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The latest WhatsApp Gold feature is basically a bluff. The hoax is in the form of a message that is alerting users about a virus. It comes in the form of a video which tends to claim to be the latest WhatsApp update. WhatsApp Gold is an old scam that has made a comeback on messaging platform. WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app, which is sensitive to many bluffs. An old scam called “WhatsApp Gold” has made a comeback. This WhatsApp feature is a big fake and users should be very careful about such messages. In the past, WhatsApp had taken steps to put down the forwarded messages to restrict fake news circulation. New WhatsApp Gold Feature is Actually a Big Hoax » Trending Cultures New WhatsApp Gold Feature is Actually a Big Hoax » Trending Cultures
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Genomic Loopholes and Other Weapons - Issue 6: Secret Codes Back in 2000, before MRSA—Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus—had become a household word, Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg wrote in the journal Science that “the future of humanity and microbes [would] likely unfold as episodes of a suspense thriller that could be titled Our Wits Versus Their Genes.” Thirteen years later, it is “their genes” that seem to be winning out. In the United States alone, roughly 2 million people suffer from drug-resistant infections each year; according to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, about 23,000 of them die. While the microbes have cracked almost all of our codes—rapidly evolving around one drug after another—we have yet to fully crack many of theirs. Scientists have a growing understanding of the molecular wizardry by which bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, but they have yet to circumvent it. Antibiotics are, by far, the greatest weapon we humans have had in this contest. Genomic Loopholes and Other Weapons - Issue 6: Secret Codes
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Student Tech Team: Student Leadership in Action Student Tech Team: Student Leadership in Action One of my goals for this year is provide more opportunities for authentic student leadership, specifically in the tech support and training that we do with students and teachers. We have a very engaged and supportive learning community here at YIS, and in addition to our fantastic student councils at each division, we have a great opportunity to add more student leadership in an area where students are often the expert: technology. Facilitating a Student Tech Team Throughout my career as a teacher, I’ve always facilitated some sort of middle school student tech team. In some schools it’s been a hang-out time for students who enjoy spending more time with technology, in others it’s been more like an extra class where we have actual lessons, in other schools it’s turned into a movie making club or some other form of creative use of technology. Over the last two years at YIS, I’ve facilitated our Middle School Student Tech Team, and each year I’ve learned a ton from my students.
Creating a Student Technical Support Team - Australian Teachers Blog Creating a Student Technical Support Team - Australian Teachers Blog Guest Post by Bridget Crooks - Expert Educator, New Zealand I am a great believer in collaboration and co-construction. As a teacher I am only one part of the education equation. So, when our school was undertaking the change to WiFi and BYOD, it seemed axiomatic that we should share some of the leadership with the students. It took a bit of searching to find out what form this would take – but we settled on a team of student experts – who would bridge the gap between the staff and the student body. I was looking for a group of IT Ninjas. These students would be part of the communication in regards to the technical direction of the school – the student voice that is so important in 21st century education. The Application Process and Selection I started the process six months before the roll out of the WiFi and byod programme. I was hoping for a gender split, and was interested in all technologically interested students. Strategic Planning and Branding Their Roles Student Mentoring Guest Post By
Word Scramble Puzzle Generator Word Scramble Puzzle Generator Math Addition Algebra (Basic) Area Counting Money Decimals Division (Basic) Division (Long Division) Elapsed Time Fractions (Basic) Fractions (Advanced) Fractions (Add-Subtract) Fractions (Mixed Numbers) Geometry Graphing Greater Than, Less Than Hundreds Charts In & Out Boxes Integers Measurement Multiplication (Basic) Multiplication (Advanced) Multiplication Tables Odd & Even Numbers Ordered Pairs Percents Perimeter Place Value Probability Rounding Skip Counting Subtraction Symmetry Telling Time Word Problems More Math Worksheets Reading & Writing Reading Worksheets Reading Comprehension Gr. 1 Reading Comprehension Gr. 2 Reading Comprehension Gr. 3 Reading Comprehension Gr. 4 Reading Comprehension Gr. 5 Chapter Books (by title) Cause & Effect Editing & Proofreading Fact & Opinion Graphic Organizers Synonyms & Antonyms Writing Prompts Writing Story Pictures Writing Worksheets More ELA Worksheets Phonics & Early Literacy Phonics Worksheets Phonics Word Wheels Sight Words (Dolch) Sight Words (Fry) Mini-Books (Very Basic) More Phonics & Literacy
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Tech World 2015 Registration | May 28 Beijing, China Conveniently situated in the heart of the Beijing Olympic Green, the China National Convention Center is right next to the China National Stadium, the National Aquatics Center, and the National Indoor Stadium. The CNCC complex consists of the Convention Center, the CNCC Grand Hotel, the InterContinental Hotel and two office buildings. The Center itself is 398m long, 148m wide, 42m high and has eight floors with two more in the basement and a shopping mall inside. The National Aquatics Center, better known as "The Water Cube", is one of the best venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It was chosen through public appraisals as one of China's ten big new architecture views. Tech World 2015 Registration | May 28 Beijing, China
Las novedades que Lenovo presentó en la conferencia Tech World - Novedades tecnología Zapatos inteligentes que orientan a su dueño, relojes que proyectan pantallas táctiles o impresoras en 3D que pueden imprimir comida, son algunas de las sorpresas que la firma china Lenovo, líder mundial en venta de ordenadores, presenta estos días en su conferencia Tech World. El evento, que se clausura en el Centro Nacional de Convenciones de China y en el Cubo de Agua de la zona olímpica, es el primero con espíritu global que organiza la compañía en solitario, precisamente 10 años después de que la firma saltara a la fama por comprar la división de ordenadores de IBM. "Uniremos hardware, software y servicios para transformar la experiencia de los usuarios", señaló el presidente de Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing, en el ecuador de la conferencia, de tres días de duración y en la que también participaron líderes de firmas rivales -aunque a veces asociadas en sus proyectos- como Baidu o Microsoft. Las novedades que Lenovo presentó en la conferencia Tech World - Novedades tecnología
Las 5 tecnologías más importantes para el futuro de la comunicación, según la Generación Y
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Auto Upkeep Basic Car Care, Maintenance, and Repair ≡ Menu Resources inShare Click on the links below to view Chapter Resources for the 3rd Edition of Auto Upkeep (c) 2013. Chapters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Look Inside the Book Order Online or Call Us Today! Over 100,000 Copies Sold! Auto Upkeep | Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved iThemes Builder by iThemes | Powered by WordPress Chapter Resources | Auto Upkeep Chapter Resources | Auto Upkeep
Android Repair Android Repair Dear Massachusettsan, The people of Massachusetts have always stood up for their right to repair. In 2012, voters passed a law that ensured residents' right to repair their car wherever they wanted. Now, it's time to do the same for electronics. With the Digital Right to Repair Bill, H.3383, we have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronics — like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. We have a chance to help the environment and stand up for local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that keep getting squeezed out by manufacturers. The Digital Right to Repair Bill requires manufacturers to provide owners and independent repair businesses with fair access to service information, security updates, and replacement parts. If you agree with us, find out who represents you in the Massachusetts legislature.
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Cambridge Audio MINX GO Refurbished White | Bluetooth Speaker This page is intended to demonstrate the incredible value of our 6 Year Supercare. Under recent legislation, we are obliged to point out that you obviously do not need to purchase an extended warranty at the same time you purchase your electrical goods and are entitled to shop around. We have been encouraging our customers to do just that for years because, not only are our prices significantly cheaper than our competitors, but just look at what else we include: Free loan machine (Subject to availability. Only if taken back to store) Should you encounter a problem, just ask and you'll be provided with a unit to ensure you're not without music whilst your equipment is being fixed. Like for like machine if unit is unrepairable If, for any reason, we are unable to repair your unit, we'll replace it. Free routine service / Maintenance checks have your unit serviced as often as you wish, free of charge, during the 6 year period.
How to erase a disk for Mac – Apple Support Use Disk Utility to erase (format) a hard disk, SSD, flash drive, or other storage device. Erasing a disk or volume permanently deletes all of its files. Before continuing, make sure that you have a backup of any files that you want to keep. How to erase a disk Erase a startup disk Start up from macOS Recovery.Select Disk Utility from the Utilities window in macOS Recovery. When done, quit Disk Utility to return to the Utilities window. Erase some other disk The steps above also work when erasing a storage device that you're not using as a startup disk. How to change the partition map (scheme) of a disk In some circumstances, you might need to change the partition map (scheme) while erasing. After opening Disk Utility, choose View > Show All Devices from the menu bar.The sidebar now shows not just volumes, but also the disks (devices) that contain those volumes. Why erase a disk You can erase a disk or volume at any time, including in circumstances such as these: About APFS and Mac OS Extended
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Galaxy S8 : le scanner d'iris dupé par une photo et une lentille de contact Le Galaxy S8 est livré avec « l’un des moyens les plus sûrs de garder votre téléphone verrouillé » qu’est l’authentification basée sur l’iris. Ce système est cependant extrêmement facile à duper, comme l’a prouvé un groupe de pirates informatiques en Allemagne. L’attaque est extrêmement pragmatique, et ne nécessite aucune connaissance en piratage. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est un appareil photo numérique, une imprimante laser et une lentille de contact. Nommés Chaos Computer Club, les hackers allemands ont compris que si vous prenez une photo du visage du propriétaire du smartphone, que vous l’imprimez sur papier, et que vous superposez les lentilles de contact et maintenez l’image devant le Galaxy S8, vous pouvez contourner les mesures de sécurité. La photo que vous prenez ne doit même pas être proche, bien que les pirates aient admis que l’utilisation du mode nuit ou la suppression du filtre infrarouge aide.
Traitement de la schizophrénie par avatar : des résultats prometteurs Un texte de Caroline Lacroix Richard Breton, 52 ans, souffre de schizophrénie depuis l’aube de la vingtaine. Les effets de sa maladie mentale ont longtemps empêché ce père de deux enfants de les voir. Ses épisodes de psychose et de paranoïa lui ont bien souvent tendu des pièges qui auraient pu lui être fatals. Ce n’est pas pour rien que l’Organisation mondiale de la santé classe la schizophrénie parmi les 10 maladies les plus invalidantes. En 2015, des voix venaient toujours le hanter, malgré sa médication et de nombreuses thérapies. Inspiré par une étude britannique réalisée cinq ans plus tôt, le Dr Dumais était déterminé à trouver comment réduire les hallucinations auditives qui résistent à tout traitement. « Mais c'était très compliqué en clinique que la personne s'imagine être en contact avec une entité. Richard a été le premier à participer au projet médical. Le patient ne peut pas l’éviter. Apprendre à affronter ses démons « Je suis capable de le combattre.
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