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Websites with ideas for lessons/activities for K-7.

Maple Syrup Production — Department of Ecosystem Science and Management. Goals for the Lesson Students will explore the steps of maple sugar production.Students will understand the evaporation process.Students will appreciate the labor and effort involved from tree to the final product. Materials Needed real maple syrupsamples of artificial syrup brands (example, Mrs. Butterworths or Log Cabin)a pot with a large bottomstove or an electric frying panFrom the Woods: Maple Syrup, a Taste of Nature Optional Supplies spile for tapping treesclean buckethand operated drill with drill bit aprox 6 7/16 inches in diameteraccess to sugar maple trees in the early spring time State Standards Addressed: E & E Standards: Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources (4.2); Agriculture and Society (4.4); Humans and the Environment (4.8) Subjects: history, science, math Topics: tree identification, evaporation, conservation, fractions Introduction Play a taste test game.

Following the Sap from Tree to Table Making Our Own Syrup and Sugar No Trees? Making Syrup and Sugar Evaluation References Author. Hidden SightWordV1 Worksheet Sample. The Daily 5 in Primary Classrooms - The Brown Bag Teacher. Over the last 8 weeks, we have covered a lot of ground. We've explored each other's classrooms, traded ideas, asked questions, and remembered why The Daily 5 matters. Creating lifelong readers requires daily, dedicated time to read.

We, as teachers, must give students time to fall in love with books. In this post, I've shared where we have gone and given you a 'hub' for all things Daily 5. You can click on any of the pictures to be taken to take specific post for a refresher or reread! What Do I Need? We started the study laying the fountain for what we need to actually begin Daily 5 in our classroom. How Do I Build Independence? We explored how we build independence throughout the first weeks of the Daily 5. What Are the First Lessons I Teach for Each Choice? We talked about the explicit routines and procedures we teach students for each round of the Daily 5. How Do I Launch Read to Self? What Are We Ready for Choice? What Does the First Week of Choice Actually Look Like? Word Work. Lesson Plans and Resources for Arts Integration. Tips for downloading: PDF files can be viewed on a wide variety of platforms -- both as a browser plug-in or a stand-alone application -- with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program.

Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Lesson Plans Sample arts-integration presentations, lesson plans, quizzes, and other documents from various teachers and classes at Bates Middle School. Back to Top Professional-Development Presentations Professional-development presentations provided by Pat Klos, arts-integration specialist for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Annapolis, Maryland Arts-Integration Templates Blank templates for arts-integration documents used at Bates Middle School Additional Documents from Bates Middle School Maryland Department of Education Arts-Integration Glossary Glossary of arts-integration terms provided by Maryland's Department of Education Useful Websites on Arts Integration Bates Middle School - school's website.

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