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My name is Kahkasha Aman

Smart Home Concept-Follow the Trend For A Better Lifestyle. “Smart Home Concept- Add tech to your house.” We all like, when things happen with our actions, reaction, and voice. It happens rarely in life but it is possible at your house. The smart home concept is in trend nowadays and we all prefer to follow the trend for a better lifestyle. It is a kind of home automation that is convenient, comfortable, and energy efficient. Because it allows you to handle smart devices with your smartphone or with other network devices. You must follow the United kingdom ’s concept of a smart home. Let’s move forward to understand what is a smart home concept 1.

Basically, the smart home term is used to define a house that is full of appliances like TVs, computers, air conditioners, etc that can be controlled remotely from any location by phone or internet connection. However, every aspect of life wherever technology moves in the domestic space like lightbulbs, dishwashers, etc.. are the inspiration for the introduction of a smart home concept. 2. 3. 3.1. 3.2. Top Deaf Colleges & Universities in the World [India, US, UK & Japan] “Education is the most powerful weapon, which can be used to change the world”, said by Nelson Mandela. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures access to this powerful weapon for those 20,000 students attending post-secondary educational institutions in the US per year. Most of the schools & colleges meet the requirements of the law to accommodate the hearing loss. Whereas some excel at this by providing services and meeting the specific needs of the Deaf community.

Below are the Top Deaf Universities in the World for Deaf Students: 1. Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. Type: Private, Co-Ed Accredited: Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Tuition Fees (as per 2015-16): Rs 11,73,141 for undergraduate courses Rs 12,25,825 for graduate courses This is the only university in the world designed to be “barrier-free” for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Nearly 2,000 students enroll at Gallaudet University every year. 2. Tuition Fees (as per 2015-16): Rs 10,88,666 3. 4. 5.