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Sans titre. Joni Mitchell: Her Art and Life in 33 Songs. Joni Mitchell Shifts the Weather When Joni Mitchell first appears in Martin Scorsese’s 1976 concert film The Last Waltz, she’s in silhouette offstage, adding vocals to Neil Young’s “Helpless.” Young stands in the spotlight with the Band’s Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko; grinning like fools, they look like they’re in on some off-topic joke. Mitchell, on the other hand, is serious, listening intently. Her features are obscured in shadow, the clean lines of her long neck and strong chin reinforcing the posture that always makes her seem to be bound skyward, like an egret. Like Young, Mitchell grew up in a chilly part of Canada, and the stark dreaminess of “Helpless,” its evocation of a place where creativity grows from lonely ground, is hers, too.

When Mitchell enters the song with her high, nearly wild yet perfectly modulated wail, it doesn’t blend; instead, her voice hits the others like a weather event, an intangible and irresistible current. Trending Now. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: A Conversation With Lana. If you’re happier these days, what do you think when you hear an old lyric from an old record, like, “He hit me and it felt like a kiss,” from “Ultraviolence”? I don’t like it. I don’t. I don’t sing it. I sing “Ultraviolence” but I don’t sing that line anymore. Having someone be aggressive in a relationship was the only relationship I knew. I’m not going to say that that [lyric] was 100 percent true, but I do feel comfortable saying what I was used to was a difficult, tumultuous relationship, and it wasn’t because of me. It didn’t come from my end. Now you want to present a different face to the world on Lust for Life? No. Do you think you romanticize danger in your music?

No. But, even with some new perspectives, Lust for Life is still very melancholy at moments. Yeah. After the release of Born to Die, you faced a lot of criticism, partly around the issue of whether you were or were not authentic. Of course. Did you ever feel like the criticism had a misogynistic bent? No. No, I wasn’t. Please, Listen to Everything CupcakKe Is Saying - DJBooth. “And most people already skipped this song 'cause it ain't about sex and killin'” —CupcakKe, “Self Interview” Let's call this one the misreporting of CupcakKe, the Chicago rapper being undersold by the press. If you google CupcakKe, the leading results produce a bevy of descriptions along the lines of “sex-positive,” “lewd,” “outrageously sexual,” and the like. These words are attached to esteemed articles that go on to celebrate CupcakKe for all that she’s worth, labeling her a fearless visionary.

Yet, her visionary status comes second to her sexuality. The problem facing CupcakKe is not that she is explicit and unabashed, but rather that we are taking to seeing her as exclusively explicit and brash. This is not simply my fear for CupcakKe; this is a fear she holds close to the chest and explores on Ephorize’s “Self Interview.” The Guardian falls victim to floundering to find as many ways as possible to call CupcakKe’s music sexy. Dub Archaeology de Twin Records sur Beatport. Cover Story: Janelle Monae on Prince, New LP, Her Sexuality. Tori Amos' Secret Garden. Tori Amos: 'Menopause is the hardest teacher I've met. Harder than fame' | Music. A gargantuan truck fills the driveway of Tori Amos’s Cornwall home. The surrounding countryside is tranquil – verdant hills, stone farm buildings, golden crops swaying in the late August sun – but a throng of activity greets us at the home/recording studio Amos shares with her producer husband, Mark Hawley.

The van and attending crew, she says, curled up on the sofa in her library, are here to collect one of her beloved Bösendorfer pianos for an impending European tour. “She’s being put in her case,” explains Amos. “Hopefully with a nice blanket.” Amos was raised in Maryland, a Led Zeppelin-loving daughter of a minister, and self-taught pianist who would jilt both church and conservatoire to forge her own sound in the 90s: wildly original, taboo-busting piano pop. Native Invader, released this week, is Amos’s 15th studio album, some 25 years on from her solo debut Little Earthquakes. Lineage and land, then, are dovetailing influences on this album. . … we have a small favour to ask. Lana Del Rey: 'I wish I was dead already' | Music. "I wish I was dead already," Lana Del Rey says, catching me off guard.

She has been talking about the heroes she and her boyfriend share – Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain among them – when I point out that what links them is death and ask if she sees an early death as glamorous. "I don't know. Ummm, yeah. " And then the death wish. Don't say that, I say instinctively. "But I do. " You don't! "I do! Do what? "Everything. We're in New Orleans, a city not known for peace and quiet.

And yet when we move outside to sit on her balcony, the scene is transformed into complete calm. "Family members will come on the road with me and say: 'Wow, your life is just like a movie! '" Throughout our hour-long conversation she keeps returning to dark themes. Perhaps the logical place to start, then, is with the extraordinary reaction to Video Games, her breakthrough song in 2011. I ask how long she got to enjoy the success of Video Games before the backlash arrived and she looks surprised. "OK," she concedes. Tori Amos: 'Anything is easier to talk about in music than in conversation' | Music. You've composed the music for a new musical, The Light Princess, at the National Theatre. It was supposed to have been delivered in 2011. Has it been a troubled process? It's been great, are you kidding? The princess floats around the stage: that took time to work out.

Nick Hytner [director of the National Theatre] said to me: "The hardest form to achieve on stage is a good musical. Where did the plot come from? You grew up in Maryland where your dad was a pastor: it sounds very religious.There was a certain way to behave in the 1960s in a minister's family. Your 13 albums have sold 12m copies and you're an the eight-time Grammy-nominated musician. You've sung about being raped, marriage and motherhood.

Why were you pictured breastfeeding a piglet on your album, Boys For Pele? You married English sound engineer Mark Hawley in 1998 and have a 13-year-old daughter, Natashya. What does she want to do? You have homes in Ireland, Florida and Cornwall… The house in Cornwall is Mark's. Rapper cupcakKe is storming hip-hop’s male-controlled bastion - Livemint. “Taylor Swift, Rising”2003-2009 | The Pop History Dig. Taylor Swift at age 19, on October 22, 2008 cover of ‘Billboard’ music magazine, with a tag line below her name that reads: ‘Country’s Teen Queen Takes Her Music Global.’ Taylor Swift was a freshman sitting in her high school math class in Hendersonville, Tennessee when she began writing her first hit song. She was 14 years old. Within three years of that moment, her net worth began building to the tune of tens-of-millions-of-dollars. After her first headlining concert tours in 2009 and 2010, she became a top star, generating corporate-level revenue.

Initially a rising star in country music, Taylor Swift employed an array of talents to boost her career. She was a songwriter, a savvy user of social media, a budding actress, a video editor, a dress designer, a poetry lover, and more. Her first hit song — the one penned in high school — was titled “Tim McGraw.” CD cover photo of Taylor Swift’s first single, ‘Tim McGraw.’ Music, Roots & Rhyme Young Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea, 1997. All. Cover Story: The Reinvention of Taylor Swift - Rolling Stone. Kesha Shares The Stories Behind Every Song On 'Rainbow' : All Songs Considered. Kesha is back after five years with Rainbow, released Aug. 11. Olivia Bee/Courtesy of the artist hide caption toggle caption Olivia Bee/Courtesy of the artist In talking about her new album, Rainbow, Kesha describes making the impossible possible with boundless optimism — like ending up with collaborators from her "wildest of dreams," from the kinds of secret aspirations you're too scared to say aloud.

Of course, it's a little disingenuous to see Rainbow (which was released Friday) only in the light of dreams come true. "This whole album, for me, really is a healing album," she says. When we asked Kesha to take us through Rainbow track by track, it was clear she didn't want to rehash the deeply personal issues that have plagued her over the last few years.

"Bastards" "Bastards" is a song that I wrote by myself on a guitar at about 4 in the morning. "Let 'Em Talk" "Let 'Em Talk" is one of my favorite songs on the album. "Woman" "Woman" is another of my favorite songs. "Hymn" "Praying" "Boots"

Vigier Del Ray Clean Final 18 nov 123. Pretty When You Cry. A few months ago, an unfamiliar man working in my office came up to me and said, "Why don't you give us a smile, honey? " What I gave him instead was a confused look, followed by a belated, radioactive death-scowl directed at the back of his head as he silently walked by a few of my male colleagues on his way to the door. No one's default facial expression is a smile when staring at a computer screen; anyone who has ever opened PhotoBooth by accident and been unexpectedly greeted with their cow-eyed "I am on the internet" face knows this to be true. But, as the unimaginative cat-caller’s refrain of smile for me, baby too frequently reminds us, society would still prefer women to lacquer on a happy face.

Well into the 21st century—in the professional sphere as on the street—too many people expect women to be warmly smiling Stepford Wives emanating sunbeams from their every pore. If you’re not happy, at least learn how to fake it. Listening to her was liberating. Lana Del Rey Talks 'Lust For Life', Avoiding Cultural Appropriation, And Getting Political. For six years now Lana Del Rey has attracted and foiled critics with pop music that does not sound like any of her peers. The mild, smoky voice, the judicious use of rap production, the juxtaposition of classic American images and sounds with hyper-contemporary, crass language, from these elements Lana makes music that feels at once familiar and strange.

Lust for Life is her most ambitious album yet, and as Lana explains in her third Complex cover appearance, it emerged from a period of self-examination that, when it ended, left her "looking at everything else" the world has to offer. Hopeful and questioning, the album engages with the tumultuous and oftentimes terrifying politics of 2017 on songs like "God Bless America—And All the Beautiful Women in It" and "When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing. " Elsewhere, this more expansive worldview means features from artists like Stevie Nicks, Playboi Carti, Sean Ono Lennon, and ASAP Rocky. On the train? Was he trying to talk to you? Beyoncé et le trou noir de la pop. Anti de Rihanna, The Life of Pablo de Kanye, et Lemonade de Beyoncé, les trois derniers mastodontes de la pop black US, ont au moins un point commun : ils génèrent un très haut niveau de bavardage, mais on s'intéresse finalement très peu au détail de la musique qui les compose, même dans la presse musicale.

Blabla sur les nichons de Riri plutôt que les compos d'Anti, sur les frasques psychiatriques de Kanye plutôt que les instrus ratées de Pablo, sur la portée sociale et identitaire de Beyoncé plutôt que l'avant-gardisme de Formation. La musique, sa composition, sa production, les sons eux-mêmes, ont cessé de faire l'événement. Il y a là assurément un mouvement de fond post-peer2peer et post-streaming : la mise à disposition gratuite et illimitée du catalogue musical mondial a non seulement démonétisé la musique, mais elle l'a aussi banalisée.

Ça s'annonçait fou, donc. Et il y a deux jours, Bey droppe son album visuel avec gros teaser d'une heure sur HBO. TOP 10 SYNTHWAVE ALBUMS OF 2015 TOP 10 SYNTHWAVE ALBUMS OF 2015— NewRetroWave | Stay Retro! | Live The 80's Dream! I’ve never felt the need to spell it out so far in my reviews, but I belong to the school of thought that music reviews are inescapably both objective and personal affairs. And nowhere has this been proven better so far than with this summer’s Timecop1983 LP. Released right around the time my grandma died and during my summer holiday in Barcelona, it served as a perfect backdrop to the sun-bathed emotional rollercoaster that played out that month. Sorry (not sorry) guys – I can no longer see this as just another synthwave release, it’s too interwoven with the fabric of my life. If pressed I would have to say the following about it though: · Perfect blend of instrumentals and sweeping vocal tracks · All the vocalists are unique in their own way and bring out a different tonality to Timecop’s consistently superb instrumentals · Full of heady summer anthems both uplifting and melancholic that touch your inner core if you let them · Let’s Talk feat.

Adele interview: world exclusive first interview in three years. When she was ten-years-old, Adele's granddad died. She was devastated. "I loved him so much, more than the world. " As well as her own grief, she sensed the depth of loss felt by her grandmother. "My grampy and my nana had always been my ideal relationship - ideal friendship, companionship, everything. Even though I'm sure there's loads of shit I don't know about, as their granddaughter it was bliss, just heaven. A decade after the death of her gramps, Adele returned home to London from LA where she had been recording with the producer Dan Wilson for the follow-up to her debut album, 19. The tropes of Gwyneth Paltrow's 1998 what if comedy-drama are something of a theme found on Adele's new album, 25. Related: Watch Adele's Video for her first new song in three years. 25 will possibly be interpreted by critics as a rumination on fame and fortune, but that doesn't seem either accurate, or fair.

WATCH: Lionel Richie get curved by Adele She plays eight tracks in total. @adele. Honeymoon. DRIVE Radio - Back To The 80's - Synthwave, RetroWave, Vaporwave, Bandcamp. NewRetroWave. Comment la bande originale de « Star Wars » s’est inspirée de la musique romantique | Les trésors de la TNT. A l'occasion de la rediffusion, mardi 2 décembre sur W9, de L'Empire contre-attaque, rendons hommage à John Williams, le mythique compositeur de la saga Star Wars, de George Lucas.

“La première fois que j'ai vu Star Wars sur écran, la bande originale comportait encore le Boléro de Ravel.” C’est comme ça qu’Anthony Daniels, qui interprète C3PO à l'écran, se rappelle de la première projection privée du premier épisode de Star Wars. Pendant de longues années, George Lucas désirait en effet mettre en musique son film avec des extraits de musique classique, comme l’avait fait Stanley Kubrick auparavant dans 2001, l'odyssée de l’espace.

Quand il décide plutôt de se pencher vers de la musique originale, c’est son ami de longue date, Steven Spielberg, qui lui conseille d’engager John Williams, après sa partition très réussie des Dents de la mer. L’influence de Wagner Dans Star Wars, les personnages importants comme Luke, Yoda, la princesse Leia ou même la Force possèdent tous leur propre thème : La Chanson française depuis mai 1968 | Jacques Béreaud. LAPLUPART DES LTUDES RECENTES consacrées à la chanson française s'effor- cent d'en dégager des applications pédagogiques. Les remarques qui suivent ont un autre but: elles visent à présenter un certain nombre d'artistes contemporains et à brosser, à travers eux, un bref tableau de l'évolution de la sensibilité des Français et des Françaises durant les vingt dernières années. Les titres mêmes des rubriques consacrées à la chanson dans le ]ournal de l'Année, aux éditions Larousse, révèlent un changement profond qui intervient dans les années 1970.

En 1970-71, le problème est posé "Les vétérans restent des valeurs sûres". En 1973-74 on titre sur "la relève". En 1978-79, c'est "Les femmes occupent le devant de la scène". Finalement, en 1981, nous relevons cette conclusion "La chanson née après la dernière guerre passe pour de bon la main à celle de l'après -mai 1968". Que s'est-il passé exactement? Maxime Le Forestier admire Brassens, dont il garde la guitare comme accompagnement sur scène. Ray of Light. Lana Del Rey Discussed Feminism and a Mystery Illness that Afflicted Her in a Recent Interview. Jane Birkin : "Serge Gainsbourg était un provocateur avec une âme follement romantique" Readers' Poll: The Best Clash Songs Pictures. Noisuf-X - Orgasm. Aude Henneville- 2013. 21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos. Tata, goudou et Dalida. Les playlists de Monsieur Trop Doux. Deux hommes et un dieu-février 2013. Perpetuum mobile-mars 2013. Plateforme n°1 de musique libre. Téléchargement gratuit et légal pour usage privé - Licences pour usage commercial. Plus de 55.000 albums d'artistes originaux.

Radio Vinyl 2.0 | Actualités. O Vos Omnes - Gesualdo. Gubaidulina - Musical Toys [2/2].wmv. Arnold Schönberg : Verklärte Nacht {1/3} Janes Addiction - Jane Says (live)