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Voronoi Fractal. Need Help?

Voronoi Fractal

Flickr Photo Download: Voronoi Fractal Curated by Michael Paul Young Related PostsMore Posts by This Curator Summary Buamai is an online repository for unique or inspirational found images. Mainly for graphic design and type related material, the collection now encompasses contributions from a worldwide collective of artists, graphic designers, programmers, architects and fashion designers.

Voronoi fractal 2.1. Un livre mélant pop-up & réalité augmentée. Most Interesting and Creative Ideas. Consumers can buy houses for dogs, Barbie dolls, parrots and now even for their webcams.

Most Interesting and Creative Ideas

The paper house is for your personal computer webcam. The small abode is set-up over a webcam built into a computer’s monitor. It’s designed in Japan by architect Ryuji Nakamura. It also has an interior design: small windows, table and chairs to make it more comfy inside. So each webcam picture becomes a piece of art. Most Interesting and Creative Ideas. Most Interesting and Creative Ideas. “Read” We all have hobbies.

Most Interesting and Creative Ideas

We do them after our daily work or studies as a thing we do for joy not for just paying the bills. Some have hobbies we couldn’t even imagine of. Isaac G.