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Arts Education & Integration

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The Heart of Pedagogy: Poetic Living. Former Arts Curriculum. Drama/Arts ideas. Gullat Arts Integration. Learning and the arts crossing boundaries. Walking Tall in the Hall. Assessing Creativity. Art/SS. Art/Science. Integration Concepts. Defining Arts Integration. Padagogy Wheel. Actor's Toolbox. Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development – Arts Integration Lessons.

Integrate the Arts, Deepen the Learning. John: We’ve got to find a way to reach all kids, every kid, no matter what.

Integrate the Arts, Deepen the Learning

And the arts do that. They give us ways to engage kids, to get them involved, to have them be part of what we want them to be a part of, which is learning the curriculum. Visual Journals. Sequential Art. Arts Education. Engaged in Learning. Royal Conservatory of Music - Learning.