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- Happenstance. Launches $1 Million Integration Fund. We just announced our $1 million MailChimp Integration Fund.

Launches $1 Million Integration Fund

It’s sort of inspired by Ycombinator, except there’s no equity involved. We basically want to help small startups with small, paying projects. Projects that involve integrating their apps with the MailChimp API. Integration Fund. Careers in San Francisco. Vertical Stretch - HTML / CSS answers. You have to do this is javascript. give all divs a different Id, so that you can refer to them indiviually.

Vertical Stretch - HTML / CSS answers

Get the height of the viewable area and minus the div height of the footer to give you the target height. then set the other div to this target height: get/set div heights document.getElementById('your_div_id').style.heigh t for the height of the veiwable area, do search on goolge there are plenty of scripts out there. UI Designer Job at GOOD Worldwide LLC. Home / About / Contact Us / Links / BBH and Spark Ventures Launch The Black Sheep Fund. Author: Adam Arnold, Partner, BBH Today sees the launch of The Black Sheep Fund – which we believe is the first venture capital fund of its kind.

BBH and Spark Ventures Launch The Black Sheep Fund

It is a venture between Zag (BBH’s brand invention business) and Spark Ventures – the London based VCs that backed start up phenomena including, Kobalt Music, and Moshi Monsters. The background is increasingly obvious: There is a dearth of seed funds for start ups. If things feel tighter than they used to be in the States – then it is ten times harder to raise money in Europe right now.

The banks demand personal guarantees for business loans (!) Jobs.