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Computers & Software Computers & Software Excel 6 Excel Data Analysis Add-in Tools The Data Analysis add-in, formerly known as the Analysis ToolPak, enters formulas on your behalf so that you can concentrate on what's going on with your data. It has three different tools that are directly [more…] 4 Excel Forecasting Functions Excel has many great tools for sales forecasting. Setting Up Your Sales Forecasting Baseline in Excel It is a good idea to set up your sales forecasting baseline in Excel. What You Get Out of the Excel LINEST Function for Sales Forecasting Excel’s LINEST function is a handy tool for sales forecasting. Excel Sales Forecasting For Dummies Cheat Sheet When you start to learn forecasting, it’s often a good idea to lean on the Excel tools in the Data Analysis add-in.
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Photoshop Tutorials — Animation By this translated course, we will teach you how to make animation by using cs5, providing the source file download of PSD. Video Timeline in Photoshop is an animation tool-set more advanced than Frames Animation on older versions of Photoshop. An example is using layers that have attributes attached to them, for more ease and better animations. Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to make a basic, frame animation using text. The author is a blogger at which is your dependable multimedia software provider. This is a complete tutorial of how to create bouncing ball animation in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will guide you on how to create a waving animated flag. Editing video in Photoshop CS6 is now as easy as editing photos. Create an animated banner AD in GIF format. No doubt you’ll have heard of the term Cinemagraph since it exploded onto the Internets. How to Create a Simple Equalizer Animation in Photoshop « Previous123456789…5354Next » Help us out! Photoshop Tutorials — Animation
Photoshop is an easy tool to use and a difficult one to master, but help is at hand with our comprehensive list of tips, tricks and fixes for Adobe's showpiece software. Whether you're looking for tips on using layers, advice on mastering the pen tool, a guide to using RAW, or ways to improve your brush work, it's all here! Most of these tips were originally published in Practical Photoshop magazine – now part of Digital Camera World. If you're a photographer, we recommend making DCW a rest stop on your travels around the web! Here are the best Photoshop tips, whether you are using an older CS version or the very latest Creative Cloud software. Let's get started… Quick Photoshop tips 01. Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around. 02. You probably know that Cmd/Ctrl+Z is Undo, but you may not know Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you undo more than one history state. 03. 1000 history states 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 120 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today | Photoshop 120 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today | Photoshop
Newly Released Free Photoshop Tutorials of 2013 Just when we all believe there is not much to learn in Photoshop, Adobe launched a new product called Photoshop CC that means you still have a lot to learn while practicing new techniques and offers with the help of fresh Photoshop tutorials. There are abundance of Photoshop tutorials some of which are must to check out in order to begin designing but even then the rate of releasing new fresh Photoshop tutorials is surprising. Each new tutorial manages to trigger any designer to learn new techniques and understand the application of new style. I am sure with the launch of new Photoshop CC we will be seeing a lot more tutorials in future that reveal the potential of this cool graphic design software. Post updated on 5 July 2013 In today’s post we took a different approach where we compiled only fresh and free Photoshop tutorials that have been released in last two months. Recommended Reading: Few Available Calendar Design Tutorials & Free Calendar PSDs Poster Mockups in Photoshop Newly Released Free Photoshop Tutorials of 2013

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I have received many messages and a positive feedback regarding my recent parallax website tutorial. Based on your feedback I have decided to create another tutorial, this time aimed more towards a junior and mid developers. I will try to explain everything in more detail and you can also download the starting files to follow the tutorial step by step. First have a look at what we will be creating and download the starting files. View Demo Download Starting Files Quick overview In this tutorial you will learn: how to setup your html for a parallax websitehow to animate background image at a different speed then page scrollinghow to precisely control the timing and duration of your animations. Instructions Open the index.html, /css/main.css and /js/_main.js files in your favorite code editor. Step 1 – Setup CSS Each section has a custom background and the content is repositioned to the desired position. Step 2 – Skrollr.js Section 1 Get my free tips and save heaps of time. Section 2 Section 3 Simple parallax scrolling tutorial Simple parallax scrolling tutorial
Skrollr Tutorial | How To Create A Scrolling Slideshow Skrollr Tutorial | How To Create A Scrolling Slideshow In this tutorial we will create a scrolling website containing 4 fullscreen sections with images and a short description. We’ll use Skrollr.js and to animate CSS3 transform: translate() of a large container to create smooth scrolling transitions between the slides. View Demo Download Files What you’ll learn how to lay out your htmlhow to use Skrollr for horizontal animationshow to pause a scrolling animationhow to animate like David Copperfieldand much more Related Screencast Busy working on your own project? 1:22 – 1. Open the starting files, watch the video and follow the steps below. 1. This will be our full width, full height container with an overflow hidden. body and html are both resized to 100% width and height. #slides is a container that will include all 4 slides. Again it takes up the whole screen. 2. Next we’ll add 4 divs .slide and set the width and height to 50%. This will make sure we can layout all 4 of these containers into each corner of the parent #slides. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Sizing: Curvy Girl 1 (2, 3, 4) Finished Bust 46 (51, 55, 58) in. (117 (129.5, 139.5, 147.5) cm) Finished Hips 56 (62, 66, 70) in. (142 (157.5, 167.5, 178) cm) Finished Length 32 1/2 (33 1/2, 34 1/2, 34 1/2) in. (82.5 (85, 87.5, 87.5) cm) Note: Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To follow pattern more easily, circle all numbers pertaining to your size before beginning. Materials: 136-350 Lion Brand® Heartland Yarn: Mount Rainier Tweed - 8 balls Lion Brand Crochet Hook - Size J-10 (6 mm) Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6) BPDC (back post double crochet) Yarn over, insert hook from back to front then to back, going around post of indicated st, draw up a loop, (yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice. Pattern Notes: Cardigan is made in 5 pieces: Back, 2 Fronts, and 2 Sleeves. Get more patterns like this in our collection of 15 Crochet Sweater Patterns for Fall Curvy Girl Cable Crochet Cardigan Curvy Girl Cable Crochet Cardigan
Crochet Hooded Sweatshirt There are currently no images from other crochet readers. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. 4) Removal of Materials. 5) License for Name, Trademarks and Likenesses. 6) Specifications and Guidelines. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. 8) Restrictions. 9) No Obligation. 10) Changes to Agreement. 11) Prime Publishing Intellectual Property. 12) Communications. 13) Waiver. 14) Disclaimer. 15) Miscellaneous. Sharing Your Own Images Who can share images? You! What should I share? Please share images that will help other visitors. Do include captions for your images. What shouldn't I share? Behave as if you were a guest at a friend's dinner party: please treat the Prime Publishing community with respect. The same guidelines apply to your captions and notes. Crochet Hooded Sweatshirt
Oversized Lean Poncho [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy RightsRevised and posted as of October 28, 2016 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically. In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights.How we collect information and what information we collect.How we may use information.How we may share information.Your choices regarding the sharing of information. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/YOUR AGREEMENTCompany websites are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 or those who are not legal residents of the United States. HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION AND WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We also collect information through our web server applications. HOW DO WE USE THIS INFORMATION? Oversized Lean Poncho
CD Selection Template Tutorial Let's Make that CD Template Step 1 Open and new image 713x713x150 Step 2 Zoom out so you can see the entire image area. Step 3 Set you rectangle selection tool for 'Circle' and check mark the 'anti alias'. Step 4 You will start at the central point of the image, , hold down the SHIFT key and drag a circle the full size of the image until the cordinances match these , then let go of the shift key and the mouse button. flood fill the selected area; you should have a circle of white then deselect. Step 5 You will make another circle selection, starting at the central cordinances of , hold down the SHIFT key and drag the mouse until the cordinances in match these cordinances, ; then let go of the SHIFT key and the mouse button giving you this image. Next, delete the selected area Step 6 You will now have a white doughnut shape; select ALL Step 7 Now float the selection using the menu or by clicking on the image one time. You can now close the image or decorate it for making your first CD label. CD Selection Template Tutorial
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Step 1 Start by creating a new document. I suggest you make it rather large (the example is 512px) since you don’t want the stars in the background to look repetitive. Then make a new layer and fill it with black. Step 2 Next we will create the stars. Step 3 Now, apply Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur, to thicken up some of the soon-to-be stars (a setting of around 0.5 should work). Step 4 Next we’ll soften it back up with another pass of Gaussian Blur. Step 5 Now, we’ll add some detail… make a new layer, make white your foreground color, and choose the Airbrush tool. Step 6 The last step, if you plan to turn your starscape in to a seamless background, is to ensure that the four sides of your image will tile properly. View the final product Starscape | Photoshop Tutorials | Absolute Cross
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LPT: How to get the most out of Google/search engines(Boolean searches & additional tricks) - long post, but have always found it very useful for general & specific searches : LifeProTips
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Life is becoming faster than a rat race every day. Coping with the speed is stressful and unproductive most of the time. Organizing your personal and professional tasks can overwhelm you. How do you toggle your priorities? The Benefits of Using Smartphone Apps for organization Mobile apps come in useful, whether for business purposes or personal use. For a start, they boost productivity. Further, they improve processes. Moreover, mobile applications facilitate communication. Smartphone applications, whatever their purpose, make you more accessible to others. Perhaps the greatest advantage of these apps is that they allow people greater flexibility. Ways to Use SmartPhone Apps for Organization Smartphone apps remove the clutter from your life. Mobile apps are your taskmasters. Many apps help you to manage your family life as well. If you are a shopaholic, mobile apps are what you need. Certain apps help you keep track of your belongings. 31 Best Smartphone Apps to Organize your life 1. 2. 31 Best Smartphone Apps to Organize Your Life
How to Cut out Hair in Photoshop CC Tutorial How to Use Select and Mask to extract something from its background in Photoshop CC 2015.5 Note: If you are using Photoshop CS6 or earlier use this tutorial One of the most popular tasks in photoshop is removing something from its background, extracting, masking, floating, whatever you choose to call it. Up until now, the quick select brush and refine edge have been the tools of choice for most of the work. Adobe has been hard at work with the Select and Mask space. You will notice, that it looks similar to refine edge, but it’s much better. Either start with a selection, or choose a selection tool and choose Select and Mask from the options barChoose the Onionskin mode (all new) and begin to paint on your subject (O key).If you move the opacity slider, you can choose a balance between the original image and the current selection. And bingo, a perfect selection! Here are the commands on the Global Refinement tools and what they do: FreeTutorials In Depth Premium training See you at the CAFE
Posted on 28. Apr, 2010 by DAS Team in Articles Hello, my name is Nick Deligaris. I’m 28 years old and I have studied graphic design for 4 years. However, I work professionally mostly as a freelance illustrator and 3d artist. The method, technique, or strategy if you prefer, that someone will follow in the artwork creation process play a critical role in the final outcome. My favourite software tools are Photoshop, 3ds max and ZBrush, and my hardware tools are a PC and a Wacom tablet. The first step of creation is always a rough sketch, and it is usually the most difficult and sometimes the most time-consuming part. The second step is to organize all the scene elements in layers, so that we can work on the composition more easily and efficiently. In case we have an outline sketch ready, we place that layer on top of the stack in “Multiply” blend mode, with all the rest layers added below that. For more information, visit: How to Transform Your Imagination to Reality. | Digital Art Secrets | Free Tutorials for Digital Painting
How to Use Good Reference Photos for Landscape Painting The problem is knowing how to choose and use a good photo. This is an important step to the success of your finished painting. Problems can arise when the artist relies too heavily on photographs for their soul inspiration because photos obviously lack the depth, value, color and saturation of reality. For instance, the beautiful colors and details of a shadow are generally lost within a photograph, as explained below in Rusty’s demonstration. This is why most professional artists make outdoor plein air sketches of their landscape subject, along with reference photographs to be used in the studio. I know from experience that those little plein air studies are valuable color and value reference photo material for a studio landscape. My Facebook friend and talented landscape painter, Rusty Jones explains how to use and not use a photograph as reference material for a studio landscape painting. Guest artist/author: Rusty Jones Let’s start with my setup: When to Use Photos as Reference.
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