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I wrote these scripts for testing the use of distance value from a group of object to one attractor to define the scale of objects themselves, color shade and material color. It's just for fun and for exercise with VBrhinoscript. Download attractor.rvb Option Explicit rh_Object scale, shade color and material from an attractor point rh_Object scale, shade color and material from an attractor point
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example 02 The process already described is employed in the design of a specific project: a transportation node + shopping mall downtown St. Louis. The ‘node’ connects two metro stations and the train station and at the same time hosts a shopping mall. The building is developed in analogy to the human body: organs/bones/skin. The organs become the enclosed spaces, the bones the structural system and the skin an outer membrane that wraps the other two. The project is employing the latest building technology with a fiber-carbon structure and ETFE pillows for the outer skin. example 02
Jonathan Tucker « ArchPin^Up Jonathan Tucker Little Tokyo Boutique Hotel and Theater After our midterm review, our project’s focus revolved around the facade system and its potential to dissolve the building corner and overall massing, such that no distinct elevations could legibly be distinguished from one another, but instead to create an overall effect of a hazy, ethereal, eroding mass. Recessed figures sweep around corners to erase the edge and create a continuous, soft wrap. Jonathan Tucker « ArchPin^Up
Studio Digital Architectural Tools:Towards New Architectural Form and Tectonics Synopsis : MAG LAB were invited by Dr.Alberto ,T Estevez the founder and Prime director of “ESARQ” Universitat internacional de Catalunya director of PHD and Master Programs of Genetic-Biodigital Architecture,to do studio in Biodigital Architecture Master of 2009,under the titled of “ studio Information Systems-Digital Architectural Tools Towards New Architetural Forms And Tectonic “The studio commenced in 2nd February and was held by Professor Aref Maksoud the manager of MAG LAB a part of the Maksoud Architectural Group. The main focus of the studio was the information that could Be obtained from living nature as most Biological systems And how we could learn from connections and transitions Between systems and sub-systems of biological entities.Such a study could also benefit the understanding Self-organization as a dynamic and adaptive process Through which systems can be achieved without external Control. Studio Digital Architectural Tools:Towards New Architectural Form and Tectonics
There's been a few private and public discussions about Parametric IFC and IFC for Content. As a prelude refer to and perhaps we need a twitter hash tag? Manufacturers and suppliers are caught in a difficult situation at the moment about generating BIM data and leveraging the best value (and success) in doing so. There is obviously a cost in preparation and there is little choice at the moment but to either generate pick which BIM software that native content can be created for or generate IFC as neutral data. Budget, time and expertise constraints make it highly unlikely anyone will author native content for all BIM software (and is a lot of duplicated effort). Current BIM software capability with IFC is presently leads to a lot of frustration and poor performance, but I don't think it has to be that way and will try to convey that with this blog post.

Geometry Gym

Geometry Gym
Content Architectural design pipelines are quickly becoming varied and complex. They span conceptual studies through to detail design, along complex trajectories. The workshop will focus on this fertile ground with exercises exploring connections between architecture, new media and fabrication. The aim will be to provide the programming and conceptual framework for more advanced digital methods within collaborative architectural design. The workshop will specifically focus on scripting within the process of interoperability through various stages of architectural design from concept sketches to downstream production. AA visiting school , Bangalore 2011 AA visiting school , Bangalore 2011
The architectural domain seems increasingly interested in investigating novel strategies and processes from design to final materialization. Especially the advent of an empirical aptitude is setting the basis for the replacement of exhausted rationalistic design approaches and already acquainted processes of metaphorization. The research in Performative Design Processes for Architecture targets a non-linear and holistic approach to architectural design while stressing the necessity for an interdisciplinary aptitude. [ research files ] [ research files ]
The Proving Ground by Nathan Miller

The Proving Ground by Nathan Miller

Cool stuff continues to develop for my plug-ins LunchBox and Slingshot!... Be sure you are checking the GitHub site and the Dynamo package manager to test out the latest builds and nodes. Slingshot! (for Grasshopper) Updates continue to trickle into the Slingshot!
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We are working on an installation called CHROMAtex that is set to open at the Bridge Gallery on August 26th. The piece is comprised of over 4400 separate colorful panels. It is being made possible by all of our kind and generous friends who have donated to our Kickstarter page… Follow along, watch for updates and donate if you feel like it! **SOFTlab | LAB** **SOFTlab | LAB**
Experiments | Giulio Piacentino
Architecture Architecture In this tutorial you will learn how can you create shell-like surfaces made of planar hexagons using Kangaroo´s Planrization Forces. is an installationby SOFTlab for the bridgegallery ,the project was funded by offering a small ownership of the installation in exchange for a small donation. Continuing with the experimentation and research of the honeycomb morphologies and as a example for a Workshop I gave recently I . . . A Grasshopper definition that creates a boxes over surfaces for populating components in a diagrid patern.
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FABRICATION: Gernot Riether’s translucent plastic pavilion » The project was selected for realisation at an annual AIA call of entries that asked for interventions to bring to life the historic city of New Orleans. Gernot Riether’s project suggests a series of pavilions sited within usually hidden, often private courtyards. CROSS FABRICATED SCALES
The big contestants for the trophy at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil are relatively certain now and with that in mind the time has come to take a look at the FIFA World Cup Odds on offer by the various established bookies and to contemplate some good early bets. The third main favourite for the World Winner is Argentina; whose earn provides odds of six. Then follows the team of Germany with 9, 19 is the coefficient for ultimate victory of the Netherlands and 21 for England. rhinoscripting playground