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Open Water Diver | Utila Dive Center The Open Water Diver certification is the 1st complete PADI certification you can earn and the most chosen course for beginners in Honduras and worldwide. This license is the most recognized in the dive industry and will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, independent of professional supervision, to a maximum depth of 18 metres/60 feet. This license is your passport to adventure and the key to open the door of the wonderful underwater world. Utila Dive Centre's instructors have the highest ratings and the most experience in the Caribbean. The reef system around Utila is the perfect environment for you to learn scuba diving, with warm water all year round, calm seas and dive sites from 3 minutes away. We are currently offering 2 additional dives with this package, and there are no other hidden charges for the course. Open Water Diver | Utila Dive Center
PowerGrip H20-Waterproof GoPro Battery System – PolarPro PowerGrip Single: Shipping Now PowerGrip Combo: Shipping Dec 7th-Dec 9th Waterproof to 99 ft (33M)Built-in 6700mAh rechargeable GoPro batteryIncludes 2x (11 inch) extension armsPowers GoPro for 12 hours while filming (6 battery charges)Tripod adaptor on base for extended time lapsesCell Mount included for expanded versatility The PowerGrip H20 is the most progressive GoPro accessory to date. Waterproof to 99 Ft (33M): The PowerGrip H20 was designed to be used any where and everywhere, from scuba diving to snowboarding and everything in between. Rechargeable 6700 mAh battery: Packed into the PowerGrip H20 is the most dense battery available, allowing you to film with your GoPro for 12 hours straight. 4-in-1 GoPro Pole System: The PowerGrip H20 can be configured as a: 9.5 inch Grip // 22 inch Pole // 33 inch Pole // Follow-cam setup Skeleton Door Included for Live Charge: A PowerGrip H20 Skeleton Door is included for live charging your GoPro above water. What's In The Box PowerGrip H20-Waterproof GoPro Battery System – PolarPro
All Merax bikes are sold under this warranty and disclaimer The user is required to read all instruction manuals and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Merax DOES NOT accept responsibility for injury, damage, loss of kits, loss of accessories, or parts and materials that occurs during the use. All products ordered from Merax come with a 30-day warranty unless otherwise stated. The 30-Day warranty is null and void if the item has been altered or abused. Any damage sustained during use is not covered under the Merax 30-Day warranty unless damage is proven to be due to shipping damage. Merax will make every effort possible to understand that each case is unique, and try to assist you in the best way possible. Q: How to assemble front wheel? 1. 2. How to assemble merax front wheel Q: How to assemble the pedals? A: Installing Pedals 1. 2. *Notice* If the pedals are not fully tightened, it may get loose and damage the threads, we will NOT be responsible for such damages. 3. Bike care tips: Help Center Help Center
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In our constant quest to return oldies but goodies from our old website I present the MassBike guide for locking up your bicycle, with some updates. You can download this brochure for printing here (.doc) We’ve all seen them “ lone bicycle wheels locked to parking meters, and broken bike locks hanging from fences with no bicycle in sight. Maybe you’ve come back to where you left your bike “ and found that it’s been stolen! We here at MassBike never want this to happen to you. Here’s what you can do to avoid bicycle theft: Always lock your bike! This bike is locked to a rack with a cable lock and a mini-U-lock. Don’t leave removable gear on your bike. Here are some rather poor locking jobs: It is possible to go a little overboard: via flickr How To Lock Up Your Bicycle | MassBike How To Lock Up Your Bicycle | MassBike
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Recon Jet - Smart eyewear for your active lifestyle Recon Jet - Smart eyewear for your active lifestyle Jet at a glance. Intelligent Display Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away. It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to our patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency. Point-of-view camera Jet’s camera captures photos and video instantly with a double tap. Computing, sensors, and connectivity Jet’s smartphone-class processor backs an onboard GPS and a comprehensive sensor suite: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. Swappable Lithium-ion battery Jet’s battery snaps on opposite the engine for optimal weight balance. Optical touchpad and two-button rocker No matter the weather, interacting with Jet is a breeze. Performance eyewear and lenses More than just groundbreaking technology, Jet is also true performance eyewear. Effortless information. Never miss a beat Capture the moment.
Patagonia Down Sweater - Men's Patagonia Down Sweater - Men's Like most manufactures Patagonia doesn't provide a temperature rating for their technical garments. There are several factors that influence how people experience temperature, and a rating would be wrong 9 times out of 10. There is no garment that will keep someone warm at -30 on its own. Even the thickest down parka won't keep you warm if you're not wearing pants. Our warmest jackets usually have "jacket" or "parka" in their name, and won't be called "hoodies" or "sweaters."
Coronavirus Update (Live): 275,794 Cases and 11,397 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer How dangerous is the virus? There are three parameters to understand in order to assess the magnitude of the risk posed by this novel coronavirus: Transmission Rate (Ro) - number of newly infected people from a single caseCase Fatality Rate (CFR) - percent of cases that result in death Determine whether asymptomatic transmission is possible How contagious is the Wuhan Coronavirus? The attack rate or transmissibility (how rapidly the disease spreads) of a virus is indicated by its reproductive number (Ro, pronounced R-nought or r-zero), which represents the average number of people to which a single infected person will transmit the virus. WHO's estimated (on Jan. 23) Ro to be between 1.4 and 2.5. [13] Other studies have estimated a Ro between 3.6 and 4.0, and between 2.24 to 3.58. [23]. Preliminary studies had estimated Ro to be between 1.5 and 3.5. [5][6][7] An outbreak with a reproductive number of below 1 will gradually disappear. See full details: Coronavirus Fatality Rate
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With the Winter Olympics set to kick off in the alpine resort town of Pyeongchang, South Korea has welcomed a regime that only months ago was threatening to destroy it. North Korea has crashed the party, dispatching pop diva Hyon Song Wol and a cheerleading troupe, dubbed the “army of beauties,” as cultural emissaries. On Feb. 9, in a gesture designed to strike an emotional chord, a combined North-South team will march behind a Korean unity flag at the opening ceremony that will be broadcast worldwide. Such is the surreal state of play on the Korean Peninsula, thanks to a diplomatic gambit initiated by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and embraced at the start of the year by North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Both sides are counting on sports diplomacy to ease the acrimony between the two nations, which have technically been at war since 1953. Moon has ample reason to want to protect all this and to be wary of the North. The U.S. How North Korea Managed to Crash the Olympics Party How North Korea Managed to Crash the Olympics Party
The United States said Wednesday it is not aware of any specific threat to the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea and is confident that American athletes, coaches and spectators will be safe, despite nuclear tensions with North Korea. State Department officials overseeing security for the U.S. Olympic team said they had planned for all threat scenarios over nearly two years in preparation for the Pyeongchang Games that begin next week amid fears of further North Korean nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches. President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested he might respond to such provocations militarily. "We're only 100 miles from North Korea and we have planned for all contingencies," Diplomatic Security chief Michael Evanoff told reporters. Evanoff and the official who will run the Olympic operation, Ricardo Colon, praised South Korean authorities for their preparations. North Korea is participating in the games, which begin on Feb. 9. US confident in Olympics security despite NKorea tensions US confident in Olympics security despite NKorea tensions
Professor Travels to Brazil as Basketball Envoy – News Professor Travels to Brazil as Basketball Envoy – News For Ashleigh Huffman, assistant director of UT’s Center for Sport, Peace, and Society, every day on the job is spent, in some way, traveling around the world. Since 2012, the center has served as the cooperative agreement partner on the US Department of State’s Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP), an initiative that has welcomed 130 leaders from 67 countries to the US for five-week exchange programs. Huffman and her team take a hands-on approach to these exchanges, which focus on the themes of women’s empowerment and disability inclusion, and maintain relationships with the international participants long after the programs end. On this occasion, however, Huffman wasn’t welcoming new leaders to the US. Instead, she received an invitation from the State Department to spend a week leading clinics and workshops in Brazil. “It was an honor to serve the US Department of State as a sports envoy to Brazil,” Huffman said after returning home.
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Manchester United Plotting Shock Move For Mesut Ozil Manchester United Plotting Shock Move For Mesut Ozil Reuters / Hannah McKay Manchester United seem to be plotting a shock move for Arsenal star man Mesut Ozil, according to reports in England. After having calmed their pursuit of Atletico Madrid ace Antoine Griezmann, the Red Devils are now looking for alternatives that will help them strengthen their attack. Initial reports claimed Jose Mourinho was interested in luring Alexis Sanchez to Old Trafford, but the Portuguese has now expressed interest in signing Mesut Ozil as well, as per Manchester Evening News. Mourinho managed the German playmaker during their time together at Real Madrid, which make this reunion much more possible. And with Wayne Rooney’s future at Manchester United as insecure as ever, Jose is believed to be prioritising signing Ozil – the player he once described as ‘the best number 10 in the world’. Trending Articles: Reports: Manchester United Enter Race To Sign Arsenal Star Alexis Sanchez Sergi Roberto’s Winner Against PSG Caused A Microearthquake
Reuters / John Sibley Manchester United’s star center-back Eric Bailly has revealed that Manchester City made a last-ditch attempt to sign him in the summer. The Ivory Coast international has been hugely impressive since joining the Red Devils, and many expect the 22-year-old to develop into one of the best defenders in the world. But as of now, the youngster’s enormous talent is there for everyone to see, which is precisely why Manchester United had to fight a host of other clubs – including inter-city rivals Manchester City – to secure his services. Bailly recently spoke about City’s interest in him, by stating (via The Sun): “Manchester were interested in me, but it was Manchester United who contacted me directly – in the form of Jose Mourinho himself. “I was at a good Spanish club in Villarreal, but when a team as prestigious as Manchester United makes you an offer it is hard to say no. Trending Articles: Eric Bailly Revealed Manchester City Ditch him in the Summer
Chelsea Hoping To Beat Manchester United For Antoine Griezmann Signing REUTERS/Sergio Perez Manchester United will have to battle it out with Chelsea this summer for the signature of Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann, according to the Sun. Because of his £86m release clause, anyone who matches the figure can talk to the French attacker, and Antonio Conte reportedly wants to use his bottomless pit of money to sign the La Liga hotshot. Jose Mourinho and Manchester United have long had Griezmann as their top priority target, and strongly believe they are currently leading the race. United’s interest is longstanding, and if they had any positive transfer business sense they should have been in contact with him for two seasons to start persuading him to make the move. Also Play: QUIZ: Name Manchester United No. 7s However, the Old Trafford board can call on Pogba, Griezmann’s friend, to help attract him, but Chelsea are the only one of the two Premier League clubs who can right now guarantee Champions League football next season.
For over a year, I worked as a beauty editor, writing and researching about the products, trends, and people that make us want to look a certain way. And as research for many of the stories I wrote, I consulted with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, makeup artists, aestheticians, and more trying to answer a simple question—how can I make myself more conventionally attractive? “Beauty is confidence,” they’d always say, prefacing the real answer. Inevitably, these experts would eventually tell me that you feel more confident, and thus more beautiful, when you look blemish- and wrinkle-free. (Pending on the product they were promoting, this could also incorporate being tanner, or more contoured, or thinner, or paler, or less made up, or curvier, etc.) Regardless of respondents’ different aesthetic tastes, everyone seemed to agree—younger is more beautiful. Naturally, the problem here is the premise. “We don’t want human opinion,” says biotechnologist Dr. Listing image by Beauty.AI When beauty is in the eye of the (robo)beholder | Ars Technica UK
In 2015, a team of American engineers created the MegaBots Mk. II, a 15-foot-tall, 5,400kg, paintball cannon-armed mech of nightmarish proportions. Which is impressive and all, but the question was: why? One successful $500,000 Kickstarter campaign later—launched to get the Mk. MegaBots has been documenting the construction of the Mk. More information is promised over the coming weeks. America takes on Japan in terrifying giant mech battle this August | Ars Technica UK
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One Big Family Tournament: Joy Ochiabutor, Director of Great Vine Montessori Academy Preaches ‘No Violence’
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