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Polymer Clay

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Polymer Clay Tutorial - Crackled Inlay. Stamps & Texture Sheets with Polymer Clay. MossyOwls: Ten on Tuesday: Ten Faux Effects in Polymer Clay. Polymer clay is an excellent mimic-- and it's lots of fun to make something so realistic than people think it's the real thing-- so it's no surprise that faux effects are a popular group of polymer clay techniques.

MossyOwls: Ten on Tuesday: Ten Faux Effects in Polymer Clay

Here are ten different faux effects you can achieve with polymer clay. Wherever possible, I've included links to multiple lessons or tutorials. Ten on Tuesday: Ten Faux Effects in Polymer Clay 1. OpalThis one's a classic, as far as I'm concerned. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. There are many more faux techniques out there-- in other tutorials, in videos, in books-- and goodness knows how many more still waiting to be created! Here are a few related websites you might also want to check out: Glass Attic has lots of information about various faux techqniques. Labels: faux, links, ten on tuesday, tutorials. Rainbow Zig Zag Cane. Here's another great cane idea brought to you by Leah Fisch, from, that we're sure you will use!

Rainbow Zig Zag Cane

Let's hear from Leah... "The Rainbow Zig Zag Cane is a simple yet fun project to add pops of color to any project. The best part is that you can’t really mess up! " Pictured here is my new miniature sculpting tool set, covered in Zigzag Rainbow Cane, so that I can create art with art in my hands (click for a larger view). Enjoy! By Leah ©2014 Text and Photos. Polymer Clay Central Master Index. Polymer Clay Web - Dedicated to polymer clay and its many uses - fimo, premo, sculpey - jewelry, sculpting, miniatures, canes. Polymer Clay Mania by SoCraftastic. Tutorial: How to make clay rollers & stamps........... Free Polymer Clay Tutorial for Mica Leaf Pendants » The Blue Bottle Tree. It’s autumn, the leaves are falling, and I want to share with you an easy beginner level free polymer clay tutorial to make a Mica Leaf Pendant.

Free Polymer Clay Tutorial for Mica Leaf Pendants » The Blue Bottle Tree

Using polymer clay, mica powder, and the leaves you find around your home, you can use the beauty of nature to create bold, graphic images like the one above. It uses a leaf from a Spider Flower plant with brightly contrasting red and gold mica powder. Or you can make more subtle, natural and earthy pendants such as this round one which uses leaves from a Golden Rain Tree and False Strawberry from my yard.

And depending on your choice of colors, you can create soft fantasy scenes with an ethereal feeling. Or bright colors that nature never intended! Are you curious? For this online free polymer clay tutorial, I had to break it apart and put it on separate pages so that your load times won’t be too long. View the Mica Leaf Tutorial If you would like to see more of my tutorials, please take a moment to read about them here. Polymer clay tutorial. On request of one of my russian blog readers I made a quick tutorial on how to make coin beads.We'll be making these beads: Start with measuring out equal amounts of scrap clay for each bead core.

polymer clay tutorial

Roll scrap clay into balls. Roll out a very thin sheet of pretty clay, which will be a background for your canes' slices. In order to get millefiori beads all of the same size, you have to be sure that at each step you add the same amount of clay: same size of a bead core, same size of a background wrap clay, same amount of canes' slices on each bead. Free Tutorials. Pages This Blog Linked From Here My Free Tutorials, Demos and Ideas Where to find me...

Free Tutorials

Noteable blogs. Polymer Clay Tutorials by Sigalsart on ETSY. Polymer Clay Tutorial - Faux Ceramic Pendant. Tutoriels - amarena. Free Polymer Clay Projects - Fantasy. Polymer Clay Tutorial Digital PDF Instant par DivaDesignsInc. Dora’s Explorations. Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials : Polymer Tutorials Home Page. Links to Polymer Clay Projects and Tutorials - Sky Grazer Designs. Monet Cane Revisited August 2001 Polyzine.

Polymer Clay Mania. Polymer Clay Chameleon. Polymer Tutorials. Polymer Clay European Pandora Style Bead Charms - Three Piece Set 1022. Featured here is a set of three one-of-a kind European "Pandora" style bead charms handcrafted by mixed-media artist Jenn Ross from polymer clay.

Polymer Clay European Pandora Style Bead Charms - Three Piece Set 1022

These pretty little bead charms have a metal core opening of about 4.5mm, and will fit the popular silver or metal bracelets and necklaces. These charms were formed by hand then cored with silver plated metal grommets. They were then cured to insure optimum strength and color, sanded smooth, buffed to a high shine and finished with several coats of a color enhancing protective polish. When finally finished, the polymer clay charms feel very smooth, much like glass or hard plastic and is very lightweight and durable.

With proper care, they will never break, fade or chip! Buyer will receive the exact charm set pictured in the first photograph. Because these polymer clay bead charms are hand formed and hand cored, they may not have a perfectly symmetrical shape, but this is a unique part of their characteristics.