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Social Studies

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Government. U.S. History. World History. Civics. 4Teachers : Sites of the Week. Go back to site of the week archive index Social Studies Central ( this site to find social studies lesson plans, virtual field trips, interactive online resources, weekly tips, links to standards, and assessment advice.

4Teachers : Sites of the Week

Learn new strategies to enhance your social studies lessons and much more! Classroom Clues ( CLUEs (Childrens Literature for Understanding Economics) is an online, searchable database of childrens books and lessons useful for teaching basic economics to K-6 grade students. It is a program of the Center for Economic Education at the University of Kansas( Geographic Maps: Tools for Adventure ( site contains online map games, lesson plans, and map activities for K-12.

The lessons and activities are aligned with national standards and the site was created by National Geographic and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 13 Good Resources for Social Studies Teachers. I recently met an old colleague of mine for breakfast.

13 Good Resources for Social Studies Teachers

Steve and I team taught a course together for a couple of years before he retired a few years ago. During our conversation he said to me, "Richard, what I knew you were good at was finding things our students liked. " Coming from Steve, whose opinions I hold in high regards, took that as a compliment and as a reminder that I haven't published a good list for fellow social studies teachers in quite a while. Therefore, this evening I sat down and combed through my archives to pick what I think are some off the better free resources for social studies teachers and students. Museum Box is a great tool for creating virtual displays of artifacts that you find online. Mission U.S. offers two interactive journeys through two important eras in U.S. Hip Hughes History is a fantastic YouTube channel that I promoted a few times in 2012. Meograph is a digital storytelling tool that I featured a couple of times in 2012.

Social Sciences. 10 Excellent Free Social Studies Resources for Teachers and Students. 1- National Council for The Social Studies This is a great website for teachers and students.

10 Excellent Free Social Studies Resources for Teachers and Students

It provides free resources relating to everything about social studies. 2- World History World History is a powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools. 3- PBS Teachers Social Studies This is a web page that has great links to social studies resources organized into grade-subject categories. 4- Social Studies Theme Units This is a section provided by Edhelper and which offers great activities and projects all geared towards a better understanding of this subject area. 5- EDSITEment. Social Studies Web Sites for Teachers. Go Back: Virtual Middle School Library Home / Resources for Teachers and Parents Menu / Social Studies Social Studies Menu: General Sites | Current Events | Geography | Government | History - General | History - United States | History - Pennsylvania | History - World General Sites The National Council for the Social Studies - Standards, teaching resources (internet, print and videos), and links to social studies web sites.

Social Studies Web Sites for Teachers

World History for Us All - a curriculum for teaching world history to middle and high school students. This is project of San Diego State Unversity and involves the collaboration of K-12 teachers and university instructors Social Science Lesson Plans - From Education World. Current Events CNN Students News - Resources for both students and teachers. Up to Top. Social Studies. 101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class.


101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class

The Library of Congress is a great source to find historical documents, photos, art, maps, audio and video, artifacts and other items. The American Memory section organizes items based on topics, time periods and places of American history. The World Digital Library, a cooperative project with UNESCO, includes rare documents from around the world. 2.) The National Archives and Records Administration has a massive collection of material on U.S. history that can sometimes be overwhelming to search through. 3.) 3.1) EDSITEment "offers a treasure trove for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality material on the Internet in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies. " All Grades Social Studies Portaportal. American FactFinder. Smithsonian.

Social Studies: Preparing Students for College, Career and Citizenship.