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25 Factors Great Boarding Schools Have in Common | KeepingTABS Editor’s Note: In June of 2013, Pat Bassett retired as president of NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools, and now consults with schools. Pete Upham is executive director of TABS, The Association of Boarding Schools.1 Great boarding schools are “built to last.” What follows are the reflections of two educators whose work in boarding schools and with boarding schools over nearly five decades positions them to observe what boarding schools “built to last” do particularly well. Great boarding schools…. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Endnotes 1. 4. APPENDIX: Boarding Schools 200 Years Old or Older
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Recycled metal art plans Recycled metal art plans In today’s consumer society, the product life cycle is ever-shorter both because of poor production quality and the manufacturers’ intention to force you to replace bought product with a new „advanced“ one as soon as possible. Such way of thinking, along with a growing number of people on the planet is cause that the huge amount of stuff is being thrown away, although it can be repaired and used, or it can be disassembled and then some of the parts can be used again. Wealthier societies have developed various types of recycling, but since majority of people live in less developed societies, the lack of recycling and lack of citizens’ awareness are causing an enormous pollution of the planet. Fortunately, awareness about material recycling grows throughout the planet. A small but very noticeable contribution made various artists, craftsmen and enthusiasts, by turning scrap metal into work of art or an interesting decoration for home and garden. Scrap metal dog figure
The Watts Towers in the Watts district of Los Angeles, California, are a collection of 17 interconnected structures, two of which reach heights of over 99 feet (30 m). The Towers were built by Italian immigrant construction worker Sabato ("Sam" or "Simon") Rodia in his spare time over a period of 33 years, from 1921 to 1954. The work is a superb example of non-traditional vernacular architecture. The Towers are located near (and visible from) the 103rd Street-Kenneth Hahn Station of the Metro Rail LACMTA Blue Line. The sculptures' armatures are constructed from steel pipes and rods, wrapped with wire mesh, and coated with mortar. Watts Towers – Los Angeles, California Watts Towers – Los Angeles, California
Over the last 5 years, the Gallery of Steel Figures in Pruszków, Poland has invited artists from around the world to participate in collaborative project to turn scrap metal into art. Using found materials from a local scrapyard, these artists have recreated a Mercedes 300 SL, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Maserati GranTurismo and Ferrari 250 GTO. The attention to detail and commitment to accurately replicating the original is most impressive and can be seen in the interior photos, the curves of the car and even the exposed engine of the Bugatti. Scrap Metal Supercars (12 Photos) Scrap Metal Supercars (12 Photos)
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Ways to Become the MacGyver of Working Online Success Ways to Become the MacGyver of Working Online Success Planning Sets Working Online Success. There are too many people attracted to the idea of making it big online. Many of them probably got enticed with the multi-million dollar testimonials and the get rich quick scheme. They never ever made it that speedy, even though it is correct that there are those who located online accomplishment, given they can be linked to legit resources. The Best Ways to Utilize Working Online Success The planning stage. There’s no better way to plot your success than planning. So, how do you commence? Set your goals. Then find out ways to reach those goals. Do a thorough research. Cracking The Working Online Success Code Step two and onwards. As you know, having the grandest plans by itself will not give you operating on-line achievement, – the working online success code.
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Getting school experience | DfE Get Into Teaching About the programme The School Experience Programme is available exclusively to candidates who have registered with us. It offers you the chance to observe teaching and pastoral work, and the opportunity to talk to teachers about day-to-day life in a school. You should get the chance to see a range of different lessons and age groups being taught – but if you have any specific requests, you can talk to your school about accommodating these. For instance, if you already have experience of observing lessons with younger secondary students, you might want to focus more on lessons with an older age group. While your experience will focus on observation, you may have the chance to plan and deliver part or all of a lesson. How to join Getting experience in a school is an essential part of a good application for teacher training. As part of your placement, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check may be required. Arranging school experience independently Getting school experience | DfE Get Into Teaching
Arranging school experience independently | DfE Get Into Teaching Arranging school experience independently | DfE Get Into Teaching Find the right school You may need to contact a number of different schools in your area to arrange your school experience. The EduBase portal has a list of all the educational establishments in England and Wales, and can filter your search by education phase (primary or secondary) and location to quickly find a suitable school. It’s also worth contacting your old school as many schools are more receptive to requests from ex-students. Daniel Wilkins, English teacher Do your homework Don’t just send enquiries off to generic contact email addresses. Be flexible Classroom experience may have to fit in around a school’s training placements, exams, and other activities. Less is never more The more time you spend getting experience in a school, the better. You can check on different schools’ and universities’ requirements for school experience when you search for courses on the UCAS Teacher Training website A little networking goes a long way Be creative in your search for opportunities.
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Pity the married working mom, who barely has time to do the dishes or go for a run at night, much less spend a nice evening playing Boggle with her husband and kids. But if married working parents are struggling with time management these days, imagine the struggles of low-income single parents. Single-parent households (which by and large are headed by women) have more than tripled as a share of American households since 1960. Now, 35 percent of children live in single-parent households. But while the numbers are growing, the amount of help available to single mothers is not. Ever since the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Law (generally referred to as welfare reform) placed time limits and work requirements on benefits in an effort to get welfare recipients back into the workforce, single-parent families have had a harder time receiving government benefits. So how do they manage? “You’re not going to get far working at Burger King,” she told me. Single Moms in Poverty Single Moms in Poverty
Military Moms Will Get 12 Weeks Off For Maternity Leave (VIDEO) | U.S. > Military Military Moms Will Get 12 Weeks Off For Maternity Leave (VIDEO) | U.S. > Military The Department of Defense is changing up its maternity leave policy in hopes of attracting, and retaining, the right people for the forces. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has made a lot of changes in his quest to attract and retain the “force of the future.” In addition to replacing the military’s pension plan and opening all combat positions to women, he's also overhauling the force’s maternity leave policies. “Among the stresses military families face, having and raising children is near the top,” Carter said. (Video via U.S. So Carter announced a set of initiatives to alleviate some of that stress. For military members who don’t have kids but are trying, the Department of Defense will pay for troops to freeze sperm and eggs. Sounds awesome, right? But sailors and Marines think otherwise. And yet Carter said the military needed a uniform standard to retain forces while still being ready to work, so 12 weeks it will be. "Always, always, the mission effectiveness of our force comes first.
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I found my ideal lifestyle by working remotely At the start of 2014, I decided I need to make some changes in my life. I was working in an office in one of the coolest startups in Cape Town. I have a beautiful family; my wife who works from home and away on weekends shooting as a wedding photographer, my four year old son and my my baby daughter, who had just been born. I live in a far flung suburb of Cape Town, Muizenberg which is a famous and well known surf spot. I loved my job, but after three years at the company, I felt a need to explore something new. The daily grind I would leave the house early in the morning to rush to work. There were lots of days where I would leave for work in the morning, driving past the ocean, spotting amazing waves that I wished I could surf, but knowing I can’t. There would always be a few souls out there though. Work vs Life This might sound familiar to a lot of people. But sometimes work even eats into that. An Escape? But it doesn’t need to be this way. How I found my ideal lifestyle through working remotely
How significant is the digital era? It’s the biggest technology transition in history, according to Cisco’s executive chairman—and requires a proportional response from companies. When John Chambers became chief executive officer of Cisco Systems in 1995, the world had barely entered the modern information age. By the time Chambers stepped down as Cisco’s CEO last year, to become executive chairman, the information age had fundamentally transformed almost every aspect of society. Interview transcript If you’re a leader in today’s world, whether you’re a government leader or a business leader, you have to focus on the fact that this is the biggest technology transition ever. This digital age is the connectivity of going from a thousand devices connected to the Internet to 500 billion. But it will also result in tremendous disruption. Evolving the organization The hard part is how do you change your organization structure? She or he has to think much more outside the box. Finding innovation Cisco’s John Chambers on the digital era
Karrieresprung: Arbeiten in virtuellen Teams Ein Teamkollege sitzt in Indien, der andere in Deutschland, der dritte in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ob Softwareunternehmen, Firmen der Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie oder Automobilfirmen - virtuelle Teams sind längst nicht mehr wegzudenken. Die Zusammenarbeit über elektronische Medien fordert vor allem die sozialen Kompetenzen der Teammitglieder. Herr Hertel, wo ist ein virtueller Teamarbeiter mehr oder anders gefordert als der Mitarbeiter in einem klassischen Team? Mehr zum Thema Virtuelle Teams unterscheiden sich nicht grundsätzlich von traditioneller Gruppenarbeit sondern eher graduell. Spielen diese bei der Auswahl der Teammitglieder tatsächlich eine Rolle? In der Regel kommen virtuelle Teams auf Grund von strategischen Überlegungen zustande, etwa dass Partnerschaften mit einem anderen Unternehmen, in einem anderen Land oder Kontinent gebildet werden oder wichtige Kunden vor Ort betreut werden müssen. Wie sehen diese aus? Was bedeutet das für das Teammanagement?
Sites de recherche d'emploi dans les métiers de la Documentation/Bibliothèque/Librairie Documentation ArchimagLes postes proposés s’adressent aux professionnels de l’Information et de la Documentation. Offres d’emploi d’archiviste, documentaliste, technicien SGBN, bibliothécaire…, propositions de stages A’sforedService d’offres d’emploi s’adressant aux professionnels de l’imprimé et des supports numériques : secteurs et métiers de l’Edition, de la Presse, de la Communication, de l’Imprimerie, de la Librairie, des Bibliothèques et de la documentation PoleDocumentationPublie des offres d’emploi exclusives en InfoDoc : tous les métiers autour de l’infodoc, infocom, veille, intelligence économique, etc., mais propose également un service complet de conseils et coaching gratuits pour la recherche d’emploi dans ce secteur AdbsAssociation des Professionnels de l’Information et de la Documentation Accès aux offres d’emploi réservé aux adhérents CepidLe site d’emploi des professionnels de l’Information et de la Documentation Bibliothèque Librairie
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