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K2 Appliances is one of the most reliable, trusted and renowned companies that aim for providing authentic information for various products available at online shopping platforms. We are backed with the most professional and qualified experts that conduct an in-depth analysis of e-commerce digital market. Be it a home appliance or kitchen appliances, we make your purchasing process less overwhelming. Moreover, we ensure you get a regular update on newly launched home or kitchen appliances at our website. Whether you are looking for genuine reviews or need blunt pros/cons related to any product, we have all covered.

Top 10 Best Electric Kettle In India 2019. Craving for a hot cup of tea or instant noodles or just warm water to soothe your throat?

Top 10 Best Electric Kettle In India 2019

Here is your on-the-go buddy i.e. Electric kettle. In the blink of an eye, electric kettles made their way to everyone’s kitchen. The electric kettle can serve multiple purposes right from brewing tea or coffee to making noodles for late-night hunger. The appliance is useful as well as handy. The kettles available in the market are integrated with advanced features such as boil-dry protection, limescale filter, power ratings, water level markings, soft-touch handle, concealed element and keep-warm function. 1.

Top Safety Measures To Consider While Using Best Room Heater in India – k2appliances. The winter season is on peak and people have already started feeling those chills.

Top Safety Measures To Consider While Using Best Room Heater in India – k2appliances

Earlier, people used to sit in front of the fire for longer to feel that warmth. In the modern era, best room heaters for winter are available in the market. The best room heaters in India keep the rooms and homes cozy and warm. Best Room Heater & Radiator in India (2020) Oven Toaster Grill (OTG)-Facts you must Know – k2appliances. Unleash The Chef In You With Oven Toaster Grill Who doesn’t like crispy toasted bread, a sumptuous slice of pizza or yummy delicious cake?

Oven Toaster Grill (OTG)-Facts you must Know – k2appliances

Factors you should keep in mind while buying Best Electric rice and pasta cooker – k2appliances. Who doesn’t love to eat?

Factors you should keep in mind while buying Best Electric rice and pasta cooker – k2appliances

And when it comes to rice, more than half of our country is filled with rice lovers. Rice is the main food of the south Indians and has huge popularity in the other regions of the nation as well. But always getting properly cooked rice is a tough task. What about pasta? This Italian dish has a blend of spices and cream which makes it mouth-watering. So, to enjoy the proper warmth of rice and the delicious taste of pasta you don’t need to search for best electronic pasta cooker in India or best electric rice cooker in India separately. 1. Before purchasing any rice and pasta cooker, ensure the capacity of the appliance is optimum to your needs. 2.

The convenient cooking is possible when there is a single operation button that allows you to operate the appliance easily. How to buy the best espresso machine? – k2appliances. An idea of a rich, foamy and brewing coffee develops the taste buds at once.

How to buy the best espresso machine? – k2appliances

With numerous best espresso machine brands, models and features available, it is natural for the buyers to feel intimidated. This buying guide gives you a complete insight into the factors that need to be considered before buying the best espresso machine in India. Buying one is no rocket science. Just consider the listed factors on what to look for it to get the most from your money. You will be good to buy the best espresso machine that fits your lifestyle. Factors You Should Consider.

Top 5 Benefits Of A Food Processor – k2appliances. In our daily routine, the most difficult task is preparing a dish.

Top 5 Benefits Of A Food Processor – k2appliances

We spend most of our time in chopping, dicing and slicing the ingredients for a recipe. If you are also tired of all those chunky mess, then it’s high time you should consider investing in a good food processor. The food processor is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances. It integrates almost every function starting from blending till grinding of the ingredients. Go through this blog to get enlightened with the various benefits of using the best food processor 2019. Quick food preparation. Tips For Buying The Perfect Kitchen Appliances For Your Home – k2appliances. Remodeling the kitchen or setting it up from scratch can be a bit overwhelming.

Tips For Buying The Perfect Kitchen Appliances For Your Home – k2appliances

With so many available kitchen appliances options, choosing the perfect one can be a time-consuming task especially if you don’t know – ‘where to start?’. In that scenario, you can either seek help from professionals or look for an ideal buying guide. Undoubtedly, the second one is more convenient and affordable. Enjoy Your Favorite Snacks Without Compromising On The Taste & Health: k2appliances — LiveJournal. Delicious and crunchy food without oil is now possible.

Enjoy Your Favorite Snacks Without Compromising On The Taste & Health: k2appliances — LiveJournal

Sounds fishy? No! Technology has bestowed us with a remarkable kitchen appliance i.e. Air Fryer that made this possible. Air fryer promises crispy dishes without all the oil or that dripping fatty grease that possess health hazards if consumed much. Experience The Effortless Cooking With A Microwave Oven: k2appliances — LiveJournal. In this tech-savvy environment where the workload is getting escalated on a daily basis, people are getting more health-conscious and concerned for their better lifestyles.

Experience The Effortless Cooking With A Microwave Oven: k2appliances — LiveJournal

k2appliances- Buying Guide & reviews on home and kitchen appliances. Know Top 10 Microwave Oven in India 2019 – Genuine Reviews. Top 10 Best Selling Oven Toaster Grill In India 2019 (OTG) Know the types of espresso machine available in market – k2appliances. Espresso Machine- Adds Taste In Your Life “There’s coffee, and then there’s espresso”.

Know the types of espresso machine available in market – k2appliances

Coffee is the ultimate love. Coffee plus espresso is just like a pizza with a slice of extra cheese as it adds an intensity of flavors than what you had experienced with a typical cup of coffee. Auto Clean Chimneys-Features that matters – k2appliances. Imagine you are expecting guests at your residence and your entire house in up and doused in smoke. What impression would that mark on your beloved guests? Forget about the impression, would you feel comfortable working in a smoky environment all day? Housewives shall be aware as well as sick of this fact. All these facts combined have led to the need of an indispensible part of the modern kitchen – Chimney. The best kitchen chimney might have a different meaning for each and every individual. We are here to lay down the basics of choosing the best chimney for Indian kitchen and the factors that make it so. 1. Experience the Comfortability and Coziness with a Room Heater. k2appliances- Buying Guide & reviews on home and kitchen appliances.

Water purifier-Types and features you should know – k2appliances. Water Purifier – A Promise Of Purity It may not appear but the water from the tap is loaded with hazardous chemicals and impurities. The quality of water we are drinking today is affecting our health and that of our loved ones. The need of an hour is to have a purification technology that kills germs, bacteria, and such water-borne diseases.

You must have guessed the appliance by now. It’s none other than a Water Purifier. Tips to buy best kitchen appliances – k2appliances. How to buy the right kitchen appliance? Inhale The Richness of Air With Air Purifier. Bring Espresso Machine & Add Taste In Your Life. Why air fryer has become so important – k2appliances. Most of us have a similar wish of eating more without gaining a single pound. Is it your wish too? Are you also skipping your meals to balance your weight? How many Types of air purifier are there in market – k2appliances.

Your house is imagined to be your oasis. But pollen, dander, dust, and alternative irritants within the air will quickly cut back the air quality of your residential paradise. whereas air filters will definitely facilitate, most air filters don’t seem to be fine enough to lure irritants like mildew spores and mud that cause allergic reaction flare ups and cut back air quality. owners ought to go one step more to enhance their home’s air quality by investment in associate air purification system. However, you must grasp that not all air purifiers area unit created equal. There area unit many differing kinds of air purifiers; some have the flexibility to separate out larger particles like dander, hair, and dirt, whereas others lure-wee small particles like germs, viruses, odors, and mold. Below, we have a tendency to describe what air purifiers area unit and breakdown the many sorts of air purifiers thus you’ll be able to select the most effective one for your home.

How to select a suitable water heater for your home? Tips you should remember while buying a mixer grinder.