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Deep Surface Membrane Morphologies « Institute for Computational Design (ICD) Deep Surface Membrane MorphologiesComputational Methods for Generating the Behaviour of Tension-Active Systems Materiality is a critical characteristic in defining an architecture as a system – a system in structural stability, energy modulation, and spatiality. It therefore stands that it should be pursued as an initial parameter of the process of design generation. The core of this seminar will look at the use of computation to simulate and visualize fundamental material and physical properties. Deep Surface Membrane Morphologies « Institute for Computational Design (ICD)
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Analog Generative System archive at works-thoughts Analog Generative System archive at works-thoughts The inaugural project of UCLA’s MArchI program explores the development of generative systems though tectonic assemblies of modular components. Paramount to this process is a differentiation between top-down and bottom up systems. More specifically, emergent formal typologies result from the physical properties of the module and connection variants as opposed to a ‘master plan’ envisioning the result. Tactically, systems may be considered either derivative or generative. In each case, a set of rules renders a specific formal grammar or syntax.
trabajamos para ella ! update on minimal spanning trees videos are in real-time.use of BOOST c++ template graph libraries within Maya plug-in, towards computing the euclidean minimal spanning tree of a set of points.The boost libraries implements both the Prim and Kruskal algorithm to compute the tree. Further, variation of the implementation is available as the Dijkstra shortest route algorithm The lower video shows amateur attempts at implementing the algorithm using in c++ (left), in MEL (left) and a hybrid (middle). The intention was always to achieve real time interaction, for the algorithm is useful towards path/route finding , calculating walking distances in a street network a la google maps etc. trabajamos para ella !
I created this piece entirely in Processing with minimal post production. The algorithm processes a specified set of characters in a number of specified fonts to extract the perceived “brightness” of a character on a blank background. This information is then used to plug the best matching characters into a matrix of sample […] I more stumbled up this than created it outright as I was experimenting with some basic image manipulations in Processing. The actual script is very simple, but the results are quite fascinating if a bit eerie. LEGil Design LEGil Design


Studio Zaha Hadid Vienna workshop June 3, 2013 § I’m pleased to announce that Studio Zaha Hadid Vienna is organizing a two-week, intensive investigation workshop into Parametric Urbanism. Studio Zaha Hadid Vienna workshop will be led by: nss::.
急にお金が必要となったとき、即日融資で30万円を融資してくれるところはあるでしょうか?即日融資だと、10万円など少額融資なら比較的簡単に借りれますが、融資額が高くなって行くにつれて審査はもちろん厳しくなってきます。30万円は即日で借りれるのでしょうか? Sabin+Jones LabStudio Sabin+Jones LabStudio
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Proxy's Stabile Center at the Columbia School of Journalism a collaboration with Marble Fairbanks. We co-evolve design and software to create the next generation of products and places. With creative thinking and precise tools, we are designing spaces, objects and applications that are innovative, human-centric and environmentally responsible. Proxy, Architectural Design and Software Development Proxy, Architectural Design and Software Development
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Cymatica Cymatica Cymatica The Wave Lattice Approach to Synchronized Formal Proportion Thesis Student: Benlloyd Goldstein Advisors: Hernan Diaz-Alonso , Benjamin Bratton
mlab mlab FACADES+Performance Workshops at CCA CCA will be hosting a series of workshops on July 12, 2013 organized as part of the FACADES+Performance conference. The workshops include: RESPONSIVE FACADES (GRASSHOPPER + FIREFLY + ARDUINO) with Jason Kelly Johnson and Rip DeLeon DESIGN SCRIPTING (RHINO3D + PYTHON) with Gil Akos INTRO/INTERMEDIATE GRASSHOPPER with Andrew Kudless HANDS-ON COMPOSITES with Bill Kreysler and ... ACADIA 2012 CALL FOR PAPERS & PROJECTS ACADIA ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE HOSTED BY CCA SAN FRANCISCO October 18-21, 2012 _ San Francisco, California The contemporary city is characterized by highly integrated and interdependent systems. More than ever this complex weave of bits and atoms demands the application of ... FORMATIONS 2011 The only constant in the relationship between design and technology is change.
SoundShapes is an exploration of sculptural objects digitally created based on the patterns produced by a Chladni plates stacked together to create intricate beautiful pieces allowing the spectator to experience visually the beauty of sound. In the body, a synapse allows electrical and chemical signals to pass between cells. The synapse permits the stream of data and information to flow through our nervous system. In this tutorial you will learn how can you create shell-like surfaces made of planar hexagons using Kangaroo´s Planrization Forces. The AA Rome Visiting School-10 day workshop encourages the observation of material elements and their use in the design of architecture featuring subconscious experiences, spatial voids and virtual communities.

"Grasshopper is not a simple software, however it’s not impossible to learn and even to excel at it if you are to be introduced to it properly. Last year I had attended the LAN course and it was extremely beneficial to my understanding to the software. At the time I knew few basic principles and did not know how to use Rhino either. Today I use Rhino and Grasshopper extensively in my design process at work .

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WE-DESIGNS.ORG AA Visiting School - Houston - Final Review ( ) Kadri Kerge / Wendy W Fok / Jose Aguilar / Ivan Cheung project on "Maribor 2112ai - Urban Stratification" invited for the 13th La Biennale di Venezia, at the Slovenia Pavilion. Prof Thomas Fischer appoints Urvi Sheth & Wendy W Fok as Editors of International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) for the up-coming Special Edition issue--this issue will also include recent CAADRIA 2012 papers.
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