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Data loss prevention software - Wikipedia Data loss prevention software - Wikipedia Data loss prevention software detects potential data breaches/data ex-filtration transmissions and prevents them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (data storage). In data leakage incidents, sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized parties by either malicious intent or an inadvertent mistake. Sensitive data includes private or company information, intellectual property (IP), financial or patient information, credit-card data and other information. The terms "data loss" and "data leak" are related and are often used interchangeably.[1] Data loss incidents turn into data leak incidents in cases where media containing sensitive information is lost and subsequently acquired by an unauthorized party. However, a data leak is possible without losing the data on the originating side. Categories[edit] Standard measures[edit] Advanced measures[edit] Designated solutions[edit] Types[edit] Network[edit]
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Wallet TrackR - Find Your Wallet Wallet TrackR - Find Your Wallet Purchase Wallet TrackR Today! What is a Wallet TrackR? The Wallet TrackR fits easily into any wallet - just like a credit card. When combined with the free Wallet TrackR iPhone app, it becomes a powerful new tool to keep you from losing your wallet. When the Wallet TrackR gets separated from your iPhone or iPad, the Wallet TrackR app gently alerts you that you may be leaving your wallet behind. The app also takes a GPS snapshot of where your wallet was at the moment of separation in case you didn't hear the alert. How does Wallet TrackR work? Forget-me-not reminder If you forget your wallet, the App will play your favorite song and the Wallet TrackR will beep before you get too far. Lost and Found Map The App remembers the location and time you separated from your Wallet TrackR and can show you on a map. Is your wallet hiding? If you cannot find your wallet, press the FIND button in the App to cause the wallet to beep. Device Specs Width: 4.1cm Length: 6.8cm "Handy, eh?"
The Future of Food and Farming: 2030 – a graphic overview of the impact of climate change on agriculture and food security. Adaptation of our crops and farming methods will be key to a sustainable future. Source: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Global climate change influences all aspects of our daily lives, and it will for many years to come. To assess all aspects of climate change and its impact and formulate realistic strategies to mitigate these effects, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was founded in 1988. Food security and food production systems The report was developed by the IPCC's three working groups. A key conclusion of the authors is that climate challenge will increase the risk of reduced crop productivity associated with heat and drought stress. To mitigate the effects, they recommend the following crop management adaptations: Planting of mangrove seedlings in Funafala, an islet of Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu. Olesen, J. Dr. How will climate change affect food security? How will climate change affect food security?
Climate Change Climate Change How Climate Change Affects Hunger Climate change is making climate disasters, such as floods and droughts, more frequent and intense, land and water more scarce and difficult to access, and increases in agricultural productivity even harder to achieve. These impacts are increasing the risk of hunger and the breakdown of food systems. Without considerable efforts made to improve people's climate resilience, it has been estimated that the risk of hunger and malnutrition could increase by up to 20 percent by 2050. The Most Vulnerable People At Risk Climate change puts millions of people's lives at risk, and traps poor households in food insecurity and poverty. WFP: Climate Resilience Innovations Working with governments, international partners and local communities, WFP has expertise in developing and delivering large-scale climate resilience innovations. WFP's climate resilience work is closely integrated with the organisation's Disaster Risk Reduction efforts.
Rambling: Daylesford, with Artist as Family August 24, 2015 | Foraging, Permaculture | 0 Comments | Author: Kirsten Bradley A night in an eco shack followed by a tour of the Daylesford Community Garden in deep winter – the air was frosty, but the company was enough to put the fire in your belly. I’ve always been curious about Daylesford – it’s a pretty town an hour from Melbourne where mineral springs flow out of the ground (serviced by free community pumps), the bespoke eateries are many and the winter is cold. Recently, following the inaugral Deep Winter agrarian un-conference, I got to spend a night in Daylesford in the home and company of Meg, Patrick, Zephyr + Woody + Zero, otherwise known as the Artist as Family crew. Artist as Family are my dream version of myself, a bit. Lucky for all the rest of us, Artist as Family lives like they mean it, and provide a sturdy example of yes, you can. I arrived with Milkwood teacher + good mate Brendan, for a whirlwind garden tour before things got dark and rainy. Rambling: Daylesford, with Artist as Family
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How I cracked my neighbor’s WiFi password without breaking a sweat How I cracked my neighbor’s WiFi password without breaking a sweat Last week's feature explaining why passwords are under assault like never before touched a nerve with many Ars readers, and with good reason. After all, passwords are the keys that secure Web-based bank accounts, sensitive e-mail services, and virtually every other facet of our online life. Lose control of the wrong password and it may only be a matter of time until the rest of our digital assets fall, too. Take, for example, the hundreds of millions of WiFi networks in use all over the world. If they're like the ones within range of my office, most of them are protected by the WiFi Protected Access or WiFi Protected Access 2 security protocols. In theory, these protections prevent hackers and other unauthorized people from accessing wireless networks or even viewing traffic sent over them, but only when end users choose strong passwords. First, the good news. That's not to say wireless password cracks can't be accomplished with ease, as I learned firsthand.
wireless - Phones broadcast the SSIDs of all networks they have ever connected to. How can these be obtained by an attacker? My approach to this was to use an OpenWRT (could be done with DDwrt or other similar projects) device (a TPlink 3600) and to use only tcpdump and monitor mode (not airodump). Using TCPdump lets you see all traffic (to profile area activity as well as watching for beacons/probes) The advantage to using a dedicated device is they are inexpensive, use little electricity, and have two radios that work independently. I used a flash drive mounted on /media/drive1 to hold the files. Also, as a point of clarification to your original thesis that "phones broadcast the SSIDs of all networks they have ever connected to" this is a bit oversimplified: devices will send probes for any network currently in their wi-fi configuration, which for most users are all the networks they have signed on to in the past but you can easily remove unused entries from this list to reduce the information leaked by your device. wireless - Phones broadcast the SSIDs of all networks they have ever connected to. How can these be obtained by an attacker?
Show me your SSID's, I'll Tell Who You Are! - /dev/random The idea of this article came from a colleague of mine. He wrote a first version of the script described below. I found it very useful and asked his permission to re-use it and to write this blog article. All devices have Wi-Fi interfaces (laptops, tablets, mobile phones, consoles, etc) and their operating systems have features to easily manage the wireless networks you connect them to. This database may contains a lot of interesting data. (Click to enlarge) By default, when a new wireless network is configured, the flag “auto-connect” is enabled. Beacon,Probe Requests,Probe Responses,Association Requests,Reassociation Requests “Probe Requests” are very interesting to be captured to detect the SSID’s already configured and used by people. # iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor # iwconfig wlan0 channel <i> # tshark -i wlan0 subtype probereq It’s easy but not very convenient! Usage: . It will dump all detected SSID’s to the console in a completely passive way. !! That’s all for the technical part. Show me your SSID's, I'll Tell Who You Are! - /dev/random
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Security snapshot reveals massive personal data loss Security snapshot reveals massive personal data loss Image copyright Reuters More than 500 million digital identities were stolen or exposed in 2015, suggests a report from security firm Symantec. In addition, it said, fake technical support scams rose by 200% and crypto-based ransomware attacks grew by 35%. Hackers also made more use of unknown software bugs to make sure attacks work, said the annual threat report. It said the gangs behind the attacks had become more professional and now resembled legitimate software firms. "They have extensive resources and highly skilled technical staff that operate with such efficiency that they maintain normal business hours and even take the weekends and holidays off," said Kevin Haley, director of Symantec security response in a statement. Call centres had been set up by some gangs to make scams and cons more effective, he said. Some of these groups were involved in tech support scams that try to trick people into paying to fix non-existent problems on their home computers. Image copyright PA
Image copyright Thinkstock A cyber-attack, similar to one that saw $81m (£56m) stolen from Bangladesh's central bank, has hit a second bank. The warning about the second attack came from Swift, which oversees the financial messaging network that underpins global money transfers. Swift said the target was a commercial bank but did not name the organisation or reveal if any cash had been taken. The attack used techniques and tools resembling those used to steal cash from Bangladesh in February, it said. Swift is used by about 11,000 financial institutions around the world to move large amounts of cash. The attackers had a "deep and sophisticated knowledge of specific operational controls" at the targeted bank, and could have been aided in their theft by "malicious insiders", said Swift. In both attacks the thieves sought to submit fraudulent messages to the Swift network to transfer large amounts of cash to accounts they controlled. Second bank cyber-attack detected by Swift after Bangladesh raid Second bank cyber-attack detected by Swift after Bangladesh raid
Rental fraud is rising sharply, the BBC has learned during an investigation in which it confronted two online fraudsters for their crimes. Scam artists offer cheap flats for rental, demanding instant deposits. But they do not actually own the homes - and would-be tenants' cash is lost. Reports of rental fraud in England and Wales leapt from 2,216 in 2014 to 3,193 in 2015. BBC researchers posed as tenants to expose tricks used by fake landlords. More news on this and other stories from London One advert fraudsters attempted to place on the flat-sharing website EasyRoomMate offered a plush Kensington apartment for just £700 per month, far below the market rate. Atta Nasim, of Milestone Estate Agents in north-west London, called the price "crazy", adding that you would not get a garage for that price in the area. Land Registry documents show she is not the legal owner of a property there and when researchers visited the mansion block it was to find all the flats inhabited. Online rental fraud rising steeply
2018 | Spain’s Social Security Program Goes Bust Spain’s Social Security system is expected to go broke by 2018. In the US, concerns over such matters are virtually nonexistent. But Spain cannot print Euros, and is already deep in the hole on meeting budget deficit targets. Via translation from El Confidencial, Spain’s Social Security Reserve Fund Exhausted by 2018. The Social Security reserve fund will run out of money in 2018. Spain Budget Deficit Wildly Off Target Spain has missed watered down budget deficit targets a half-dozen times. Something has to give. For more Spain’s fiscal mess, please see Spain Wildly Off Budget Target, Expect Alarm Bells and Warnings. Mike “Mish” Shedlock Like this: Like Loading...
Liisa Siika-aho. (provided from herself) As we’ve already reported here, Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has announced their most recent move in a plan to launch a basic income experiment. On 25th August the Ministry canvassed for the Finnish public’s opinion on a bill regarding a basic income experiment. Liisa Siika-aho, director, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health responded to BIEN on 26th August as follows: Q: What is the basic income experiment and what is its aim? A: The basic income experiment is included in Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government Programme. Q: Why is the basic income experiment carried out? A: The objective of the legislative proposal is to carry out a basic income experiment in order to assess whether basic income can be used to reform social security, specifically to reduce incentive traps relating to working. Q: How are the participants selected? Q: Is it mandatory to participate in the experiment? Q: When will the experiment start? 2017 | Finland Undertakes Basic Income Experiment
2020 | UK Non-Pensioners' Social Security Below 2010 Level The UK’s social security system is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose, as successive cuts leave children and working age adults with an increasingly inadequate safety net for when families fall on hard times, according to a study. Most low-income working households will be worse off by 2020, while years of social security squeezes mean the income of families on out-of-work benefits will have fallen by up to one-fifth, the analysis by the Fabian Society shows. At the same time, the cash value of the basic personal tax allowances is on course to have increased by 80% in 2020 from what it was in 2010, meaning that by the end of the decade a typical high-income household will receive more financial support from the state than low-income families reliant on benefits. The findings come as Theresa May seeks to put flesh on her promise to fight for the interests of “just managing” working families struggling with job insecurity and high living costs.
Sicurezza ICT: c'è ancora differenza tra Safety e Security? Il significato in 6 punti Safety, il significato: oggi ha ancora senso parlare di una differenza tra Safety e Security? Con la progressiva informatizzazione delle aziende, che significato ha valutare come diversi e separati gli ambiti della sorveglianza e della protezione? Perché si tende ancora oggi a considerare la sicurezza come un servizio, invece che come un asset strategico? L'assunto fondamentale è che oggi il business non esiste senza Internet. La maggior parte dei processi è digitale o in qualche modo passa dalle tecnologie digitali. Proteggere le persone, le aziende e le informazioni è parte integrante di una strategia in cui convergono sistemi di videosorveglianza, telecontrollo, antintrusione, antieffrazione ma anche di protezione da tutte le derive del cybercrime che colpisce gli utenti in azienda oppure in mobilità, a casa come in automobile, in treno o a piedi. Che cosa significa Safety e cosa significa Security Il significato di safety e di security. La sicurezza nelle smart city Garantendo:
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