flexible process used to shape hard metals such as steel and stainless steel into custom cross-section profiles.

Advantages of Using Roll Forming Process Over Other Methods to Produce Certain

With the help of a profile roll forming machine, very precise and complex cross-sections would be created, and long lengths would also be quite consistently reproduced. This process is often known as cold roll forming due to the fact that the metal is shaped when it is in its hardened state. Profile roll forming is known to be used across several types of industries to manufacture parts and components for almost everything, from metal forming in automobiles to airplanes to appliances and houses. For the products which can be roll-formed using this particular process, it tends to offer a wide range of benefits and perks. So, if you are looking to avail the above-mentioned benefits, along with many more, then it is necessary for you to use the roll forming process when producing goods.

Roll Forming and C Forming Machine. Profile Roll Forming Machines and Their History. Best Two blade saw - Beijing Kaikong. Why Should You Invest In a C Purlin Making Machine If Running a Roofing Business. Posted by Kaikongcn on July 8th, 2020 Purlin is a horizontal beam or bar used for structural support in building, most commonly in a roof.

Why Should You Invest In a C Purlin Making Machine If Running a Roofing Business

It is supported either by rafter or the walls of the building. The primary role of the purlin is to support the weight of the roof deck. Without purlin on the rooftop, there will no frame for the sheeting on the roof to rest on. Thus, it is a critical structure of the roof. Purlins are divided into categories based on different materials and shapes. Best High Speed Tube mill cut. Tips For Buying The Best Cold Saw Blade - Kaikongcn - Medium. Whether your business involves cutting metal, pipe or wood, the saw blade is one of the most critical pieces of equipment.

Tips For Buying The Best Cold Saw Blade - Kaikongcn - Medium

When your saw blade becomes less efficient, it costs you both money and time. Best Hydraulic cutting machine. Steps To Follow When Choosing a Laser Tube Cutting Framework For Enhancing Production!!: kaikongcn — LiveJournal. It's difficult to envision accomplishing ideal tube cutting—regardless of whether the workpieces are round, square, rectangular, or hilter kilter fit as a fiddle—without lasers. Laser steel tube cutting machine reformed the procedure of tube cutting, particularly concerning complicated shapes.

Such a machine requires a noteworthy beginning speculation, particularly on the off chance that you are working with enormous cylinder measures and presenting mechanization and other new advances into the production procedure, so you'll have to design cautiously to guarantee that laser tube cutting machine is practical for your organization. At last, you have to consider a few factors before choosing to buy a laser steel tube cutting machine; item configuration, process improvement, cost decrease, and reaction times are among the most basic. 1. Product Features Laser steel tube cutting machine can fit totally new item structures. 2.

Photovoltaic bracket cold bending machine. Best Roll forming machine. The Potential Penefits Of Laser Cutting Machines!! - Kaikongcn - Medium. Most machines are altered according to the production needs and this assists with expanding the production. An intensely created profile cutting machines are prepared to be rough and dependable for a considerable length of time.

The machine can cut any gentle steel and low combination carbon steel plates with the assistance of oxy-fuel. They supplant the conventional hand cutting machines. Moving further, Laser cutting machines have been providing clean and pleasant cuts since long. Best Ultra-thin material cold bending machine. Benefits Of Two Blades Saw Machine. 5 Important Tips For Maintaining Your Cold Saw: kaikongcn — LiveJournal. Tube fabrication is a broad category of industrial processes that manufacturers use to cut and shape pipes. Tube Fabrication covers cutting and sawing processes such as circular, band, friction, and more. Pipe cutting is a large subcategory of tube fabrication. Manufacturers use many techniques and several Tube Forming Machines to create cut pipe products. Cold sawing is one of the most common tube mill cut technique. Cold saw cutting or cold sawing is a cutting method that involves the automated use of a cold saw.

To continue working with the cold saw machines, you need to maintain it properly. Best Profile Milling Saw Machine. Best Roll form Flying Cold Saw Cut Off. Best Flying Cold Saws For Your Industrial Requirement. Best Storage shelf cold bending machine. Difference between the flying cold saw and traditional hot friction saw!! With increasing population and requirements, the manufacturing units are increasing their working speed and trying to produce as many products as possible in the minimum time.

They are changing their working style and are implementing the latest technologies in the units. With the help of the advanced machinery and efficiency of the workers, they are contributing a lot to society. Are you looking for Tube mill cut manufacturer. Potential Benefits of Cold cutting with the cold cutting machine!! Posted by Kaikongcn on April 13th, 2020 Previously, numerous mishaps happened while utilizing hot slicing/ cutting methods to fix different structures like gas pipelines and sewers. Hydrocarbons will, in general, develop in these territories. Best One-shot finished product.

Roll Forming Process and Its Advantages - Kaikongcn's. 4 reasons why Flying cold saw is better than flying saw. Posted by Kaikongcn in Business on March 30th, 2020. Best Flying Cold Saw Cut Off. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HYDRAULIC CUTTING MACHINES - Kaikongcn's. In most of the industrial operations, hydraulic cutting machine used to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. The machines are manufactured for high cutting force around 400,000 lbs / 181 t to apply a high pressure tool on metal bars or iron sheets to remove a specific part of the metal. Best High-speed C-beam machine. Traditional Flying Saw vs. Flying Cold Saw (Which One Is Better?)

Posted by Kaikongcn on March 17th, 2020. Best Kaikong Cold Cut Saws.