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Now Energizing Brain Breaks has a second book out. Of course, it is called Energizing Brain Breaks 2. The book was written by Scott Miller who is the Instructional Coordinator at Naperville Central High School. There are 50 new activities for you and your students to take part in. I have used quite a few of the activities with my students and I absolutely love them. If you are interested in more information about this book please go to the website . If you are looking for information on Energizing Brain Breaks you can go to the website Energizing Brain Breaks 2 Energizing Brain Breaks 2
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Back to the Story Spine | Aerogramme Writers' StudioBack to the Story Spine Back to the Story Spine | Aerogramme Writers' StudioBack to the Story Spine I created the Story Spine in 1991 and, over the years, I’ve been thrilled to watch more and more people use it, teach it, discuss it, and even modify it in order to make it their own. One of my favorite modifications is the addition of “And, the moral of the story is…” at the very end. Over time, however, some of its permutations have become less powerful, I think, than the original due to a missing link here or a different word there. To see how it works, let’s find the Story Spine in two famous movies: The Incredibles Once upon a time there was a superhero named Mr. Every day, he grew more and more frustrated with his stifling, boring life. But one day, he accepted a secret superhero job from a mysterious stranger. Because of that, he fell into the diabolical trap of this mysterious stranger who turned out to be Syndrome, a super villain with a long-time grudge against Mr. Because of that, Syndrome was able to capture and imprison Mr. Until finally, Mr. The Wizard of Oz Like this:
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Getting Started - Set Up an Effective ELL/ESL Classroom Tobey Bassoff The primary goals of an ESL classroom are to make students feel accepted and safe, while building their English language skills. To this end, I offer a few suggestions when building your classroom to meet the needs of the ESL student: 1) Label everything. 2) Make Number Cards. 3) Make signs that read: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth with the corresponding 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4) Take pictures of your students and feature them on a board or a door. Questions or comments? ELL/ESL: Getting Started - Set Up an Effective ELL/ESL Classroom
My Best of series I’ve separated my “The Best…” lists here by topics. A number of the lists, though, can fit into multiple categories, so it still might be useful to scan all of them. The Websites Of The Year page on this blog, on the other hand, has these lists in the chronological order in which they’ve been written. Please note that I continually update and revise all of the lists. The best way to search is using “Control + F” on your keyboard. The Best Resources Discussing The Importance Of Art In Education — Help Me Find More CLASSROOM PRACTICEWhen A “Good” Class Goes “Bad” (And Back To “Good” Again!) The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and CareersThe Best Sites For Learning Economics & Practical Money SkillsThe Best Websites To Teach & Learn Life SkillsThe Best Sites For Students To Create BudgetsThe Best Sites To Learn About The U.S. The Best Websites For English Language Learner Students In 2012 — Part Two The Best Resources, Articles & Blog Posts For Teachers Of ELL’s In 2012 — Part Two My Best of series
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Teaching Resources | Point Loma Nazarene University | A Premier Southern California Christian University in San Diego Teaching Resources | Point Loma Nazarene University | A Premier Southern California Christian University in San Diego Cartoons Extensive research on alternative conceptions in biology is beneficial in knowing where pedagogical problems exist, but often comes up short in terms of providing effective classroom tools to help students learn the scientific conceptions. Kathleen Fisher and Dianne Anderson, as well as PLNU graduate students including Melissa Hedgecock, Mary Ann Rall, and Michael Rall, have developed cartoons for classroom use on the topics of: genetics, natural selection, mitosis/meiosis, and cell division. Cartoons may be used to stimulate class discussions, or as individual homework assignments. You are welcome to use the cartoons, and we appreciate your feedback sent to Biology Diagnostic Tests Extensive research on alternative conceptions in biology is beneficial in knowing where pedagogical problems exist, but often comes up short in terms of providing effective classroom tools to help students learn the scientific conceptions. Click below for the old version:
These concept cartoons were developed by Dianne Anderson and Kathleen Fisher (2002) as prompts for eliciting discussion about ideas in evolution. They can also be used as assessment tools. The cartoons are best suited for college non-majors and pre-college classes. The incorrect statements in the cartoons are derived from common naive conceptions. These cartoons represent a sampling of those we have created. More concept cartoons can be seen at the following site: Cartoons can be downloaded in PDF format and can be transferred to transparencies or paper copies so long as the copyright notation to Anderson and Fisher is retained. For comments or questions please contact Concept Cartoons Concept Cartoons
5 Top Augmented Reality Apps for Education The concept of augmented reality has been in existence for a few years now despite the fact that many users of mobile devices are under the impression that it is a new phenomenon. New technologies such as Google’s augmented reality glasses which are the first computing eyewear are still in the testing phase. This leads mobile device users to believe augmented reality is new on the horizon. Pin it Even though Google Glasses have yet to be officially released, there are hundreds of augmented reality apps that you can get for your smartphone which work just as well. 1. This is an augmented reality app which makes learning about astronomy interesting and fun. Simply hold your smartphone up in the direction of the sky to receive automatic identification of stars and constellations. Google Sky Map is a free augmented reality app and works with Android 1.6 and higher. Download Google Sky Map (Android) 2. Recently released by PBS KIDS, FETCH! FETCH! Download FETCH! 3. Download GeoGoggle (Android) 5 Top Augmented Reality Apps for Education
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Concrete - Representational - Abstract Sequence of Instruction Purpose The purpose of teaching through a concrete-to-representational-to-abstract sequence of instruction is to ensure students truly have a thorough understanding of the math concepts/skills they are learning. When students who have math learning problems are allowed to first develop a concrete understanding of the math concept/skill, then they are much more likely to perform that math skill and truly understand math concepts at the abstract level. What is it? Each math concept/skill is first modeled with concrete materials (e.g. chips, unifix cubes, base ten blocks, beans and bean sticks, pattern blocks). [ back to top ] What are the critical elements of this strategy? Use appropriate concrete objects to teach particular math concept/skill (see Concrete Level of Understanding/Understanding Manipulatives-Examples of manipulatives by math concept area). How do I implement the strategy? Additional Information Create seperate pages . Concrete-Representational-Abstract Sequence of Instruction Concrete-Representational-Abstract Sequence of Instruction
Math: Counting and Comparing Difficulties Counting and Comparing Difficulties Subitizing is the ability to recognize a number of briefly presented items without actually counting. A common response to students who are having counting problems is to simply have them do daily counting practice; however, students with counting and comparing difficulties also benefit from practice that utilizes patterns and relationships. These strategies improve their ability to conceptualize and compare numbers without counting. (See the example strategy below.) Example Strategy: Using Icons of Quantity To Teach Whole-to-Part Relationships Woodin: The ability to identify a subordinate quantity in relation to a whole enables these quantities to be seen in a relational context that fosters comparison without employing the inefficient and often inaccurate process of counting. Teacher: “How many are you starting with?” Example Strategy: Using Patterns To Support Number Comparisons Strategy Demonstration: Prompt the Missing Addends to 10 Math: Counting and Comparing Difficulties
Leveled Practice: Grade 4
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Science with Tom | Welcome to Science Class.
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Edit Central Contents Introduction: On Writing Style and Diction Tools Sponsored Links Reference Books Technical Notes Privacy Policy Contact Introduction: On Writing If you want to become a better writer, you need to do the following, in order of priority: (1) write a lot, and (2) seek ideas and inspiration, and (3) get the technical details right. This web site is mostly about the third and least important of these points. It should not be a surprise that to improve your writing you should write a lot. If you want to improve your piano playing, do you really think that you should spend a lot of time looking at piano catalogs? Inspiration does have a role to play, particularly if it can get you to write more. Lastly, there are the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Style & Diction This is an interactive section for checking a sample of writing. Click the "Submit" button to look for possible problems in the text. Sponsored Links Reference Books Become an excellent writer! Technical Notes Contact Edit Central
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20 herramientas para crear presentaciones Las presentaciones son excelentes herramientas de apoyo si se necesita realizar un planteamiento de ideas en forma clara, breve y ordenada. Además de agregar dinamismo a la exposición, permiten conectar al emisor con la audiencia. Este aspecto beneficia el proceso de transmisión de información, por lo que es importante considerar emplearlas. Te presentamos 20 servicios a los que puedes acceder para crear presentaciones atractivas para tu audiencia: 1. Ideal para generar presentaciones modernas y minimalistas. Se puede incluir elementos en 2D y 3D e incluso, también se puede personalizar el resultado si se tiene conocimiento de código HTML5. 2. Prezi es uno de los servicios de visualización más populares que existen. Está disponible para Windows y para Mac. Conoce más sobre cómo trabajar en Prezi siguiendo este enlace. 3. Todos los usuarios con una cuenta en Google pueden hacer uso de esta herramienta. El servicio es bastante sencillo de utilizar. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Mira un ejemplo aquí. 20 herramientas para crear presentaciones
50 Herramientas Online para Profesores - Educabilia Te presentamos las 50 mejores herramientas para encontrar recursos pedagógicos, crear clases online e interactuar con tus alumnos. ¡Adapta tus clases y no te quedes afuera de la revolución educativa! Encontrar recursos educativos Skype in the classroom recursos para el aula, expertos, ideas, personas y experiencias alrededor del mundo. YouTube para escuelas cientos de videos académicos Tiching recursos educativos digitales TED: conferencias en video de expertos de todo el mundo sobre todo tipo de temas Evernote capturar y organizar contenido de la web Cloud Magic buscador simultáneo de información en gmail, twitter, facebook, evernote, etc Wolfram Alpha: resolución de ejercicios matemáticos y otros recursos Issuu descubrir publicaciones, compartir documentos gráficos, crear revistas y difundir online Tube Box descargar videos de YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion… The Primary Box navega, colecciona, organiza y comparte recursos Factoría del Tutor herramientas, recursos y servicios para el docente
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The design was led by Chief Creative Officer, Eric Brown, who made a point of the team to attending live Q events to ensure the essence of Q was captured and projected throughout the design process. This caused our team to pay special attention to “space”, operating with the conviction that Q’s design profile had developed due to Gabe Lyons’s eye for historically significant, and often “sacred” venues for events. Eric’s recognition of this outlier was significant in the final product, realizing, “When you walk into Q, you feel a ‘certain air’ to the room. It reminds you of entering a large arena after months of waiting to hear your favorite band perform. It is both surreal and actual.” A healthy balance between utility and experience was vital in the design of; considering Q’s role as a large content platform, while capturing the feeling of being in the room at a Q event was a challenge that our design team emphasized throughout the process. Q Ideas | Whiteboard
The real deal about memes is their popularity: an image becomes a famous meme because it is shared and used. If you want to improve the chances of your meme to be successful, you can check among the most popular memes of all times on and pick an image: whether is Bad Luck Brian with his ugly smile, the Grumpy Cat or anything else, you will surely find the right image to express your funny remarks about reality!Pick an image from the most popular memes and customize it for free! Futurama Frycustomize this The Most Interesting Man In The Worldcustomize this Philosoraptorcustomize this Willy Wonkacustomize this Success Kidcustomize this One Does Not Simplycustomize this Bad Luck Briancustomize this Good Guy Gregcustomize this Grumpy Cat customize this First World Problemscustomize this Forever Alonecustomize this Most Popular characters - page 1 | Meme Generator
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Skip to Content Skip over navigation Regional Economic Development Topics A to Z Translate: Explore Careers : Salary + Benefits : Education + Training : Job Search : Resumes + Interviews : People + Places to Help browse occupations : explore green careers : help a job seeker : salary info : write job descriptions : disaster recovery services Education + Training Home > Education + Training > Pay > Financial Aid Financial Aid Copyright © 2014 State of Minnesota Copyright © 2013 State of Minnesota Education Financial Aid Information - CareerOneStop
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