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Women Behind The Apollo Moon Landing. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. When stepping onto the surface, astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered the famous phrase,"This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. " Neil wouldn't have been able to take that step without Margaret Hamilton, the lead software engineer for Project Apollo. Back in the 1960s, jobs like computer programming were considered "women's work.

" Because programming was looked upon as being like typing or data entry, women were hired for the jobs. As director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, Hamilton led the development of the on-board flight software for the Apollo space program. In a 1967 Cosmopolitan article called "The Computer Girls," Adm. You can read more about Hamilton and how her husband complained about the laundry (all of the faces in all of the palms) while she worked late on the lunar module here. Begin Slideshow. Assignée garçon - Repas mini-combo BD en ligne : Assignée garçon ... HOLAAfrica! | A PanAfricanist Queer Womanist Collective. [] Permission To Play Devil's Advocate Denied. Dear Applicant, Thank you for submitting your recent inquiry. According to our records, on September 27th, you interrupted a conversation with your request: “Look, if I could just play devil’s advocate for a second here…” It’s with very real regret that we must inform you that your petition to play devil’s advocate has been denied.

Thank you for your interest in the devil’s advocate position; we realize that this is disappointing and would like to assure you that your candidacy was considered very carefully. We appreciate the effort and thought that went into your request to play devil’s advocate. Our records indicate that you have requested to play devil’s advocate for either “just a second here” or “just a minute here” over fourteen times in the last financial quarter. Affirmative Action: Who’s the Real Minority Here? We wish you the best of luck in your ensuing conversation and have every confidence in your ability to find something to talk about. All best, Devil’s Advocacy Group. The Womansplainer. Against Patriarchy: Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution* By Chris Crass For all of us who are men who believe in social justice, who want healthy and beautiful lives for our loved ones, and who are working for positive change in the world, let us commit or re-commit to making feminism central in our lives, values, and actions.

Black feminist scholar bell hooks writes, “When women and men understand that working to eradicate patriarchal domination is a struggle rooted in the longing to make a world where everyone can live fully and freely, then we know our work to be a gesture of love.” She continues, “Let us draw upon that love to heighten our awareness, deepen our compassion, intensify our courage, and strengthen our commitment.”

It is time for men in the millions to take courageous action in our society to further feminist revolution. The everyday violence and oppression of sexism in our society is epidemic and not only must end, but can end. Sexism devastates our relationships, communities, social justice efforts, and our lives. 1. 2. 3. Femme Privilege Does Exist A Little. Special Note: Autostraddle’s “First Person” column exists for individual queer ladies to tell their own personal stories and share compelling experiences.

These personal essays do not necessarily reflect the ideals of Autostraddle or its editors, nor do any First Person writers intend to speak on behalf of anyone other than themselves. First Person writers are simply speaking honestly from their own hearts. This essay was inspired by “Femme Privilege Does Not Exist” by Cyrée Jarelle Johnson. You should probably read that one first. It’s 11pm on New Year’s Eve. Terry gets on first, puts her Metrocard through and hands it to me, because I’m kind of famous for never having enough money on mine. “Let me see it,” he says, and takes the card, bending it, still looking at me.

“Should I swipe it again?” “Don’t worry about it,” he says,with a friendly wink. “Thanks for flirting,” Terry says earnestly once we’re seated. “Oh yeah,” I say, shrugging. Jezebel - Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing. Mélissa Blais et Francis Dupuis-Déri, en entrevue à la Radio Libertaire de Paris by remue-menage. Estereotipos de Disney. Le Hall de la Chanson - Femmes en Chansons (40 ans de MLF en chansons) OutLook Press - Arts and Entertainment for Women. Sociologie Des Rapports de Sexe - Marie-Blanche Tahon. Le concept de genre : constitution d'un champ d'analyse, controverses épistémologiques, linguistiques et politiques. 1Cet article à pour but de retracer l’historique de la constitution du champ d’analyse des études genre en France à travers la présentation d’un certain nombre de controverses épistémologiques, linguistiques et politiques qui portent sur le concept de genre.

A travers cet historique j’entends montrer l’imbrication de ce domaine des sciences sociales avec les débats politiques et institutionnels qui se posent à différentes périodes et défendre l’utilisation du concept de genre comme outil d’analyse critique. En particulier, j’aborderais les débats déclenchés par la traduction en français du terme anglais gender. Ces discussions ne sont de loin pas uniquement des controverses linguistiques mais, nous le verrons, charrient tout un ensemble de positionnements politiques et institutionnels qui, de manière explicite ou non, émaillent la migration du concept d’un espace linguistique à un autre. 8Pas plus que Mathieu ou Delphy à ses débuts, Guillaumin ne parle de genre dans ses travaux. Feminists Will Probably Not Marry Any of You.

First we had College Humor’s “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends.” Then came the “straight men” response. Now the inevitable “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends” has debuted. These videos profess to support marriage equality: the original gag was that, if queer men can’t marry their boyfriends, they’ll marry straight guys’ girlfriends in retaliation. However, each new YouTube sensation traffics in such tired stereotypes of gender and sexuality that I have to say to all involved with these clips: Feminists Will Probably Not Marry Any of You. Caricatures can definitely be used to skewer gendered expectations, but these videos don’t critique stereotypes through campy enactment: they reinforce them.

If the whole hilarious idea is that gay men would make better husbands to straight women than straight men would, faith in stereotypes like “gay men love cooking, jazzercise, and listening to their female friends’ feelings” are essential for the video to work.