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10 Best Water Purifiers in India (2020) - Buyer's Guide & Reviews. The need for drinking pure and safe drinking water is paramount.

10 Best Water Purifiers in India (2020) - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

With rise in population, pollution and what not, the basic need of life i.e. water, must be fulfilled with utmost honesty to minimize the havoc laid down by water-borne diseases. With the advent of latest RO, UF, UV, mineralizer etc, technologies, this need is being satisfied to the best. A lot of promising brands have come up with purifiers that provide up to 99.9% clean and pure drinking water. Going through hours of research, we have conjugated a list of some of the best water purifiers in India to help you select nothing but the best! 1. Ideal for homes and small scale offices, this purifier comes with a high storage capacity of 8 L and save water technology that lets the rejected water be stored in a separate tank. Attractive Features: Save Water Technology – The purifier comes with advanced save water technology to ensure the proper and maximum use of water. Pros Cons Not yet reported. An untold story of the window AC. Long time back people used to spend their summer time by using some cool hacks.

An untold story of the window AC

For them, there was no such existence of AC. Here, I’m focusing upon your great forefathers. They have lived their major part of life without an ac. I know you all would be thinking like life without an AC is impossible? But they actually lived their life and fought against their problem. I’m sure you would be excited to listen to them, Isn’t it? Chapter-1 Survival of life without an AC Rewind yourselves back into old grandma stories where she tells you how they used to live without any technology. She said that houses in the olden era used to have higher ceilings. One more incident which I’m sure your granny must have told you. that when there used to be any kind of gathering of people at home.

Believe me, listening to all these incidents gave me chills. we all know that we can’t imagine our day without an ac, Isn’t it? Chapter-2 The best window AC bliss of our life Some blissful moments: Air Purifier- "The Superhero For Delhiites" The latest trend in our Delhi-Vote, Valentine and guess what!

Air Purifier- "The Superhero For Delhiites"

The third one is trending nowadays its ……… Virus.Want to know the name of the virus? Actually we all know it’s Coronavirus. The name which increases our heartbeat. Delhi People, Its V3 ( Vote, Valentine and Virus) What’s up Delhiites! As you know, every horror story has a real-hero. For an amazing and trending updates, Delhiites! Delhi Govt Subject To Advise On Coronavirus The security steps have initiated by a public health advisory in Delhi. Live Update Of Novel Coronavirus As a precautionary measure for coronavirus, the government stated 5,123 people were under home surveillance.The latest news says, two persons including a 2-year old boy, were hospitalized in Indore.

Delhi People! According to the latest news, all the 8 people who were admitted to Dr. Why an air purifier is playing the role of super-hero? The superhero has superpowers. The Bucket Full Of Air Purifier Importance Assist in inhaling fresh air A perfect housekeeper. Best Water Purifier- The Token of Love. What is your token of love?

Best Water Purifier- The Token of Love

This valentine, ask yourself what you want to gift her, that will make her feel special. Who said, that only chocolates, flowers or love cards play the role of a messenger in your love story? What’s your story? Your eyes must be glittering with happiness. This loving festival, give your special one what she actually deserves “ Her health”. The token of love in my blog is the best water purifier.

Ladies! In my blog, you will get to know some interesting tales of the Best water purifier Amazed! What is the texture of your water? Interesting but bemused question isn’t it? Activated Carbon Filters It is designed to eradicate the larger particles like sediments and silt from the water. Reverse Osmosis Want to get odor-free and clear water? Alkaline/Water Ionizers These filters use the electrolysis process. UV Filters Welcome the newest UV technology at your home.

Infrared Filters.