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Internships in the Game Industry My Summer Internship at Electronic Arts This past Spring I interviewed with EA and was offered a position to work as a software engineering intern with the Sims team. Although every game studio is different, the following describes the process I went through to obtain an internship as well a few tips for obtaining the summer internship of your dreams! Preparing for the Game Industry The first step in obtaining an internship in the game industry is to prepare. Research the Game Industry Working in the game industry can be a lot of fun! Although playing games is fun, that's not always the case when creating them. Play and Analyze Games To excel in the game industry you must be passionate about video and computer games. Take Challenging Classes Because working in the game industry seems so glamorous, competition for jobs is fierce. At college take as many game-related classes as you can. Work on Independent Projects One way to differentiate yourself is by working on independent projects. Internships in the Game Industry
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Using Focus Stacking to Extend Depth of Field Focus stacking is a powerful technique for extending a photo's apparent depth of field. It's perhaps most useful in close-up and macro photography, since the camera lens's highest f-stop is often insufficient to render everything in focus. It can even overcome the otherwise unavoidable sharpness loss from diffraction. However, focus stacking is also quite a complicated technique to master. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful tool. Photo taken under full moonlight atop Clare Bridge in Cambridge, England.Two focusing distances were used: one for the sphere and the other for the background. When a photographer requires more depth of field, they typically just increase the f-stop setting of their camera lens. Landscape Photography Low-light Photography Landscape photography: one may wish to obtain a vast depth of field, while also avoiding softness at the focal plane due to diffraction. What's the solution? Focus stacking works in three general stages: 1. 2. 3. Near Focus ← or → Using Focus Stacking to Extend Depth of Field
25 flower photography tips for beginners Improve your flower photography: tips, tricks and techniques for pictures bursting with style. All you need, from the best digital camera settings to lighting for flowers… Now’s the time to improve your flower photos. Spring and summer offer huge potential to shoot stunning plant and flower portraits. Whether it’s in your garden, a public park or even on the side of the road, there’s plenty of fantastic photos for the taking. 1 Macro lenses If you’re interested in close-up flower photography then you should invest in a macro lens. 2 Extension tubes If you want to try close-up photography without the expense of a macro lens, then extension tubes are a good alternative. Flower photography tip: choose a tripod that gets to ground level quickly and easily. 3 Use a tripod A good tripod is worth its weight in gold when photographing flowers – so pick the heaviest! 4 Remote release In order to produce flower pictures that are pin-sharp you need to reduce the risk of camera-shake. 5 Go telephoto 25 flower photography tips for beginners
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Want to Save a LOT of Money for Travel? Go Cold Turkey. There’s a lot of books and articles out there on how to save money for travel. All of them require you to plan, be detail oriented, and budget like an expert accountant. They banter on about steps and exercises to cut your expenditures to reach some milestones of saving money you’ll be happy with. Well, I could never follow the points these articles detail out because they require you to keep a detailed account of every expenditure. You just spent $5 on a latte? Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems Unfortunately, I’m just not detail oriented enough when it comes to tracking where each penny is spent. But what I lack in planning and detail orientation I make up for it with sheer willpower. So what does addiction and going cold turkey’s got anything to do with travel? In America, we’re addicted to a different kind of drug. Do you remember those Saturday morning cartoons you used to watch? Addicted to Stuff. I do understand that some (if not most) people are just into material things. Yeah, it’s stuff. Want to Save a LOT of Money for Travel? Go Cold Turkey.
Why You Should Not Start A Travel Blog To Fund Your Travels Back in college, I had a roommate, Andy, who I shared a studio with. We were poor students and idealistic. Andy, in particular, was a driven individual. He had lofty dreams and aspirations. Andy wanted to become a Hollywood superstar. He would join the thousands flocking to Hollywood in the California movie industry gold rush. OK, what’s dreaming about becoming a Hollywood star and gold rush got to do with travel blogs? Bare with me. I’m sure you’ve seen and read it all before. Over Saturated Market. Just Google the term “Travel Blog” and you’ll get a whopping 289,000,000 hits and there are at least a couple results for “How to Start a Travel blog.” There’s actually more people looking to start a travel blog than there is reading an actual travel blog. Sure a lot of these blogs give you a generic advice on finding your niche on an already extremely narrow niche field of Travel Blogging. How do you carve up a niche in an already niched field? Or “Epic travel’s with a sixth toe.” Hooray! Why You Should Not Start A Travel Blog To Fund Your Travels
Save A Lot Of Money To Travel By Going Cold Turkey
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30 vins à moins de 15 dollars à acheter les yeux fermés | Tout sur le Vous avez envie d’un vin sympa cette semaine, sans trop « défoncer » votre budget ? En voici une trentaine pour tous les goûts. Du blanc, du rouge, un rosé et même un mousseux. Par Frédéric Arnould ( Les bons achats en blanc ! Sonovino, Chardonnay, Vino Varietale, Italie Simple vous avez dit ? Giacondi, Pinot grigio, Vénétie, Italie Un blanc vraiment pas compliqué mais qui plaira aux amateurs de pinot gris. Vina Sol, Torres, Espagne La maison Torres se retrouve souvent dans ces colonnes et pour cause, puisque ses produits sont toujours au-dessus de tout soupçon. Gros-Manseng/Sauvignon blanc, Alain Brumont, France Que voilà un vin, qui, millésime après millésime, me satisfait pleinement. Ormarine, Picpoul de Pinet, Les pins de Camille, Languedoc, France Cela fait déjà quelques années que ce vin du Languedoc, produit quelque part autour du Bassin de Thau, au milieu du triangle Agde-Pézenas-Sète, se retrouve toujours sur ma table. Catarina, Bacalhoa, Portugal WordPress: 30 vins à moins de 15 dollars à acheter les yeux fermés | Tout sur le
[À PARTAGER] Voici la liste des 21 meilleurs vins à 10$ et moins à la SAQ De bonnes bouteilles de vin à moins de 10 $ ? Il n’y a pas si longtemps, sur les tablettes de la SAQ, c’était rare, voire exceptionnel. Mais après trois baisses de prix consécutives annoncées par la SAQ au cours des derniers mois, environ 125 vins différents se retrouvent maintenant sous la barre psychologique de 10 $, le moins cher étant à 6 $ pour 1 litre. Plusieurs figuraient déjà parmi nos listes des meilleurs vins à moins de 15$. Voici donc votre guide pour des vins de tous les jours, sans prétention, que vous pourrez acheter à la caisse sans vous ruiner. les blancs Frontera Chardonnay, Valle Central, Concha Y Toro, Chili Un chardonnay sud-américain classique, aux notes de poires et de vanille, lisse et souple. Chenin blanc 2015, Coastal Region, Douglas Green, Afrique du Sud Ce petit chenin blanc d’Afrique du Sud fait plutôt plaisir. Chenin Blanc 2014, Robertson Winery, Breede River Valley, Afrique du Sud Le chenin est l'un des cépages qui réussit le mieux en Afrique du Sud. les rouges [À PARTAGER] Voici la liste des 21 meilleurs vins à 10$ et moins à la SAQ
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Human Life Value Calculator: Premium Calculators - Aegon Life Human Life Value Calculator: Premium Calculators - Aegon Life Aegon Life, is one of India's leading insurance company offering range of life insurance plans including term insurance, savings, ULIPs, health and pension. Site best viewed at 1024 x 768 using Firefox 15+,IE 9+,Chrome 22+,Safari 5.1+,Opera 12.1+. *By submitting my contact details I authorize Aegon Life Insurance to Call or SMS me with reference to this enquiry. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Trade logo displayed belongs to M/s AEGON N.V. and M/s Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited and used by Aegon Life Insurance Company Ltd. under trade agreement. Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited.
Share Market Basics for Beginners, Stock Investment Guide - Angel Broking Angel Broking explains five Golden Rules of Equity Investments 08 Jan 2016 | 01:00PM Investing can be exciting and rewarding when investors adhere to stock market basics. Before you go ahead to reap profits from the trade, here are a few share market basics for beginners which you need to know: Understand the Entire Procedure: Every person begins with the basics when starting anything new. When investors stick to the stock market basics, they can sail smoothly even through difficult market conditions. Share Market Basics for Beginners, Stock Investment Guide - Angel Broking
These are the 3 basic steps to start drop shipping products. #1: Building or renting a webshop for products: The biggest profit margins, the best branding, and the most flexibility come through selling product on your own webshop. Create your own online store in 1 minute for FREE Look at this screenshot ! Source: G2Crowd #2: Picking the best products to sell: You can find easy-to-sell products on AliExpress and Oberlo is an excellent tool to find, choose, upload and edit products into your webshop. #3: Online marketing your eShop: There are plenty of strategies to generate FREE and paid traffic. Download it ! Recommended press release: SEO expert skills 2017. dropshipping business | ASO Training for Digital Marketers dropshipping business | ASO Training for Digital Marketers
View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as... Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations Select an annotations set to edit Select annotations for review My Annotations Annotations for Review Save Annotations Save as: Prizm Content Connect v10.5.1030.3590 Prizm Content Connect v10.5.1030.3590 Prizm Doc (formerly Prizm Content Connect) is a web based online document viewer and can be embedded into any web page or linked from any page. © 2017 Accusoft - All Rights Reserved. eCommerce SEO guide PDF | edocr
How to use Semrush’s new PPC keyword tool ? | ASO Training for Digital Marketers You may have read about the new BETA development from Semrush known as PPC keyword tool. Now I am posting some screenshots from my Semrush pro account how this new tool can help you to manage and track your long-tails keywords related to your added Adwords account. #1 You can find the new tool under ” Projects ” when you logged in. #2 You can import your sources easily from Semrush or Adwords account. #3 This tool allows you to manage you Adwords campaings more effectively than other tools on the market. #4 You can track and manage your keywords according to CPC, search volume, match type etc. #5 You have option to manage negative keywords accross different ad groups in order to avoid crossing each others. #6 When you done you can export your keywords list to your Adwords account with one click. You want to know more ?

One account. All of Google. Sign in with your Google Account Find my account Forgot password? Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google Sign in - Google Accounts
Quick Rubric Offers an Easy Way to Create Rubrics Online Quick Rubric is a free tool for writing, editing, and printing rubrics. On Quick Rubric you can create a rubric that is tailored to your points/ scoring system, the quantity of descriptors that you need, and utilizes the exact language that you specify. You can save as many rubrics as you like in your free Quick Rubric account. You can copy and modify rubrics your account so that you don't always have to start from scratch when creating a new assignment rubric. Applications for Education Quick Rubric won't make choosing the language that goes into your rubrics any easier, but it will make it easier to save, edit, and print your rubrics once they are complete. There is a rubric writing tips section in Quick Rubric as well as a formatting tips section that some teachers should find helpful. Disclosure: Quick Rubric is owned by the same people who own Storyboard That and advertise on
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7 motivos pelos quais você sente muito sono durante o dia | Viver Bem Basta olhar ao seu redor para notar o quanto as pessoas andam cansadas. Alguém cochila no ônibus, um colega suspira na sala de reunião, o estudante ronca em sala de aula e o balcão do cafezinho está sempre lotado. Parece tão normal sentir-se com muito sono o tempo todo. Só que não! Sonolência excessiva pode ter consequências graves. Se você tem problemas para ficar acordado, sofre com sonolência diurna excessiva, cochila facilmente e tem dificuldade para se concentrar, você pode se perguntar: Por que tenho tanto sono? #1 Falta de manutenção do sono A causa mais comum – e óbvia – de sentir-se com muito sono é a própria falta de sono. #2 Apneia do sono Muita gente não sabe, mas a apneia – condição em que você para de respirar repetidamente enquanto dorme – atrapalha muito a qualidade do seu sono. #3 Narcolepsia É um distúrbio caracterizado por sonolência excessiva e ataques frequentes de sono durante o dia. #4 Síndrome Crônica de Fadiga Esta é outra condição que pode deixá-lo sonolento.
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