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The atmosphere at Kabeyun encourages the growth of each boy's self-awareness and confidence in the context of community living. They also expose their more creative activities like woodworking, pottery, music, drama & many more.

The best! - THE BLOG OF THE WEST WIND. Summer time activities for boys ages 7-16 can range anywhere from sleeping past noon and video game marathons to playing around the neighborhood from dawn 'til dusk, though you never quite know where they are or if they're safe.


At Camp Kabeyun, we solve these problems and then some. Camp Kabeyun is located on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee and has been among the best boys summer camps in New England since 1924. Our pristine facilities allow boys of varying ages and interests to grow and explore each day in ways that encourage them to be themselves, while providing opportunities to pursue options they may have never considered before. Camp counselors provide a safe learning environment for the boys, whether they're new to a skill or seeking to perfect it.

Best Summer Camps In New England - A Basic Guide To Choosing The Best One. The importance of summer camps and outdoor activities can never be overstated.

Best Summer Camps In New England - A Basic Guide To Choosing The Best One

It’s more like a tradition that has been going in for generations - the parents themselves went for summer camps when they were children and now, their little boy will go to one too. These experiences are more than just extra-curricular activities - these are character building experiences that play a major role in shaping the personality of kids.

So if you are looking for the best summer camps New England has to offer so that you can enroll your child there for a world of learning and new experiences, here is a basic guide that will help you in making the right choice. Length of the camp The first important factor to consider is the length of the boy’s summer camp that will be best suited for your child. Why Summer Camps Is The Thing Your Kids Need. What Is A Boys Summer Camp?

Why Summer Camps Is The Thing Your Kids Need

It is a supervised program for teenage boys conducted during the mid-year months. Kabeyun provides Summer Camps for Boys in New England. Boys Summer Camps In New Hampshire – Kabeyun. Why attending summer camp is great for children? Join us for free and read amazing contents on elCurator.

Why attending summer camp is great for children?

Get wind of our features. Already registered? Sign in. Go Camping, Boys! As soon as the exams are over and the New England is about to feel the heat, the young boys in every school become highly restless and want to spend his summer vacations camping.

Go Camping, Boys!

Seems legit! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little break after a yearlong of the tests, assignment submissions? The Best Summer For Boys – Kabeyun. Organizing Summer Camps for Boys in New England – Kabeyun. Rejuvenating Summer Camp For Boys In England. Our lifestyles have become so complex and fast that we are always rushing to be on time for our daily commitments.

Rejuvenating Summer Camp For Boys In England

Whether it is our professional life or our family engagements, it always becomes difficult to manage them effectively. Even children these days have become so busy that it becomes troublesome for the parents to even spend some quality time with their kids not because they themselves are not able to take out time from hectic schedules but because the kids are stuck up with their schools, coaching classes and other various activities. Moreover, even when they are busy they can always be found with their gadgets in a corner doing practically nothing for hours at a stretch.

This leads to lack of physical exercise among kids and their reduced interaction with the outer world. Organizing Summer Camps for Boys in New England - Kabeyun. Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp For Your Child. Finding the best summer camp in New England can be pretty strenuous.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp For Your Child

Navigating through a world of variety of summer camps for boys and girls is truly a pain, whether you are the one going, or are looking for your kids to do something this summer. After all, summer camps are a lot more than s'mores and sing-alongs: they are the source of lifelong memories and skills. Here’s what you should look for while choosing the best summer camp for Boys in New England. • Discuss about Expectations Before beginning your research, discuss the idea of a camp with your child. . • Decide on Type of Camp (Day or Overnight) While day camp is a great way to keep your kids active and is the best choice if your child is just warming up to camp, overnight camps are most suitable for kids typically of the age of 7, who have experienced the local camp and are looking for new adventures. . • Mull over the camp's focus • Cost.

The Best Summer Camp in New England - Kabeyun. Summer Camps for Boys in New England - Kabeyun. Summer camps, it is more than fun and sing-along! Especially for boys, summer camps need to be sporty and dandy.

Summer camps, it is more than fun and sing-along!

These summer camps create lifelong memories and skills. Even before I had kids, I had decided one thing: that my kids will go to summer camp. I had spent literally decades of my life as a camper, staffer and director at my own sleep away camp. Boys Summer Camps In New England - Kabeyun. Best Boys Summer Camp By Kabeyun. Learn Life Skills Through Summer Camps. Summers mean time for Camps! Are you ready? One of the best things about summers is that you get to go for camps.

Summers mean time for Camps! Are you ready?

Summer camps are very different from schools and they offer a unique experience, which is why every parent should consider sending their kids for such organized activities. These are some of the fondest things people remember about the summer camps they attended, which will definitely make you consider them for your kids.

Boy’s summer camp is full of adventurous activities and sports, which acts as a good training ground for future. While for girls the camp may not be so physically active, running, swimming and other games keep them involved in some pursuit that helps build a strong body. Summer Camps In New England - Kabeyun. Boy’s Summer Camp In New Hampshire. Summer Camps Are More Than Just Fun. Summers are a time of holiday and enjoyment for all school going kids.

Summer Camps Are More Than Just Fun

With the onset of vacations, children start bubbling up with all sorts of plans filled with fun and adventure. Most parents who want their children to experience real adventure and enjoy their leisure time, send their children to New Hampshire summer camps. Among the days and nights of swimming lessons, woodland hikes and campfires, kids at summer camp learn many lessons of life, some of which last for a lifetime. Kids learn the importance of independence along with gaining lifelong friends and many treasured memories.

Independence. Summer Camps in New Hampshire - Kabeyun. The Best Summer Camp in New England - Kabeyun. The Best Summer Camp in New England Kabeyun offers a unique environment for boys, designed especially for those in search of opportunities to explore new and challenging experiences, develop new skills, and discover their individual capacity to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Since 1924, Kabeyun has created unforgettable summer camp experiences for boys on New Hampshire's largest body of water, Lake Winnipesaukee, nestled in the heart of New England. The Kabeyun Program Our program is designed to foster independent growth, as well as the ability to live and thrive as part of a real community.

Each day, boys choose from a range of activities – from technical past-times such as rock climbing and white water kayaking, to more creative pursuits like music, photography, dramatics, and pottery. The Camp The level of supported independence offered by Kabeyun helps campers develop within themselves a sense of self-awareness and responsibility. Summer Camps for Boys in New England by Kabeyun. The ideal way to learn about Kabeyun is to come for a tour, especially if you can visit when camp is in session, when boys are in the flow of daily life. If you live within a couple of hours from New Hampshire and would like a personal visit from the director during the off-season, please contact us! It's a great way to get a more personal sense of who we are. Short of that, the About Camp pages will give you the next best thing - a virtual tour covering the ins and outs of our program, the Kabeyun program philosophy, and little nuggets that convey our attention to every detail.

The content you find here comes from the same message we give prospective parents and campers when we have the opportunity to take a walking tour of camp. On those occasions, we wander the campus, describing a typical day, out-of-camp trips, special events, and more. If you have questions that aren't covered here, head over to either the Common Questions or the Director's Blog, or use our Contact form. Summer Camp In New Hampshire - Kabeyun. Kabeyun is located on 85 acres at the south end of New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee, with nearly a mile of shorefront and two large sandy coves with beaches. Boys live in screened-in cabins, positioned along the shoreline and connected by wooded paths. Other buildings include four lavatories, all with flush toilets and two with hot showers; the dining hall and kitchen; the lodge with its stage for theatrics, pianos, ping-pong tables, and other games; the "jam shack" with keyboard and drum kit; the infirmary; the office with camp store; the photography building equipped for developing and printing; an archery range; the camp library with a varied selection of books; the woodworking shop with hand and power tools; and well-equipped leatherworking and pottery shops.

In addition to the Winnipesaukee property we also own a small piece of wilderness on the Swift River in the White Mountains. New Hampshire Boys Summer Camps Activities at Kabeyun. Kabeyun's program has three main emphases, with a strong instructional focus in all areas: Individual challenge sports Creative arts Adventure trips In four weeks - the minimum amount of time a boy is at Kabeyun - boys have a chance to explore new interests and to delve more deeply into activities they learn to love. Every summer we see lifelong passions begin to develop as boys set goals, work through skill sets, complete projects of their own design, and complete back country challenges.

Because he is in charge of his daily plan, each boy determines the timing and the pace of his exploration. Our activity menu is designed to give each boy opportunities for success in areas where he may not have imagined venturing; and to vary each day according to his readiness for learning. Choosing Activities As breakfast and lunch wrap up in the dining hall, the bell rings and we review the activity choices they have for the upcoming two periods. Boys Summer Camps In New Hampshire - Kabeyun.

Trips are a big part of the Kabeyun program – every day, as many as 30 or even 40 campers are out of camp, off on adventures. Our trips focus on wilderness and backcountry exploration and wilderness skills. Like all of the daily activities, trips are available to any boy who chooses to go. On Sundays, the trips for the week are presented and explained, and boys sign up (with guidance) for trips appropriate to their ability. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced trips ranging from day and half-day outings to three, and even four and five day expeditions.

Overnight Camps In New England by Kabeyun. Gifts of the Kabeyun Program Kabeyun offers boys the chance to explore a wide variety of activities not typically available to them during the rest of their year. Through our completely elective program, campers choose daily from over 20 activities, including high adventure sports like white water kayaking and canoeing, rock climbing and hiking, sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing.

We also expose our campers to more creative activities like woodworking, pottery, music, drama, and traditional camp activities like archery, ropes course, swimming, and fishing. The atmosphere at Kabeyun encourages the growth of each boy's self-awareness and confidence in the context of community living. We work hard to balance attention to individual growth with the cultivation of a boy's sense of belonging within the group, whether in the cabin with his peers, on a trip, or at an all-camp assembly. New England Summer Camps For Boys - Kabeyun.