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8 Safety Features In Your Car you Must Know About. 8 Safety Features In Your Car you Must Know About No matter if you are buying a budget car or a luxury one, a new or used, safety is paramount.

8 Safety Features In Your Car you Must Know About

Car manufacturers from across the world are consistently bringing new features and technologies that can add to your safety while driving. Although you may not be able to afford the latest and revolutionary safety features, there are some basic safety features you must know about. A large number of road accidents could be prevented had car owners known about these important safety features in their vehicles. Let’s find out what those standard safety features and what they really do. Air Bags They are a life-saver! Seat Belts The primary role of seat belts is to keep you in position in events like collision or crash. Wear your seat belt such that you can maintain about 10 inch or more distance between your breastbone and the air bag. Head Injury Protection Head Restraints Antilock Brake System (ABS) Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Traction Control. The Risks Of Neglecting Regular Car Servicing : Automotive Inside.

There are mainly two reasons why a large number of motorists out there tempt to skip their routine car service: they are short on money or they are too busy!

The Risks Of Neglecting Regular Car Servicing : Automotive Inside

If you too are thinking to delay taking your car to a local auto shop or have already done that a while ago, you are inviting potential risks involving the safety of you and your vehicle. When you delay oil change: It is extremely important to change engine oil regularly. It helps keep your engine lubricated which further helps reduce friction between different parts of the engine. Read the owner’s manual of your vehicle to find out manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change. When you skip oil replacement, your oil will eventually get contaminated and will form a sludge build-up inside the engine.

A Potential Threat to Safety Cars that aren’t maintained properly are a safety risk to the driver, passengers and other vehicle and people on the road. Things To Know While Replacing Winter Tyres With Summer Tyres. Things To Know While Replacing Winter Tyres With Summer Tyres Love roadtripping?

Things To Know While Replacing Winter Tyres With Summer Tyres

Well, your favourite time of the year has officially started. Important Car Checks For Summer. Summer is just around the corner, and you will be in all your spirits to undertake a summer road trip.

Important Car Checks For Summer

For this, it is important to get your car ready for an adventurous drive, and for this, it is vital for you to get it checked at a garage for all the flaws that it could have to have survived the winter. Naturally, winter has done its task on your vehicle, and it shows. Why Is It Important To Pass A Mot Test In The First Trial? Winter Tyres and Why You Should Choose or Avoid Them. As soon as snow falls start and affects the roads, chaos happens on the roads as drivers try to maintain control over their vehicles in slippery conditions.

Winter Tyres and Why You Should Choose or Avoid Them

There are number of measures taken in various countries one being, where normal tyres give way to winter tyres for the snow season. Winter tyres are common and even compulsory in some countries that suffer from severe weather conditions such as Scandinavian countries. Most UK cars are fitted with summer tyres. They get stiffer as the temperature drops and thus the grip starts to reduce at temperatures below 7°C. But the winter tyres are specially designed to remain supple even in colder temperature and thus maximising traction when driving on snow and ice, thereby dramatically reducing stopping distances.

All You Need To Know About Car Cleaning. All You Need To Know About Car Cleaning Your car needs to be properly taken care of in order to have a longer life and give you the best driving experience.

All You Need To Know About Car Cleaning

But, there are few things and tricks to clean your car in an efficient way. So, we are sharing the best car cleaning tips to you. For Cleaning Exterior To clean a car the first thing to do is to park it in a shady place so as to prevent direct sunlight falling on it and thus avoiding the premature drying of the detergents that will later leave the spots on car body.Make sure that every window and door is closed.Now assemble the cleaning materials such as soap, water bucket, towels nearby and arrange it in terms of usage.Pour the soap into the bucket and dissolve until it gets bubbly. For Cleaning Interior. How to Check Status of Your MOT Service. How to Check Status of Your MOT Service The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is conducted annually in Great Britain.

How to Check Status of Your MOT Service

The test is aimed at vehicles that have been in use for more than three years on roads as defined by 1988’s Road Traffic Act. In order to check for MOT dates and other information related to your vehicle such as its history, you can head online and visit for all the information you need on your vehicle. Nowadays, vehicle information in the UK is not provided in the form of paperwork like the old days, and this method is very convenient for vehicle owners.

Whenever they need to view the vehicle licence and/or other details, they can just use the internet. Why Is It So Important To Maintain Your Car? When you first buy your car, it drives so smoothly.

Why Is It So Important To Maintain Your Car?

But, always it is not going to give the same smooth drive and also it is not going to be the same new one always. It will suffer the wear and tear with the passage of time and will need a service or a reparation. Before Touching The Steering Wheel Prepare Your Car For Frigid Winter Weather. Cars should be maintained according to different seasons if you want to use them to the fullest.

Before Touching The Steering Wheel Prepare Your Car For Frigid Winter Weather

Whenever you get time to try to go through the instructional manual provided by the manufacturer with the car when you buy it. It contains sufficient details on how to maintain the vehicle in its perfect condition for a long time. If you live in such a country wherein you hardly find any concrete difference in the temperature between the summer and winter seasons, you certainly don’t have to be that bothered about maintaining your vehicle for frosty weather conditions. Do You Need To Switch To Winter Tyres? As days get colder, we start wearing winter ensembles such as long coat, boots, hand gloves and woollen hats.

Do You Need To Switch To Winter Tyres?

Winter Car Maintenance Tips – … Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community. Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. LogoA click on the kiwibox Logo brings you back to the startpage. Basics about MOT Disciplinary Process You Need to Know. There is an official government body called ‘the case review team (CRT)’ that handles all disciplinary cases filed against authorized examiners (AE) and Nominated Testers (NT). The CRT team also looks into all complaints they receive from individual motorists.

They usually resolve small issues or flaws by simply giving some guidance. But if major flaws or problems are found during their investigation, it leads to a more official disciplinary action. If You Are Thinking What Kind of Shortcomings Can Lead to a Formal Disciplinary Action, Well Here are They: The 5 Consequences of Skipping Car Servicing. When you have a limited budget and you go on checking the top priority things you will need to invest in, many of us consider delaying the car service. If you are thinking that delaying or skipping car services doesn’t matter and instead help you save some pounds, think again.

Doing more frequently, this practice can only make you pay more in car repair bills. Even worse, it can put your safety at high risk. 7 Sign That Indicates that Your Car Need Suspension Repair. It’s certainly true that ensuring timely servicing and good maintenance to your car have a plenty of benefits. A well-maintained car ensures your safety while driving. It also ensures minimal repair expense, good resale value and comfort ride always. However, there are hundreds of different parts and components in your car that you need to keep eye upon to ensure if they are all in up-to-date condition. And at times, you may struggle to understand what exactly needs to be identified and how. Suspension is one of those many parts of your car that you need to watch over as a part of your routine maintenance checks.

In this post, we have shared some warning signs that indicate your vehicle’s suspension has got problems and needs repair at earliest. Role of Suspension System Simply put, suspension system connects your vehicle body with the wheels. Top 10 Reasons For Car Break Down. Checks You Need to Do Before Taking Your Car to Servicing. Unlike the 80’s and 90’s vehicles, today’s four-wheels have more complex system. The modern cars feature fully automatic transmission system, and auto-diagnosing and computer controlled electronics. Yet the great news is, you can follow those traditional car care rules in today’s time. Know Your Legal Rights For Vehicle Repair & Servicing - Part II. Know Your Legal Rights For Vehicle Repair & Servicing – Part II According to the ‘Sale & supply of goods – your consumer rights’, any vehicle repair or servicing bill from £100 to £30,000 paid by credit card to any garage or service centre is protected by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

5 Hacks to Try If Your Car Doesnt Start. If the car engine starts, don’t immediately turn on other things like the heater, radio and lights as this can cause more load on the battery. Well, if your MOT test is due anytime soon, remember not to pick any MOT station randomly. Know Your Legal Rights for Vehicle Repair and Servicing - Part I. A vehicle is one of the biggest and most important purchases of your lifetime. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance is a key to extending the worthy service lifespan of your vehicle. While most garages across the country ensure quality repairs and servicing, there are some garages that rip off their customers by charging so high for standard repairs or by doing poor quality repairs. Being aware of your legal rights will help you make an informed decision if in any such problem and this will also help you avoid being ripped off.

Most garages in United Kingdom make their customers sign a legal contract when they arrive for vehicle repair or servicing. Signs That Indicates That Your Car Need Service. In Automotive | Published 2016-08-16 02:50:05 | 18 Reads | Unrated. 3 Must-Follow Tips to Drive Safe in Wet Weather - Express Of Walton. All You Need To Know About Vehicle Servicing. The mechanical condition of all parts and components of your vehicle determine its performance while on the road. Regular car servicing and maintenance is a key to smooth and safe ride. How To Find a Right MOT Test Centre. If your car’s MOT is due in some time, it is advisable to start searching for a right MOT centre ahead of time. This is even more important if you have a past experience of receiving a huge repair bill on MOT failure or if you have newly shifted to the city and there is no one you know at your place who can refer you a good garage for MOT test.

Searching a reliable and reputable MOT test centre can be a difficult task for some. Engine Oil and Your Car – What You Need to Know. Engine Sludge – What Is It? Have you heard of the term ‘engine sludge’? Top 10 Car Engine Maintenance Tips. A Complete Maintenance Tips For Your Car Air Conditioning System. Signs That Indicates That It's Perfect Time to Recharge Your Car Air Con. Top 6 Preventive Maintenance Your Car Needs - Express of Walton. Car Air Con Recharge - Air Conditioning Services in Walton On Thames.

Car Welding Specialist in UK. Clutch Replacement Services in UK. A Quick Guide For Book Your MOT Online. Be Ready for Pre-Winter Car Checkup. Interim Car Services at Leading Car Service Station - Express of Walton Ltd. Get the Best Car Servicing in Walton On Thames. Top Car Engine Maintenance Tips. 8 Must-Do Checks To Get Your Car Winter Ready - Express Of Walton. Reasons Why Using Winter Car T… Top 7 Misconception About Car Maintenance. Useful Tips On Conducting MOT Test for the Car. Expert Tips on Car Tyres Maintenance and Increase its Lifecycle. Perfect Guide to Find Right MOT Station.

Top 3 Mistakes Car Owner Makes. An Overview on Benefits One Can have on Regular Car Oil and Filter Check-up. Perfect Tips to Select Right MOT Station. A Complete Steering and Suspension Repair Services. Air Con Recharge Online in Walton. Leading Exhaust Fitting Services in Walton. Professional Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Walton on Thames. Expert Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Services - Express of Walton. A Complete Information Related to MOT Testing Centre. Things to Consider Before Taking Car for MOT Test. Benefits of Timely Car Services. Maintenance Tips for Car Before Planning Summer Road Trip. Car Maintenance Checklist For Summer.

Factors That Need to be Considered While Choosing Car Tyres. Things to Do After MOT Test Failure. Special Offer on Air Con Recharge - Express of Walton. How Full Car Services Can Gives Best Performance. Things One Need to Consider for Air Conditioning Recharge. Factors That Can Increase the Life Span of Your Car Tyres. Infographic By Express Of Walton On Vehicle Maintenance. Certain Facts About Passing MOT Test.

A step by Step Guide to Replace Battery. Winter Driving Safety Tips. How regular Car Maintenance Can be Helpful. A Guide to Select Perfect 4x4 Tyres. Choosing the right tyres for the site. Things to Consider for Avoiding Car Brake Failure. Advantages of Having Regular Car Diagnostic Test. A Guide to Selecting the Right Car Service Package. Why it's Become Complusary to Get Winter Tyres For Your Car. How To Prevent Your Car’s Battery Trouble In Winter. MOT Test - Revising Some Important Facts and Information. Get information on Winter Tyres Features and Benefits.

Winter Car Maintenance at Walton on Thames. Why Purchasing Winter Tyres Makes Sense. Is MOT Same As Regular Car Service? A Quick Guide to Buying New 4x4 Tyres.