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Urban Poetry Urban Poetry Rather than writing down his thoughts in a notebook, like the average person, Robert Montgomery chooses to take a slightly more unconventional approach. The London-based artist hijacks large billboards and back-lit bus stops to share urban poetry with the world around him. Montgomery also builds his own illuminated signs. Clearly, he has a lot to say... Robert Montgomery's website
Before I Die & Candy Chang Before I Die & Candy Chang What is important to you 2011 After Candy Chang lost someone she loved, she went through a long period of grief and depression. With time she felt gratitude for the time they had together and eventually she found clarity in her life by contemplating death so much.
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Saying Images-Amazing Images With Inspired Sayings picture on VisualizeUs
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a.y.- Quotes in beautiful pics ...oO°
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Inspiration Gallery #139 - Various quotations & From up North.
Inspiration Gallery #173 - Various quotations & From up North.
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