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Open Water Diver | Utila Dive Center The Open Water Diver certification is the 1st complete PADI certification you can earn and the most chosen course for beginners in Honduras and worldwide. This license is the most recognized in the dive industry and will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, independent of professional supervision, to a maximum depth of 18 metres/60 feet. This license is your passport to adventure and the key to open the door of the wonderful underwater world. Utila Dive Centre's instructors have the highest ratings and the most experience in the Caribbean. The reef system around Utila is the perfect environment for you to learn scuba diving, with warm water all year round, calm seas and dive sites from 3 minutes away. We are currently offering 2 additional dives with this package, and there are no other hidden charges for the course. Open Water Diver | Utila Dive Center
PowerGrip H20-Waterproof GoPro Battery System – PolarPro PowerGrip Single: Shipping Now PowerGrip Combo: Shipping Dec 7th-Dec 9th Waterproof to 99 ft (33M)Built-in 6700mAh rechargeable GoPro batteryIncludes 2x (11 inch) extension armsPowers GoPro for 12 hours while filming (6 battery charges)Tripod adaptor on base for extended time lapsesCell Mount included for expanded versatility The PowerGrip H20 is the most progressive GoPro accessory to date. Waterproof to 99 Ft (33M): The PowerGrip H20 was designed to be used any where and everywhere, from scuba diving to snowboarding and everything in between. Rechargeable 6700 mAh battery: Packed into the PowerGrip H20 is the most dense battery available, allowing you to film with your GoPro for 12 hours straight. 4-in-1 GoPro Pole System: The PowerGrip H20 can be configured as a: 9.5 inch Grip // 22 inch Pole // 33 inch Pole // Follow-cam setup Skeleton Door Included for Live Charge: A PowerGrip H20 Skeleton Door is included for live charging your GoPro above water. What's In The Box PowerGrip H20-Waterproof GoPro Battery System – PolarPro
All Merax bikes are sold under this warranty and disclaimer The user is required to read all instruction manuals and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Merax DOES NOT accept responsibility for injury, damage, loss of kits, loss of accessories, or parts and materials that occurs during the use. All products ordered from Merax come with a 30-day warranty unless otherwise stated. The 30-Day warranty is null and void if the item has been altered or abused. Any damage sustained during use is not covered under the Merax 30-Day warranty unless damage is proven to be due to shipping damage. Merax will make every effort possible to understand that each case is unique, and try to assist you in the best way possible. Q: How to assemble front wheel? 1. 2. How to assemble merax front wheel Q: How to assemble the pedals? A: Installing Pedals 1. 2. *Notice* If the pedals are not fully tightened, it may get loose and damage the threads, we will NOT be responsible for such damages. 3. Bike care tips: Help Center Help Center
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In our constant quest to return oldies but goodies from our old website I present the MassBike guide for locking up your bicycle, with some updates. You can download this brochure for printing here (.doc) We’ve all seen them “ lone bicycle wheels locked to parking meters, and broken bike locks hanging from fences with no bicycle in sight. Maybe you’ve come back to where you left your bike “ and found that it’s been stolen! We here at MassBike never want this to happen to you. Here’s what you can do to avoid bicycle theft: Always lock your bike! This bike is locked to a rack with a cable lock and a mini-U-lock. Don’t leave removable gear on your bike. Here are some rather poor locking jobs: It is possible to go a little overboard: via flickr How To Lock Up Your Bicycle | MassBike How To Lock Up Your Bicycle | MassBike
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How to Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home for Free (My Story)
Tip #9: Form a Healthy Habit in 21 Days
- StumbleUpon - StumbleUpon Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help). You can teach your body to cure itself from everyday health ailments—side stitches, first-date jitters, even hands that have fallen asleep. Just study this list, and the next time your friends challenge you to an ice cream eating contest, chow down: You know how to thaw a brain freeze—and 17 other tricks that'll make everyone think you're the next David Blaine. Do Them Right: To mazimize your workout, good form is a must. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Experience Supersonic Hearing If you're stuck chatting up a mumbler at a cocktail party, lean in with your right ear. Overcome Your Most Primal Urge Need to pee? Feel No Pain
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Recon Jet - Smart eyewear for your active lifestyle Recon Jet - Smart eyewear for your active lifestyle Jet at a glance. Intelligent Display Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away. It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to our patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency. Point-of-view camera Jet’s camera captures photos and video instantly with a double tap. Computing, sensors, and connectivity Jet’s smartphone-class processor backs an onboard GPS and a comprehensive sensor suite: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. Swappable Lithium-ion battery Jet’s battery snaps on opposite the engine for optimal weight balance. Optical touchpad and two-button rocker No matter the weather, interacting with Jet is a breeze. Performance eyewear and lenses More than just groundbreaking technology, Jet is also true performance eyewear. Effortless information. Never miss a beat Capture the moment.
Patagonia Down Sweater - Men's Patagonia Down Sweater - Men's Like most manufactures Patagonia doesn't provide a temperature rating for their technical garments. There are several factors that influence how people experience temperature, and a rating would be wrong 9 times out of 10. There is no garment that will keep someone warm at -30 on its own. Even the thickest down parka won't keep you warm if you're not wearing pants. Our warmest jackets usually have "jacket" or "parka" in their name, and won't be called "hoodies" or "sweaters."

Kalender 2015/2016/2017 Unter dieser Adresse finden Sie immer den aktuellen 15-Monatskalender mit Kalenderwochen und Feiertagen. Über wenige Klicks können Sie außerdem auf hunderte vergangene und zukünftige Kalender zugreifen.NEU:aktuellen Monatskalender mit Feiertagen auf eigener Webseite einbinden. In einer Minute fertig! Feiertage, Festtage, Ereignisse 2015/2016/2017 01. Winteranfang meteorologisch 22. Winteranfang, Wintersonnenwende 25. 1. 26. 2. 06. Heilige Drei Könige 04. Weiberfastnacht 06. Fastnachtssamstag 07. Fastnachtssonntag 10. Aschermittwoch 14. Valentinstag 01. Frühlingsanfang meteorologisch 20. Frühlingsanfang 24. Gründonnerstag 27. Sommerzeitbeginn Ostersonntag 30. Walpurgisnacht 01. Tag der Arbeit 05. Christi Himmelfahrt 15. Pfingstsonntag 16. Pfingstmontag 26. Fronleichnam 01. Sommeranfang meteorologisch 17. 17. 20. Sommeranfang, Sommersonnenwende 15. Mariä Himmelfahrt 01. Herbstanfang meteorologisch 22. Herbstanfang 02. Erntedankfest 03. Tag der Deutschen Einheit 30. Sommerzeitende 31. Reformationstag 01. Allerheiligen Kalender 2015/2016/2017
Οι θεωρίες συνωμοσίας για την αποστολή του Apollo 11 και ο ρόλος του Stanley Kubrick (Ντοκιμαντέρ) Οι θεωρίες συνωμοσίας για την αποστολή του Apollo 11 και ο ρόλος του Stanley Kubrick (Ντοκιμαντέρ) Υπάρχουν ένα σωρό θεωρίες συνωμοσίας σχετικά με την πρώτη βόλτα του ανθρώπου στη Σελήνη. Αυτή την πρώτη βόλτα και την ιστορική πρόταση του Neil Armstrong “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, παρακολούθησαν καθηλωμένοι στις τηλεοράσεις τους πολλά εκατομμύρια κόσμου, την 20η Ιουλίου 1969. Την παρακολούθησαν πραγματικά όμως; Πώς γίνεται να «ανεμίζει» η Αμερικανική σημαία στην επιφάνεια ενός άστρου που δεν έχει ατμόσφαιρα; Πώς γίνεται το αποτύπωμα της μπότας του αστροναύτη να είναι τόσο βαθύ; Το ντοκιμαντέρ με τίτλο «Dark Side of The Moon», ξεκινά με την συνέντευξη της συζύγου του Stanley Kubrick που αποκαλύπτει μία περίεργη ιστορία: ο Stanley Kubrick χρησιμοποιήθηκε από την Προεδρία των ΗΠΑ και τη CIA για να κινηματογραφήσει στο πλατό του 2001: Οδύσσεια του διαστήματος στο Λονδίνο, μία «προσγείωση» και βόλτα του Neil Armstrong στο φεγγάρι, προκειμένου να προβληθεί στις Αμερικανικές τηλεοράσεις! Η ιστορία έχει ως αφορμή μία «άσχετη» υπόθεση. Enjoy:
Your morning commute—or morning run—just got that much better. Photo: m-imagephotography/iStock If Terry Gross soothes you to sleep at night, Ira Glass sits shotgun on all your road trips, and season one of Serial marked some of the most exciting months of your life (the call logs!), you’re officially a podcast nerd. But you’ve probably noticed that outdoors- and adventure-focused podcasts are hard to come by. Their small, niche audience and limited number of reviews make them easy to miss when you’re scrolling through iTunes. Enormocast Listening to Enormocast feels like being part of an exclusive club for climbers. Where to Start: Episode 76: “Ethan Pringle—Don’t Call it a Comeback” Twenty-nine-year-old sport climber and boulderer Ethan Pringle discusses what drives him to be a professional climber and what it means to start climbing at a young age. The Dirtbag Diaries This might be the most well-known podcast on the list. Where to Start: Episode 137, “Widge” UltraRunnerPodcast Wintry Mix The 8 Best Outdoorsy Podcasts The 8 Best Outdoorsy Podcasts
The Greatest Fitness Tips. Ever. Three decades ago, endurance training consisted of pretty much one workout: all-out, all the time. Then fitness went mainstream, CEOs started wearing spandex, and "sports scientist" became a legitimate career goal. The result? Periodization, VO2 max, functional strength, and more. Herewith, a highly concentrated dose of Outside training advice distilled from 30 years of health-and-fitness expertise. Get a Routine Embrace daily rituals, whether it's making coffee just so or walking the dog. Learn from Other Athletes "The Kenyan runners who always win marathons never jog," says pro soccer player LANDON DONOVAN. Turn Big Challenges into Small Goals "Think only about the present and focus on micro-goals," says ultramarathoner DEAN KARNAZES. Find Your Lactate Threshold What's that? Warm up, 10 minutes.With a heart-rate monitor on, run or cycle on a flat course as fast as you can for 30 minutes.Your LT is your average heart rate for that period. Protect Your Knees By doing nothing. Stay Trim
When you want something green on your plate but don’t feel like salad, then this warm coconut and pancetta kale is a go-to side dish. It pairs well with any type of meat or seafood. It’s easy to make. And although kale can taste good raw with just a drizzle of lemon and olive oil, it tastes really good with crispy pancetta, creamy coconut milk, and lots of garlic. In fact, if you want to make these greens the main course and serve a small portion of protein on the side, go for it. Eating leafy greens is like taking a whole food “supplement” with naturally safe and well-balanced vitamin and mineral levels. Is your vegetable crisper is full of greens that you have good intentions to eat before they go bad? Keep reading… Mark's Daily Apple
Charles Poliquin – His Favorite Mass-Building Program, His Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep, and Much More “If you’re 80% good and 20% terrible, you can’t expect to have 100% results.” – Charles Poliquin Charles Poliquin is back for another round of the podcast. Charles (@strengthsensei) is one of the best known strength coaches in the world. He has trained elite athletes from nearly 20 different sports, including Olympic gold medalists, NFL All-Pro’s, NHL All-Stars and Stanley Cup champions, and IFBB bodybuilding champions. His clients include long-jump gold medalist Dwight Phillips, NHL MVP Chris Pronger, and MLB batting champion Edgar Martinez, and the first women’s wrestling US Olympic gold medalist Helen Maroulis, among many others. And as I creep up towards episode #200, his first appearance on the podcast is still one of the top-15 most listened to episodes, and he’s constantly requested by listeners for a round 2. In this episode, you to play host, and I selected your most popular questions on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy! Want to hear another episode with Charles Poliquin? Show Notes
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The Answer is the Far Infrared Sauna… The Far Infra Red Sauna is not like traditional saunas. When you walk into one, it’s a bit like walking into a warm room. It isn’t so hot or dry or wet that you can’t breathe. You don’t feel claustrophobic. None of that stuff that steam or dry saunas have. What will happen? You will sit down in a warm room… and eventually start feeling hot and sweating. Why Use the Far Infrared Sauna? It helps with: DetoxificationRelaxationWeight LossPost-Workout Muscle RecoveryPain reliefImproves CirculationPurifies the skinAids in Wound HealingHelps with Cellular Health How the Far InfraRed Sauna works… This is best explained by Sunlighten, itself… “All humans send and receive Far infrared waves. This vibration causes a release of cellular toxins such as mercury, aluminum, cholesterol and other toxic gases such as sulfur and formaldehyde. Researchers have long known that toxic substances, including heavy metals, are secreted from the body through sweat. In other words… Far Infrared Sauna Northern Beaches | Sydney
How To Warm Up The Right Way - STRENGTH SENSEI The Three Principles for a great warm-up for strength training Some background info If there is one area where advice in strength training is more often than enough moronic , it is for warm-ups. Here is a simple rule: If the recommended warm up takes as long as the actual workout, the article was written by fully certified twatwaffle with zero real life results. Principle 1: Preparing the battlefield Warm gyms in winter time in North America is never an issue. Research shows that for best results in optimal hormonal production, the gym temperature should be 20 Celsius or 70 Farenheit. So if your gym is really cold, maybe you train in your garage, wear multiple layers, which you can take off as you warm up. If the gym is real cold wearing a tuque/skullcap/wollen hat helps, as roughly of your 10% body heat is lost through the head. Principle 2: Warm up is specific In a successful warm-up you need teach the body two things: the range of motion, and that the weight will be heavy. Warm up Get Help
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Baseball in World War II: The amazing story of the U.S. military’s integrated "World Series" in Hitler Youth Stadium in 1945.
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