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De Wet van Moore – dat de rekenkracht van computers elke anderhalf tot twee jaar verdubbelt – is een van de grote cliché’s van onze moderne technologische samenleving. Maar volgens The Futurist is er een opvolger: de Wet van Wright. Die is toepasbaar op veel meer dan transistoren alleen, maar op 62 technologische sectoren. De wet stelt bovendien dat de exponentiële groei het gevolg is van onze gezamenlijke inspanning – en dus allesbehalve een onontkoombaar gegeven is. Het werk van Nikola Tesla vormde de basis voor draadloze communicatie, dat wisten we al. Stel je een psycholoog voor die vooral bekend is van zijn zoektocht naar het menselijk zelfbewustzijn. Hoe krijg je zware metalen uit de grond? En de fraude van Diederik Stapel, die blijft maar groeien in omvang. Stel: je bent een universiteit en je wilt iemand aannemen. Het regent vaker op vochtige dan droge gebieden. Moore's Law wordt Wright's Law Moore's Law wordt Wright's Law
Door: Jacqueline Quarles van Ufford, 25 april 2015 ‘We halen groengas uit shit, daar komt het in het kort op neer,’ aldus ondernemer en uitvinder Kirsten Zagt. En dan niet uit koeienmest maar uit rioolslib en groente- en fruitafval. Deze aanpak komt bovendrijven uit vele experimenten die onderdeel uitmaakten van het Nederlandse innovatieplatform. Wanneer alle rioolslib volgens de methode van Kirsten wordt vergist, levert dit via het aardgasnet voldoende groengas op voor alle huishoudens in Nederland. Inmiddels hebben de Gasunie, GasTerra en Bareau, het ingenieursbureau van Kirsten Zagt, de handen ineen geslagen. ‘Waterzuiveringstechnieken bij de Waterschappen zijn ouderwets en innovaties komen vaak niet verder dan plak en knipwerk’. Rendement van 80% ‘Nu kopen boeren mais in om de mestvergister aan te vullen en het rendement van biogas uit koeienmest te verhogen,’ aldus Kirsten. Vergelijkbaar met proces bierbrouwerij Opslag piekbelasting elektriciteitsnet Most Disruptive Technology Alle Nederlandse huishoudens over op groengas uit rioolslib? | CO2-neutraal, duurzaam en energiebewust ondernemen voor bedrijven, besparen en zelf opwekken Alle Nederlandse huishoudens over op groengas uit rioolslib? | CO2-neutraal, duurzaam en energiebewust ondernemen voor bedrijven, besparen en zelf opwekken
How the Internet of Things will Impact our Productivity The Internet of Things is a phenomenon many people talk about, but most fail to understand its nature and implications on the future of our daily lives – including our economic and individual productivity. According to a Harvard economist, Michael Porter, the Internet of Things has the potential to boost the efficiency of enterprises in driving the market towards innovation. On the individual level, technologies which are part of the Internet of Things will make professionals more productive than ever – effectively changing the face of work organization and management. Here's a detailed overview of how the Internet of Things will make us all more efficient in the near future. What exactly is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that many experts think doesn’t accurately capture the idea behind the increasing number of smart, connected objects. How will the Internet of Things impact the economy at large? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The Internet of Things in the future How the Internet of Things will Impact our Productivity
DARPA’s new cheap robot is capable of changing apparent shape, color, temperature and more By End the Lie In nature, some organisms use bioluminescence to communicate. DARPA’s soft robot achieves the same glowing effect by pumping chemiluminescent solutions through channels in the robot’s color layer. It seems that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has taken a major step forward in creating an astoundingly cheap and quite small robot that “can change the color, contrast, pattern, apparent shape, luminescence, and surface temperature of soft machines for camouflage and display,” according to a report published in Science. Along with the DARPA-funded miniature spy computer known as the Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors (F-BOMB), this robot very well could be produced for less than $100 per unit with costs going down even further over time. The robot, which is part of the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program, is around the size of an average person’s palm and can be seen in motion in the below video provided by DARPA: DARPA’s new cheap robot is capable of changing apparent shape, color, temperature and more
Lifting the Veil on NRO Satellite Systems and Ground Stations Washington, D.C., October 4, 2012 – Today, the National Security Archive posts the fourth in a series of electronic briefing books concerning secrecy and satellite reconnaissance - one of the most sensitive areas of U.S. intelligence-gathering. Specific satellite programs whose declassification is covered in this briefing book include some of the earliest and, at the time, most secretive programs of their kind: CORONA, ARGON, LANYARD, GRAB, POPPY, GAMBIT, HEXAGON, and QUILL. The 78-document collection, obtained mostly under the Freedom of Information Act, consists of eight parts covering declassification actions from 1973 to 2012 involving satellite programs, ground stations, and launches. For example, long gaps can exist between the date a particular satellite program has been terminated and the date information about it is released -- up to almost four decades in some cases. Among the specific revelations in the collection: By Jeffrey T. Table 1. Table 2. Table 3. Documents Lifting the Veil on NRO Satellite Systems and Ground Stations
Why is a missile site like a latrine? | On The Brink Earlier this week, I was invited to talk to a roomful of intelligence analysts at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, commemorating the 50h anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. We were joined by two intelligence veterans, Dino Brugioni and Vincent DiRenzo, who first identified the presence of Soviet medium-range missiles on Cuba, on October 15, 1962. The photograph above shows DiRenzo, then a young CIA officer, (far right) at a light table in October 1962, examining photographs taken by one of the U-2 spy planes that flew over Cuba. It was these photographs that triggered the hair-raising "thirteen days" when the world came closer than ever before-or since-to nuclear destruction. As I told the NGA analysts, the Cuban missile crisis marked the hour of the photo interpreter. Of course, the photo interpreters did not succeed in getting everything. Even on the edge of nuclear apocalypse, the photo analysts managed to retain a sense of humor. Why is a missile site like a latrine? | On The Brink
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Apps Marketplace - Dee Lanier- EduTechServe Super Script!! by Diane Powell February 28, 2014 Dee Lanier did a wonderful job adapting to the needs of the group. He is flexible in his presentation style and not afraid to try to demo something in response to a participant question. Highly recommended!! Report this Wild Acres googling by Sheila Zagar October 14, 2013 Dee, I appreciated the iPad training at the Wild Acre Retreat with STEM FELLOWS. Report this Google Apps Training by Erin Stalnaker July 24, 2013 Dee Lanier provided an engaging and relevant training experience. Report this by Elisabeth Watts July 24, 2013 As a Google user who knows the "basics", Dee Lanier opened up a whole new world to me on the power of Google. Report this Trinity Google Training by S Mauney July 30, 2012 Thanks Dee for helping this "conspiracy theorist" begin to learn about the interesting world of google. Report this The requested reviews could not be loaded at this time. Apps Marketplace - Dee Lanier- EduTechServe
Here is your grade for "Gmail Qualification Quiz" - kendall.didsbury - The Benjamin School Mail
More and more classrooms are gaining access to technology that can be used with students. Whether you're modeling a lesson, creating stations, or working in a one-to-one classroom, virtual tools can promote student engagement while increasing academic success. Here are some apps for iPads -- along with a few other tips -- that can transform your daily lessons and are definitely worth checking out! Base Ten Blocks Number Pieces is a great free app that allows every student with an iPad to have an endless number of base ten blocks at their fingertips. Whether they are learning basic place value, modeling how to add decimals, or exploring expanded notation, this app is worth looking into. Protractor Even on an iPad, a protractor can be used as a tool to measure angles. Graph Paper Geometry Pad lets children draw lines and shapes on graph paper. Geoboard Say goodbye to rubber bands! Ruler Ruler is a neat app to try out on your iPad -- it simply turns your screen into a ruler. Pattern Shapes Clock 11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom 11 Virtual Tools for the Math Classroom
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A good majority of northern hemisphere and international schools are winding down the 2011-2012 school year and doors will be closing as the students and teachers take off on their summer adventures. Here is a list of great sites for kids and teachers to keep you happily productive and learning this summer. These are in no way in any order of personal preference or coolness. Happy summer! 1. If your students like The Magic Tree House Series (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) 2. Can’t afford that summer vacation schlepping around Europe? 3. ReadWriteThink creates a lot of great educational resources. 4. Spell With Flickr is a simple site that allows you to enter any word and it will create a photo representation of that word using pictures from Flickr. 5. Freeology is a fantastic resource for teachers to download pre-made, or create a plethora of free graphic organizers, forms, calendars, certificates, worksheets, and more! 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. CELLS Alive! 48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers 48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers
10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps Maps are handy for a lot of reasons. Not only do they help us navigate through certain areas, they also enable us to learn more about the world and what it has to offer. What if you’re someone who wants to create a map instead? Sure, there’s Google Map and Google Earth to help you out but there are actually other tools to choose from as well. Here we’ve gathered 10 free amazing tools that you can use to create your own maps. From maps that are conveniently made for sharing to ones that are quite interactive, the selection below has a range of things to satisfy your mapping needs. Recommended Reading: 40 Creative Remakes Of The World Map 1. If you’re looking to create and view beautifully informative animated maps then this is the tool for you. If you send an Animap to your friends then it will display like a video which they can play, pause, slow and speed up. 2. You can use any one of the top map providers such as Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Open Street Map to get your map out there. 3. 10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps
Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking 2342 486Share Synopsis Aspects of creative thinking that are not usually taught. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. And, finally, Creativity is paradoxical. Tags: adversity, contemporaries, creative education, creative geniuses, creative life, creative thinker, creative thinking, education, lighting systems, masterpieces, minor poets, motions, picasso, practicality, profitability, rembrandt, self-help, shakespeare, sonnets, special person, symphonies, thomas edison, wolfgang amadeus mozart
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I Spy on My Own Wi-Fi Q. How can I see who is connected to my home Wi-Fi network? A. Depending on your interest in technical fiddling, you can see what other devices are connected to your network in several ways. For one, you could log into your wireless router’s administrative page and check its DCHP Client Table (sometimes called the DHCP Client List or Attached Devices, as some router companies use different terms) to see the roster of computers, smartphones, tablets and other gear currently connected to the wireless router.
15 iPhone Tricks Apple Has Been Hiding From You The ongoing debate between Android and Apple users just got a little more complicated. While both surely have qualities that appeal to all kinds of smartphone users, Apple’s staple characteristic of being more “user-friendly” may or may not be a load of false advertising. With its almost too-simple interface, iPhones have essentially remained the same since their origination. However, with every new edition of this popular device, there also comes a few major and minor updates – many of which we may not even realize exist. Apple engineers may be patting themselves on the back for their progressive shifts in this user-friendly phone, but perhaps they should have a word with the advertising department first. 1. Cult of Mac Ever wish you could listen to your favorite sleepy-time playlist before bed without having to worry about turning off your music in the middle of the night? 2. iMore Instead of sticking to the standard vibration pattern for your text messages, create your own! 3. 4. 5.

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In 2009, Ford brought its new supermini, the Fiesta, over from Europe in a brave attempt to attract the attention of young Americans. It passed out 100 of the cars to influential bloggers for a free six-month test-drive, with just one condition: document your experience online, whether you love the Fiesta or hate it. Young bloggers loved the car. Young drivers? Not so much. After a brief burst of excitement, in which Ford sold more than 90,000 units over 18 months, Fiesta sales plummeted. Don’t blame Ford. Adulthood, Delayed The Great Recession changed young Americans' attitudes about what it means to be an Derek Thompson In a bid to reverse these trends, General Motors has enlisted the youth-brand consultants at MTV Scratch—a corporate cousin of the TV network responsible for Jersey Shore—to give its vehicles some 20-something edge. Perhaps. Since World War II, new cars and suburban houses have powered the economy and propelled recoveries. The Cheapest Generation
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