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5 SEO Tools You Should Use Right Away These days I’m back into researching about SEO and this time I’m finding some good time with new resources and tools available to test a website’s SEO. Yes, here I am listing down those 5 very good tools which I found interesting and impressive at the same time. Some might be known to you but yet, just go through it and I’m sure you will find at least couple of them which will interest you and help you make your website SEO better. 1. Drop My Links Drop My Links allows you to find sites according to your need to comment on those and get backlinks. 2. This is probably the tool which needs no introduction. 3. Well, no one understands the algorithm of Google to determine Pagerank but still, this tool is handy to know what should be your PageRank in the next update. 4. SEO Site Tools can be the extension which can make you use Chrome as your default browser. 5. Spider Viewer will let you see your website as a spider sees it. So, did the article match up to your expectations? 5 SEO Tools You Should Use Right Away
Top 10 SEO Startups of 2012 Top 10 SEO Startups of 2012 Is that time of the year, when we look at our industries in retrospect. Today, however, instead of telling you what was, we bring you something that could be… All these SEO/SEM startups launched in 2012, and aim to become stronger, better and more popular in 2013. PlagSpotter: duplicate content checking A must have tool in any SEOs arsenal is a content checking tool – something to scan the web and find scrapers, and something to protect original content. PlagSpotter: duplicate-content scanning and detection tool. SEOClearly: A/B testing Recently featured by Search Engine Journal, SEOClearly produces a variety of split tests (A/B) reports, based on data grabbed directly from Google through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. Site SEO improvements can be seen through testing elements like copy text, layouts, images and more. Agency Spotter: Find your SEO agency Agency-Spotter: find and work with creative agencies. SEMhit: Outsmart your competitors in Search Marketing
Free Online Link Building Tools for SEO | Mangia Marketing Link any good SEO firm, we do a ton of link building here at Mangia Marketing. Since we’re dealing with a number of clients across a wide range of niches, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our link building process and find ways to make our efforts faster and more efficient; in a word, scaleable. Sometimes the SEO tool we’re looking for just isn’t out there, so we take matters into our own hands. Below you can check out our internal link building tools and use them for absolutely free (although we always love a good link or Tweet!). Guest Post Opportunity FinderThis free link building tool quickly and easily generates Google queries to help you locate blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. This can help streamline the amount of time you spend finding guest blogging opportunities, giving you more time to focus on what’s really important: the content.Press Release Link Building ToolThis is an easy, free SEO tool to help you identify press release submission opportunities. Free Online Link Building Tools for SEO | Mangia Marketing
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Bei Einhaltung dieser Richtlinien kann Google Ihre Website leichter finden, indexieren und platzieren. Auch wenn Sie keinen dieser Ratschläge befolgen, wird dringend empfohlen, die Qualitätsrichtlinien zu beachten. In diesen Richtlinien werden einige der unerlaubten Verfahren beschrieben, die zur dauerhaften Entfernung einer Website aus dem Google-Index oder zu einer sonstigen Beeinträchtigung durch algorithmische oder manuelle Spam-Maßnahmen führen können. Bei Fertigstellung Ihrer Website: Reichen Sie die Website unter bei Google ein. Design- und Inhaltsrichtlinien Erstellen Sie eine Website mit klar strukturiertem Aufbau und Textlinks. Technische Richtlinien Damit Google die Inhalte Ihrer Website vollständig interpretieren kann, lassen Sie zu, dass alle Assets Ihrer Website, wie CSS- und JavaScript-Dateien, gecrawlt werden. Qualitätsrichtlinien Diese Qualitätsrichtlinien decken die häufigsten Formen von Täuschung und Manipulation ab. Richtlinien für Webmaster - Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe Richtlinien für Webmaster - Webmaster-Tools-Hilfe
The key to successful innovation The key to successful innovation You might have created a great product that solves problems that no-one could have solved before you. You have a real innovation and are getting ready to market it. But What is innovation? In order for our discussion to be clear, let's first define what we consider as innovation. What is the innovation's challenge? Having an innovative product is exciting. Theoretically, innovations are easy-to-sell products: novelty is exciting and solves problems that couldn't be solved before. In the facts, . First of all, you might . Then, unlike most products, innovations are not suitable for everyone. . How to successfully market innovations? There are three main aspects that you must consider seriously before launching your innovation. As we mentioned earlier,. This can be realized through - . The second aspect to pay attention to is the product explanation. The last point is also vital: you must . The specificities of innovation market The early adopters represent 13.5% of the population. Julien Rio.
SEO Check Teil 6: "Webseiten-Struktur" SEO Check Teil 6: "Webseiten-Struktur" Die Struktur einer Webseite ist nicht immer einfach zu organisieren, gerade bei großen Websites mit vielen tausend Unterseiten steht man als Inhouse SEO häufig vor der Frage: Welche Unterseiten stärke ich durch einen starken Startseiten-Link? Natürlich würde man am liebsten alle Seiten mit einem solchen Link pushen, doch das geht nun mal nicht. Es muss also eine sinnvolle Struktur erarbeitet werden, welche natürlich auch mit der Geschäftsleitung und den Leitern anderer Abteilungen abgestimmt werden muss. Denn gerade wenn es um die Startseite geht, spielen häufig auch firmenpolitische Fragen eine große Rolle. Wie pusht man also diejenigen Seiten, die keinen Link von der Startseite bekommen? Im letzten Teil unserer SEO Check-Serie haben wir uns das Thema Content angesehen und erklärt, wie dieser platziert werden sollte, damit Google ihn lesen und verstehen kann. Navigation (vertikale Verlinkung) Navigationsstruktur Die Navigation durch die Seite sollte möglichst flach gestaltet sein.
How to Audit Your Website for Improved SEO and Conversions When was the last time you gave your website a checkup? Website audits are extremely valuable and absolutely necessary before beginning any large-scale SEO or website redesign projects . Auditing your website can determine whether or not it's optimized to achieve your goals, and if not, how you can improve it to increase performance. So if you've never audited your website before, it's been a while since you have, or if you're planning a website redesign in the near future, use this post as your go-to website audit checklist to make sure your website is primed for maximum SEO and conversion results. The Benefits of a Website Audit Before we dive into the things you should be keeping an eye out for as you're auditing your website, let's review some of the benefits of doing one. Improving Website Performance: Website audits usually evaluate a site not only for its content but also for its technical performance. 1) The Content Assessment Is your website content high quality? How to Audit Your Website for Improved SEO and Conversions

A Step-by-Step Guide to Flawless On-Page SEO [Free Template] On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing specific sections of your site content to make it more clear for users and search engines. The goal is to have any given page of your site -- from top to bottom -- be aligned with a certain topic. And as someone who is in charge of optimizing your company's site, it is your responsibility that all of your site components meet both a user's and search engine's demands. That's ... a lot of responsibility. Our SEO Template will guide you through the process of optimizing your website's on-page SEO -- that includes "doing" SEO, but also formulizing a plan, making it easier to coordinate pages and keywords, and tracking changes and results all in one place. Sounds pretty awesome, right? (Note: is being used as an example throughout this post. Step 1: Crawl Your Site Start by getting an overview of all of your content by downloading all indexed pages of your website. Step 2: Define Site Architecture Step 11: Link It Up A Step-by-Step Guide to Flawless On-Page SEO [Free Template]
Think about the last time you made a major purchase online. Was it a plane ticket? An espresso machine? Now, think about where in your buying process the company you bought from made themselves digitally present. When a customer takes a certain route on his or her path to conversion then, logically, the company he or she is buying from needs to be digitally present along that path. In order to accommodate the customer’s journey, the business needs to guide the way by being proactively present from an online search standpoint in order to guide the way. The question is: How do we take a theoretical framework of a customer journey and integrate it into the tactical strategy of SEO implementation? That's what I'll dive into in this post. First, what exactly is a customer journey? A great way to understand a customer journey is to visualize it using a customer journey map. A customer journey map fulfills two primary objectives, according to UK-based customer data thinktank CustomerChampions: The Essential Guide to Creating an SEO-Friendly Customer Journey The Essential Guide to Creating an SEO-Friendly Customer Journey
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15 Powerful Chrome Extensions That’ll Help Your SEO Efforts 15 Powerful Chrome Extensions That’ll Help Your SEO Efforts We’re bloggers and SEOs, right? There are so many tasks we’ve to perform on a daily basis from organizing our content buckets to ensuring website’s usability to link building and much more. The functionalities in your Internet browser can help in performing these tasks conveniently. Google Chrome has gobbled up a substantial market share right now. A major reason for Chrome’s massive popularity is that it’s stylish and fast. I assume many of you are also Google Chrome fanboys. At the click of a mouse button, you can install these extensions and open doors to higher productivity levels. In this post, I’ll share 15 chrome extensions that are useful for marketers. Let’s dive into the first section and look at the first tool. Content Organizing The information overload can be really stressful. But it need not be that way. 1. But if you are particularly interested in saving articles for reading later, the web clipper is a handy tool (located in the upper right side of Chrome). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Get a #1 Ranking Today you’re going to learn how Emil rocketed his site to the #1 spot in Google. (You’ll also see how he turned this #1 ranking into $100k in monthly recurring revenue) But wait, there’s more 🙂 I’ll ALSO show you how Richard boosted his organic traffic by 348%…in 7 days. And in this post I’ll walk you through the exact white hat SEO strategy that they used, step-by-step. How Emil Used The Skyscraper Technique to Generate 41,992 Pageviews, a #1 Ranking and $100k In Monthly Recurring Revenue Emil’s Skyscraper content went live in April. But he didn’t eat Doritos on his couch and hope that his post hit the first page. Instead, he promoted his post using email outreach (more on that later). And that email outreach directly led to… 41,992 pageviews: 645 social shares: (Including Tweets from peeps with thousands of followers): And most important of all, fistfuls of high-quality backlinks: But that’s just the tip of the iceberg… “Shares and Pageviews are nice and all…but what about the long-term ROI?” How?
Every keyword is its own ‘game’. The front page of Google is the leaderboard, with each ranked page being one of the top 10 scores. A solid keyword research process helps you skew the odds in your favor. It makes sure that you aren’t trying to take on the major leagues with a team full of rookies. It also makes sure you aren’t pouring all your energy into something that is so easy to beat that it doesn’t give you any reward. Bad keyword research will have you typing 2,000 words of gold and relying on social distribution to run its two-day cycle before your page falls off the face of the internet. Since joining Process Street as the first dedicated content writer, the SEO reigns have been passed to me. If you understand the language your target market uses, and the terms they search for, and you’re the one writing the content, there’s no one better qualified to research keywords for that post. So, how do you do it? Let’s get underway! Set up a spreadsheet template Write what the post is about Keyword Research for SEO: Actionable Guide + Checklist
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S.D.SEO Services — How Much Does SEO Services Cost in an Average?
S.D. SEO Services the Leading SEO Company Introduces Quality SEO for Videos - Exact Release 07:01 am Return to: SEO News Bear in mind S.D. SEO Services has come up with excellent SEO services to all type and size of business and individual websites. It is one of the leading and most trusted Kolkata based SEO companies providing quality search engine optimization services at best price. S.D. SEO Services provides services for online marketing, optimization of websites, social media optimization and marketing, SEO for video and more. According to S.D. There are hundreds and thousands of SEO service providers one can find these days, but only a reliable and professional service provider understands the true value of video and how it helps one’s business website(s) boosting rank in all major search engines as well as increasing the visitors. News Release: S.D.
SEO is gaining popularity day by day. The majority of organizations look for good SEO Services, due to the reasons the demand for SEO companies are growing in India. A reliable SEO company can only help your website to boost the search engine ranking, and it is good not only for increasing traffic, but also getting potential customers. For instance, if you are promoting a fashion brand then you must know what searchers are searching for and according to that you will have to set the strategy that helps your website getting traffic in the short period of time. What are the Things You Should Know about Search Behavior In SEO the term – search behavior is one of the most important things. Search Behavior Your Key to SEO Whether you wish to know as well as take the advantages of your retail opportunities then you should know the search behavior. Now, luxury brands are everywhere, thousands and thousands, then what you should do? What are the Scopes in Search for Luxury Brands? SEO Services provider in India: How Search Behavior Can Help You Getting Potential Customers for fashion Retailer

Una Guía de SEO Paso a Paso Hoy me dispongo a compartir contigo 75 claves que puedes realizar fácilmente en tu web para aumentar los visitantes procedentes de los buscadores. He tratado de ordenar y clasificar todos los pasos que yo mismo sigo y las herramientas que más utilizo para hacer SEO. Estoy seguro de que con este Manual SEO podrás aumentar notablemente tus visitas. Porque en definitiva el buen posicionamiento en Google se traduce en más visitas, que es lo que seguro que a todos nos importa. - Bruno, entonces, a ver que me entere yo. Aprender SEO y posicionamiento web sin ser un experto programador He tratado de seleccionar aquellas claves para las que no era necesario un gran conocimiento de html o de edición de su propio sistema de publicación. Como es la plataforma más utilizada, he propuesto varios Plugins para posicionar en buscadores. Posicionamiento en Google a través de las Palabras clave 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Configuración del Sitio según el Manual SEO 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 75 Pasos para hacer SEO y posicionamiento en buscadores YA
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