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Expert Tips to Use the Best Microwave Oven Safely. Did you know?

Expert Tips to Use the Best Microwave Oven Safely

Owning the best microwave oven can lower your kitchen stress levels to a whopping 60%! Well, 60 because it cannot do all the chopping and grinding work but mainly because it can help you keep the smiles on the faces of your family members. Not just by producing a cool dish every day but by being able to make those restaurant dishes that no one thought could be prepared at home! But with fun, comes safety. If you are not cautious while operating machines like these, not only will it degrade the service life of the appliance much quicker but also pose a threat to your personal safety.

Incidents of burns, injuries from radiation, although rare, but can be experienced in cases of improper maintenance. As per the U.S food and drug administration, best microwave brands must meet the safety performance standards as enforced by the FDA for public safety. To ward off any doubts that are coming to your mind after reading this, microwaves are generally very safe when used correctly. 6 Best Dishwasher Hacks to Swear By for Maximum Efficiency. The Best Microwave Oven In India - A Blessing Or A Curse? Are you a fitness enthusiast?

The Best Microwave Oven In India - A Blessing Or A Curse?

If yes, then this blog is for you & If not, then this blog is surely for you because it will help you to solve an ongoing mystery. Wondering which mystery? The mystery about the microwave cooking. (One of the hot topic these days) But do you know? Trust us, this is actually the truth. Okay! Try this as a Ninja Technique for escaping your fitness freak guests. Tell them the food they are going to eat is microwave cooked. What Matters While Choosing The Best OTG Oven In India? By Jennifer Winget k2appliances Hey Foodies!

What Matters While Choosing The Best OTG Oven In India?

Can you answer a question about the food? (Of course, you can, after all, you are a foodie!) Why food is said to be the idea of nostalgia? Think, think, you can answer it easily. The answer is so simple - Because of the Food Memories We all have some or another food memory with us. It can be as sweet as a choco-burst cake or tangy like a bowl of veggies soup. The What Why and Which of the Best Hand Blenders in India. Who wondered a stick-like thing could be this powerful?

The What Why and Which of the Best Hand Blenders in India

Yes, we are talking about the top-selling hand blenders which make the kitchen life of a middle-class family person so easy. Not just easy to handle and use, hand sticks lessen your day’s workload by using the minimum number of dishes. Easy to clean and compact by shape, this device can work multi-purposely. From whipping cream to pureeing stuff, from churning mayonnaise to blending smoothies/milkshakes, everything is possible with this magic wand. Which is the Best Air Fryer in India? Repurposing Your Best Rice Cooker In India. Rice & Pasta Cooker- Your Ultimate Life Saviour The best rice cooker in India has been one of the most alluring units in the cooking world.You have been lied to your entire life if you don’t know that this simple rice and pasta cooker offers you to cook multi-cuisine recipes.

Repurposing Your Best Rice Cooker In India

Want to know what are they? Scroll down Get ready to have a love at first bite with the mouth-watering delicacies. Rice, Obviously Yes, you can cook perfectly moist and smooth rice. But how about cooking veg biryani in it? All you need to toast the rice and sweat some veggies in a skillet.Now everything goes in the cooker with the pinch of salt, turmeric and of course the biryani masala.In about 30 minutes you can see your plates with the flavorsome warm veg biryani for your meal.It is best served with a lime wedge and a glass of your favorite drink.

Creamy & Cheesy Macaroni. How to Take Care of the Best Mixer Grinder for a Longer Shelf-Life - 2020 Guide. What’s a Paneer Bhurji without Garam Masala?

How to Take Care of the Best Mixer Grinder for a Longer Shelf-Life - 2020 Guide

A Bhuna Chicken without Chicken Masala and a Maggi without Magic Masala? All in all, the life of us Indians revolves around spices and masalas only. Did You Just Get The Best Dishwasher Brand In India? Maintain It Wisely! By Jennifer Winget k2appliances In this phenomenal world, You might have witnessed aggressive disasters like earthquake, floods and what not And fortunately, you have successfully overcome it.

Did You Just Get The Best Dishwasher Brand In India? Maintain It Wisely!

No, no you don’t have to take a sigh of relief! There is still a disaster that is unbearable and seizes every individual in a different and unique manner. Wondering which is the one? It is none other than your mom’s anger (The most terrifying disaster) The phrase “Don’t Angry Me” fits best with every mom in this world. Best OTG Oven for a Taste of Heaven.

Bored with the routine dal-roti-sabzi?

Best OTG Oven for a Taste of Heaven

Have your children started bringing back their lunch tiffins back home unfinished? It might not be their fault completely. According to the reports of PubMed Central, sticking to the same diet every day not just promotes boredom, but increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Our body needs a vast variety of fruits, pulses, and staples all together to get through the day to day hustles. How to choose the best mixer grinder? Must-Try Best Microwave in India Monday to Saturday Recipes. Articles by Jennifer Winget k2appliances Does your heart go ‘dhak-dhak’ every time the microwave goes ‘beep-beep’?

Must-Try Best Microwave in India Monday to Saturday Recipes

If yes, then you are a true foodie by nature. And you know what’s the best part about being a foodie? You are always on a lookout for new and fresh recipes The best microwaves in India have made experimenting so much more possible and easier. Now we can prepare all those things we only wished to taste while watching MasterChef Australia on T.V. What is the best dishwasher in India? Hacks and Facts on the Best-Selling Hand Blenders.

Insights on the Best Air Fryer in India - Based on Expert Reviews. Are you dating carbs?

Insights on the Best Air Fryer in India - Based on Expert Reviews

It’s time to dump your ‘so-called-soulmate’ because you are in a wrong relationship my dear. Eating is not always about gaining. No, we are not talking about a ‘salad diet’ or ‘keto diet’ to maintain weight. The advancements in the field of technology have bestowed us with a gift named the best air fryer in India. They help us binge on our favorites with so much fewer carbs that you’ll be amazed! But as decided, we are going to take you to a complete guide of the ins and outs of this appliance and that too by the courtesy of expert reviews.

The topics we shall cover are: Spice Up Your Boring Life with the Best Mixer Grinder. Be it ‘Bollywood Masala’ or ‘News Masala’, your eyes always get stuck on the word ‘Masala’. It is only one of the perks of being an Indian. You can never live without masala. Don’t trust me? Okay, let’s take a raincheck. Imagine you opened a packet of Maggi and the ‘masala’ packet is nowhere to be found. Which is the best oven toaster griller available in India? Are You Aware Of These Incredible Best Microwave Oven Facts?   How to Bring Starbucks Home with the Best Espresso Machine India. Well not just because not everyone can afford Starbucks on a daily basis but also because we are too lazy. How are we supposed to get out of our beds without coffee?? To end this hustle and bring ‘your type of coffee’ right at your convenience so that you can have it at any time, any hour of the day and any number of times you like.

We bring you the best selling espresso machines in India. They are your all-time companions and can help you boost up during any time of the day. In this blog we are going to talk about: The Coffee Trends of Modern IndiaProfessional Recipies for Different Types of CoffeesHow to Avoid Common Coffee Blunders Bye to ‘CHAI’? Coffee Culture in India has only started taking shape more significantly since the past 20 years now. The culture of Netflix and Amazon Prime helped push over the western culture’s influence at a faster pace. India, which was a major tea-drinking country by a whopping 90%, has recently witnessed a turned over dynamics. Ingredients Step #1 Step #2. Best Dishwasher- A Smart Idea For Smart People. Does your family give more importance to your maid than you? But still, with a heavy heart, you have to behave pleasantly with her. Are you annoyed with the bossy nature of your housemaid Or feel tangled in her vicious traps? (Yes! It happens) But now it is high time to speak up for yourself.

Raise your voice against this injustice and make your maid see the doorway. You might be wondering if she will be gone, you have to do all the dishwashing.