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Deep Surface Membrane Morphologies. Deep Surface Membrane MorphologiesComputational Methods for Generating the Behaviour of Tension-Active Systems Materiality is a critical characteristic in defining an architecture as a system – a system in structural stability, energy modulation, and spatiality.

Deep Surface Membrane Morphologies

It therefore stands that it should be pursued as an initial parameter of the process of design generation. The core of this seminar will look at the use of computation to simulate and visualize fundamental material and physical properties. Masterplan & Train Station. Projects - Studio Lynn, Vienna. P i n u p s p a c e. Analog Generative System archive at works-thoughts. The inaugural project of UCLA’s MArchI program explores the development of generative systems though tectonic assemblies of modular components.

Analog Generative System archive at works-thoughts

Paramount to this process is a differentiation between top-down and bottom up systems. More specifically, emergent formal typologies result from the physical properties of the module and connection variants as opposed to a ‘master plan’ envisioning the result. Tactically, systems may be considered either derivative or generative. In each case, a set of rules renders a specific formal grammar or syntax. Trabajamos para ella ! Update on minimal spanning trees videos are in real-time.use of BOOST c++ template graph libraries within Maya plug-in, towards computing the euclidean minimal spanning tree of a set of points.The boost libraries implements both the Prim and Kruskal algorithm to compute the tree.

trabajamos para ella !

Further, variation of the implementation is available as the Dijkstra shortest route algorithm The lower video shows amateur attempts at implementing the algorithm using in c++ (left), in MEL (left) and a hybrid (middle). The intention was always to achieve real time interaction, for the algorithm is useful towards path/route finding , calculating walking distances in a street network a la google maps etc. Gallery. LEGil Design. Nss. Nl architects. Sabin+Jones LabStudio. Alisa andrasek. Proxy, Architectural Design and Software Development. Main : su11 architecture+design. NSO. Nss.

LED Architecture Studio. Cymatica. Cymatica The Wave Lattice Approach to Synchronized Formal Proportion Thesis Student: Benlloyd Goldstein Advisors: Hernan Diaz-Alonso , Benjamin Bratton.


Mlab. Welcome. LaN / Live Architecture Network. Minimaforms ® architecture + design. Hyperbody. WE-DESIGNS.ORG. AA Visiting School - Houston - Final Review ( ) Kadri Kerge / Wendy W Fok / Jose Aguilar / Ivan Cheung project on "Maribor 2112ai - Urban Stratification" invited for the 13th La Biennale di Venezia, at the Slovenia Pavilion.

Prof Thomas Fischer appoints Urvi Sheth & Wendy W Fok as Editors of International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) for the up-coming Special Edition issue--this issue will also include recent CAADRIA 2012 papers. OCEAN design research network. Supermanoeuvre. AA Emtech. The Living. P i n u p s p a c e.