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The Best Wedding Cars – Wheels that Let You Tie the Knot in Style - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Luxury Cars - Top Ten Choices to Upgrade Your Car in 2017. Love luxury cars?

Luxury Cars - Top Ten Choices to Upgrade Your Car in 2017

If you are planning an upgrade to a luxury premium car, here’s a guide to help you know about top 10 most popular and brilliant luxury cars: 1. Audi A7 Sportback This Audi version comes equipped with a lengthy standard kit list. Comfortable cabin is exquisitely screwed together. 2. Wish to rock a new Mercedes-Benz in the most affordable way? 3. It is a beautiful combination of practicality and 6 Series style. 4. XJ by widely admired Jaguar comes with weight-reducing structure built in aluminium. 5. This is an aggressively styled entry-luxury sport sedan that looks great and performs amazingly well. 6. You have a choice between a convertible, coupe, and a 5-door hatchback referred to as the Gran Coupe. 7.

An incredible combination of luxury and performance in a fully electric car will blow your mind. 8. Larger for any traditional sedan (entry-luxury), it beautifully offers excellent choice between a V-6 engine and turbocharged 4-cylinder. 9. 10. Audi TTS on hire in London, UK. McLaren SLR on hire in London. Nissan GTR R35 on hire in London, UK. Volkswagen Scirocco on hire in London, UK. Rolls Royce Phantom on hire in London, UK. Rolls Royce Phantom is the most driver-oriented car in Rolls-Royce's 'full-size' range.

Rolls Royce Phantom on hire in London, UK

The Phantom Coupé is an imposing piece of design. The aluminium panels are draped over a welded aluminium skeleton like other Phantoms, but the rear bodywork kicks up behind the driver’s seat from where an aluminium roof is formed forwards, meeting the steel header rail above the windscreen not entirely smoothly if (as in our test car) the two are the same colour. It works rather better if the windscreen surround and bonnet are finished in the optional brushed steel. Porsche Boxster on hire in London, UK. The Porsche Boxster is a sublime two-seat, all-purpose sports car.

Porsche Boxster on hire in London, UK

Nearly half of the Boxster’s monocoque structure is aluminium, the rest a mix of magnesium and high-strength steel. Specification. Mini Cooper S on hire in London, UK. Mini Cooper S is just an unbelievable eyeball magnet.

Mini Cooper S on hire in London, UK

The go-faster stripes, pugnacious stance and breathtaking quality levels instantly tell you this is something special. And you just can’t get away from the fact that there’s plenty of retro rally car appeal to this Cooper S. Then there are the black wheels, the flush-mounted glass house and that big centrally mounted exhaust can. Mercedes E63 on hire in London, UK. With more than 500bhp, and a soundtrack straight from the NASCAR circuit, there's plenty to love about the Mercedes E63 AMG.

Mercedes E63 on hire in London, UK

In standard guise, the blown unit kicks out 517bhp, or the same as the old engine, although peak power is now developed 1550rpm earlier in the rev range at 5250rpm. Specification Complete Price List Top Speed Top speed, like all AMG models, is limited to 155mph, although the Driver’s Package option, which also gets the buyer a day of high speed driver training, bumps it up to a limited 186mph. Lamborghini LP560 Gallardo on hire in London, UK. The Lamborghini LP560 Gallardo is the full supercar sensation with sublime handling.

Lamborghini LP560 Gallardo on hire in London, UK

The nose vents are bigger, the rear lights are smaller and more elegant, and the interior has been ‘rationalized’ to make it easier to interact with. But beneath the skin, this is a very different car. Specification Complete Price List Top Speed. Ferrari 458 Spyder on hire in London, UK. With a flat under tray, but without any obvious aero aids, the Ferrari 458 Spyder generates more down force than the F430 (360kg flat out) and yet it is also more aerodynamic.

Ferrari 458 Spyder on hire in London, UK

The intakes for the engine bay cooling have been moved from the car’s rear flanks to the under tray, improving the overall efficiency and the operation of the rear diffuser. Specification. BMW 5 Series on hire in London, UK. BMW 5-Series is now a more sophisticated all-rounder than ever before.

BMW 5 Series on hire in London, UK

And with Efficient Dynamics on board, every model gets an impressive blend of performance and economy – astonishingly so in some cases. Specification Complete Price List Top Speed 0-60mph time of 6.5sec Economy. Bentley Continental Flying Spur on hire in London, UK. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is a vast and potent luxury car.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur on hire in London, UK

The Flying Spur is part two of Volkswagen’s rebirth of the famous Crewe marque, and uses the same basic underpinnings as its more sporting GT brother. Specification Complete Price List Top Speed It flies from 0-60mph in 5.0 sec, 0-100mph in 12.8 sec and 0-140mph in 27.7 sec, and to a top speed of 194mph. Audi A5 Convertible on hire in London, UK. The A5’s architecture is entirely conventional and familiar from its application across the Volkswagen Group; a steel unibody with a mix of petrol and diesel engines channelled through either front or Quattro all-wheel drive.

Audi A5 Convertible on hire in London, UK

What’s clever about the platform is how far forward the axle line is, meaning the A5’s mass is distributed more uniformly across both axles, and the longer wheelbase benefits ride quality. Specification Complete Price List. Aston Martin DBS on hire in London, UK. The Aston Martin DBS has a less extrovert approach which gives it a unique appeal in this class. Aston simply states that the car has been constructed by keeping in mind “the need for high-performance stability, handling stability and low kerb weight”. Top Speed 100mph in 8.7sec, which unbelievingly passes 60mph in 4.2sec. Drive Your Passion with Sports Car Hire Services: k2luxurycarhire. Driving favourite car is everyone's passion. The majority of people are crazy about driving sports cars such as Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, etc. Most of these are very expensive. No wonder car companies offer these at much lower prices to help people fulfil their dreams.

Listed below are some of the best reasons hiring super cars makes for a better option than buying them: Luxury Car Hire – Pamper Yourself to the Hilt: k2luxurycarhire. Whether it is a business, pleasure or any urgent trip, you need to make it special. So why not spice it up with luxury car hire services. It will be really fun to explore new places in a well maintained and equipped luxury vehicle. Drive something that you had always dreamt of. Ferrari Hire – Experience The Magic of Luxury Without Spending a Fortune: k2luxurycarhire.

Sports cars are definitely very classy, luxurious, chic and desirable. When you ride a sports car, you actually reflects a glamorous personality, worthy of making people around you envy your status which is simply incomparable! Unfortunately, the exorbitant price these are available for sale almost prohibits most lovers from owning them. When it is about sports cars, the discussion is incomplete without talking about a Ferrari F430. It comes equipped with a huge number of impressive features including headrests, electronic parking aids, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and many more. Other features include review cameras and anti-lock brakes. But before you actually choose a company and hire your dream Ferrari, here are some of the major aspects to consider: If you are serious about hiring a Ferrari, it is crucial to choose the most reputed rental services.

Enjoy the Ultimate in Luxury with BMW Hire Services: k2luxurycarhire. Looking for something new? Do you want to contract hire a car for your special occasion? If yes, then which car would you choose for yourself? A BMW would be the best option in all respects. Before you sign any legal documents, there are certain things that you should make sure of and also, there are many things that you should be looking for before contract hiring. Why You Shouldn't Wait Until December for Bentley Hire?: k2luxurycarhire. Looking forward to make your Christmas and New Year memorable? Incredible Benefits of Choosing An Audi Hire Service: k2luxurycarhire. Aston Martin Hire – An Experience to Cherish Forever!

There’s something about Aston Martin that makes it very special and desirable. One of the best things about this car is its awe-inspiring British design. The only problem is the price one has to pay for it. It is not always possible to invest in an incredibly expensive vehicle. London Easter with Prestige Car Hire Services - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Range Rover Car Hire – Luxury at Your Doorstep! ~ Luxury Cars Hire - London UK. Nissan Car Hire – Best Tips to Hire Luxury Cars ~ Luxury Cars Hire - London UK. Renting a car is not a new practise. It has just become more common in the present age. Top 10 Wedding Car Hire Choices to Consider. Planning a wedding takes a lot of efforts, pain and money. Many crucial points should be taken into consideration in this respect.

Being organised is the key to ensure a fabulous event. Right from finding the best a florist to finalising a venue, it is very important to make sure things go in the right direction. Rolls Royce Car Hire – Why Hire Black Phantom on your Wedding Day? K2 Prestige Car Hire › Log In. Lamborghini Car Hire – Facts You Didn't Know about this Beast ~ Luxury Cars Hire - London UK. Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand. Operates as a manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs (formerly), the company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through Audi division, its subsidiary brand. Founded in the year 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company was sold to Audi AG in 1998. Do you love Ferrari? Well, this killer brand has an impressive and long history. It is spiced up with fabulous fun facts. BMW Car Hire – Interesting Things You Didn't Know about BMW - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Bentley Car Hire – Things You Didn’t Know about this Beauty. Audi Car Hire - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Aston Martin Car Hire – Fabulous Facts You Must Know Before Hiring One! There are a number of benefits of hiring Aston Martin. One of the major ones is experiencing its possession without paying the price.

Aston Martin celebrated its 103rd anniversary recently. For over a hundred years of proud existence, it has been the official company car for the world’s greatest spy. It had also survived two World Wars. Interestingly, the company had also gone out of business several times! Wedding Car Hire – Create Unforgettable Memories - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Sports Car Hire – Experience Speed, Fun and Freedom by Jessica Brown. Prestige Car Hire – Get the Best of Luxury Experience in Less : k2prestigecarhire. k2prestigecarhire.kinja. Mercedes Hire – An Unforgettable Experience - K2 Prestige Car Hire. Lamborghini Hire – What to Look in Before Choosing a Luxury Car Hire Company by Jessica Brown. How to Make Your Best BMW Hire An Affordable Deal? - Ferrari Hire – Enjoy the Best Luxury Car Hire Experience - VTS. Reasons to Rely on Audi Hire Service - VTS. Simple Ways to Lower Bentley Hire Price. Unique Features to Benefit from BMW Hire Serices. Easy Tips to Ensure the Best Audi Hire Services. Aston Martin Hire for Special Occasions. Rolls Royce Hire – An Impeccable Choice for Special Events. K2 Prestige Offers Aston Martin Car on Rent in London. Getting Luxurious Cars in Cheap Rate is Possible Today. Luxury Car Hire For A Special Night Out. K2 Prestige Introduces a New Series of Luxury Car Hire Services - Exact Release 02:32 am. Travel smart and in style with K2 Prestige Car Hire. Get A Comfortable Travelling Experience With Luxury Car Hire. Tips to Get the Best Lamborghini Hire Services in London. Choosing the Best Wedding Car Hire in London. Aston Martin Car Hire in London. K2 Prestige promises an exclusive range of luxury car hire services in the UK. K2 Prestige Introduces A New Series Of Luxury Car Hire Services.

Memorable Christmas Eve with Mercedes E63 Hire Services. Mercedes Benz Hire for Occasions Close to Heart. Hire a Nissan GTR. Prestige Car Rental – The Affordable Route to Luxury and Comfort. Luxury Car Rental – Perfect Way to Spoil Yourself. PORSCHE BOXSTER FOR HIRE. K2 Prestige Introduces a New Trend in Reliable High Quality luxury Car Hire Services in the UK! REASONS TO TRUST NISSAN CAR RENTAL SERVICE IN LONDON. Luxury Car Hire for New Year. Go on Joy Ride with Sports Car Hire in London. K2 Prestige Offers Affordable Luxury Car Hire Options in the UK! A Ferrari Exclusively Designed for the Super Rich.

Aston Martin Vantage V8 N340 – The Detailed Review. Audi A5 Convertible.