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SIL Software: Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox) SIL Software: Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox) SIL has developed more than 60 pieces of software to support the work of its fieldworkers; most available to the public for free download. This on-line catalog contains product descriptions, download or purchasing instructions, and technical support information, including the latest SIL software Service Bulletins. All Titles | Categories | Keywords | Platforms | Recommendations Current version: 5, released September 2000 Shoebox is a computer program that helps field linguists and anthropologists integrate various kinds of text data: lexical, cultural, grammatical, etc. It has flexible options for sorting, selecting, and displaying data. The Field Linguist’s Toolbox is built on Shoebox 5 and is upward compatible with Shoebox. More about Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox) Getting Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox) Macintosh (classic mode) version download Technical Support Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox) support
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Genesis of the project The Reactable was the first big project developed by this team, which at this time was integrated by Sergi Jordà, Günter Geiger, Martin Kaltenbrunner and Marcos Alonso. The project started in February 2003, with the ambitious goal of developing the best computer-based musical instrument we could imagine, without being necessarily constrained by any predefined technology. In that sense, the Reactable really started from a concept, and not from a technology. First we decided what to do, and later we discovered how to do it. Since 2009, the commercialization and further development of the Reactable music instrument in all its forms (tabletop, mobile apps, etc.) is being carried by the spin-off company Reactable Systems . reactable software reactable software
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Deep Freeze (software) Deep Freeze es un software que se clasifica como de tipo "reinicie y restaure" (Reboot and Restore) desarrollado por la compañía Canadiense Faronics en 1996. Deep Freeze es un controlador del núcleo que protege la integridad del disco duro redirigiendo la información que se va a escribir en el disco duro o partición protegida, dejando la información original intacta. Las escrituras redirigidas desaparecen cuando el sistema es reiniciado, restaurando el equipo a su estado original. Para realizar cambios el sistema se debe descongelar, desactivando Deep Freeze, de forma que los siguientes cambios sean permanentes. Deep Freeze puede restaurar ciertos daños provocados por malware y virus ya que tras el reinicio cualquier cambio hecho por el software malicioso debería quedar eliminado del sistema al ser revertido al estado original (junto con cualquier otro tipo de modificaciones que se hayan hecho). Faronics diseñó Deep Freeze enfocado en cuatro mercados específicos: Sitio web del Deep Freeze Deep Freeze (software)
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