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Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves That's right, Ken can stop his brainwaves on demand. Actually—and in a more serious vein—this is the famous EEG machine recording where Ken enters various meditative states, one of which is a type of "thoughtless," "image-less," or "formless" state, whose correlate is that his brainwaves come to an almost complete stop, as clearly recorded on this portable electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. (This video is discussed in One Taste, April 10 entry.) We asked Ken to do a short 10-minute commentary on these various meditative states and the corresponding brain-wave patterns that are shown on the EEG machine in the video. If nothing else, seeing somebody's brainwaves flatline in about 4 seconds is a sight not easily forgotten! More seriously, as Ken often says, "If you want to know God, you've got to get your brain out of the way first. Ken Wilber Stops His Brain Waves
Meditation found to increase brain size Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office Sara Lazar (center) talks to research assistant Michael Treadway and technologist Shruthi Chakrapami about the results of experiments showing that meditation can increase brain size. People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. In one area of gray matter, the thickening turns out to be more pronounced in older than in younger people. “Our data suggest that meditation practice can promote cortical plasticity in adults in areas important for cognitive and emotional processing and well-being,” says Sara Lazar, leader of the study and a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. The researchers compared brain scans of 20 experienced meditators with those of 15 nonmeditators. Study participants meditated an average of about 40 minutes a day. Controlling random thoughts Slowing aging? Meditation found to increase brain size
Three months of intense training in a form of meditation known as "insight" in Sanskrit can sharpen a person's brain enough to help them notice details they might otherwise miss. These new findings add to a growing body of research showing that millennia-old mental disciplines can help control and improve the mind, possibly to help treat conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). "Certain mental characteristics that were previously regarded as relatively fixed can actually be changed by mental training," University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson said. "People know physical exercise can improve the body, but our research and that of others holds out the prospects that mental exercise can improve minds." Paying attention to facts requires time and effort, and since everyone only has a limited amount of brainpower to go around, details can get overlooked. "Your attention gets stuck on the first target, then you miss the second one," Davidson said. Meditation Sharpens the Mind Meditation Sharpens the Mind
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Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at AMNH The Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC) transforms knowledge – from diverse sources and perspectives, spanning areas of scientific research as well as traditional and local knowledge – into conservation action. We collaborate with partners around the world to increase local and global capacity to address the loss of biological and cultural diversity. Convening professionals, institutions, and communities, we foster connections among practitioners to catalyze conservation on the ground. The programs we develop span the full cycle of conservation action – from identifying needs to project implementation to adapting and broadcasting lessons learned – and serve as models for other organizations. Center for Biodiversity and Conservation American Museum of Natural History Central Park West at 79th Street New York, New York 10024 USA Phone: 212 769 5742 Fax: 212 769 5292 What's New at the CBC CBC in the Field Our Global Kitchen on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show! Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at AMNH
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UCINET 6 for Windows is a software package for the analysis of social network data. It was developed by Lin Freeman, Martin Everett and Steve Borgatti. It comes with the NetDraw network visualization tool. UCINET Software UCINET Software
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Trump: Los “hechos alternativos” nacen de nuestros prejuicios Tras el proyecto de peatonalizar la Gran Vía se dice que el centro de todas las capitales está cerrado al tráfico y no es verdad Coincidiendo con la elección y el recién inaugurado mandato de Trump se ha puesto de moda criticar la aparición de noticias falsas, lo que muchos llaman “post-verdad”, como si las mentiras de toda la vida fuesen una novedad inédita. Una novedad, además, que hubiesen impulsado desde la sombra un contubernio de oligarcas, por supuesto neoconservadores. A propósito de Trump, precisamente, a menos de 48 horas del inicio de su presidencia circuló como una verdad contrastada que su Administración había eliminado la página web en español de la Casa Blanca. Otro "hecho" que se repite es la precarización del trabajo, cuando resulta que hay más porcentaje de indefinidos que en 2007 Pero basta con asomarse a España para ver reproducida esa “post-verdad” en los sitios, aparentemente, más insospechados. Jesús Andreu es Director de la Fundación Carolina. Trump: Los “hechos alternativos” nacen de nuestros prejuicios
Post-truth politics (also called post-factual politics) is a political culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy, and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored. Post-truth differs from traditional contesting and falsifying of truth by rendering it of "secondary" importance. While this has been described as a contemporary problem, there is a possibility that it has long been a part of political life, but was less notable before the advent of the Internet. In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell cast a world in which the state changes historic records daily to fit its propaganda goals of the day. History[edit] Jennifer Hochschild, H.L. Description[edit] A Vote Leave poster with a misleading claim about the EU membership fee, cited as an example of post-truth politics.[18] Drivers[edit] Major news outlets[edit] Many news outlets desire to appear, or have a policy of, impartiality. Post-truth politics - Wikipedia Post-truth politics - Wikipedia
A Secret to Creative Problem Solving Ever find yourself going over and over a problem in your business, only to hit a dead end or draw a blank? Find an innovative solution with one simple technique: re-describe the problem. "The whole idea behind creative problem solving is the assumption that you know something that will help solve this problem, but you're not thinking of it right now," explains Art Markman, cognitive psychologist and author of "Smart Thinking." Put another way, your memory hasn't found the right cue to retrieve the information you need. Changing the description tells your mind that you're in a different situation, which unlocks a new set of memories. Ask yourself two questions: 1. Instead, think more abstractly. Take vacuum cleaner filters, for example. James Dyson realized that the problem was actually about separation, or separating the dirt from the air, which doesn't always require a filter. Related Video: Dermalogica's Jane Wurwand on the Creative Process 2. Related: 5 Ways to Boost Your Creative Power A Secret to Creative Problem Solving
An introduction to user research techniques — Government Service Design Manual An introduction to user research techniques — Government Service Design Manual Accessible Media Player by Nomensa The timeline slider below uses WAI ARIA. Please use the documentation for your screen reader to find out more. This guidance provides a broad overview of the methods and techniques available to conduct user research. More detailed guidance on each of these techniques can be found in the links below. User research can be categorised into 2 broad themes – product research and strategic research. Product research Product research can incorporate both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Qualitative techniques are intensive and often small scale. Quantitative techniques involve higher-volume research, and include online surveys, face-to-face interviews, and involve a structured approach to data collection and analysis. Product-based research can be conducted in-house or via a specialist agency. Strategic research Secondary data, also known as desk research, can be used, and involves the analysis of existing research or information sources. Research methods
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True-to-life: visitors immediately feel at home in the on-site showroom When you talk to bulthaup CEO Marc O. Eckert about kitchens, the conversation always goes far beyond the products the family business has been making for three generations. It becomes philosophical – but rather than taking a high-flown turn, it remains down-to-earth and rooted in everyday reality. It's the same story with the kitchen furnishings: their surfaces might look too beautiful to be practical – but that's exactly what they are. Because otherwise, bulthaup wouldn't even dream of using them for its kitchens: ever since the firm's collaboration with Otl Aicher, "form follows function" has been its guiding principle. Adaptable: thanks to the variable organiser elements, the storage space adjusts perfectly to its users' life bulthaup never tires of questioning the meaning of premium and is constantly readjusting its definition of what constitutes the ultimate quality standard. The Materials Expert | News The Materials Expert | News

Cruel proof: A brief overview of zoosadism | drmarkgriffiths Zoosadism refers to the pleasure – often sexual – that individuals attain by causing sadistic cruelty to animals. In many people’s minds, violence towards the animal is often automatically implied when they think of bestial acts. However, as I pointed out in a previous blog, recent academic research indicates that sex with animals by zoophiles is often considered by them as “sensual and loving” and does not necessarily include force, violence and/or sadism. Despite such research, links between sadistic sexual acts with animals and subsequent behaviour such as human sexual sadism and sexual murder has been much researched. In Dr. “At age nine, Kürten committed his first murder by throwing a boy off a raft and preventing another youngster from rescuing the child. Kürten’s background was also disturbing. “Kürten had sex with his sisters; however, his preferred form of sexual activity in his developing years was bestiality. Further reading Aggrawal, A. (2011). Beetz, Andrea (2002).
Crash and turn on: A brief look at chremastistophilia and symphorophilia | drmarkgriffiths “Okay so I was chatting on a website and this guy approached me saying he wanted to be blackmailed for money. He told me he would give me $100 on Thursday if I logged into his Facebook account and humiliated him. I’m a little freaked out, but what should I tell him??” (query from ‘‘) In a previous blog I examined hybristophilia (a sexual paraphilia in which an individual derives sexual arousal and pleasure from having a sexual partner who is known to have committed serious crimes, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery). Some have speculated that the strong emotions of frustration, fear, annoyance, rage, and/or submission are subconsciously drawn upon by chremastistophiles and then focused into sexual arousal/gratification. The reciprocal condition where the sexual focus is on charging or robbing one’s sexual partner has not been given a name. Further reading Downing, L. (2004). Gordon, W.A. & Elias, J.E. (2005). Love, B. (1992). Money, J. (1986). Like this:
One of the rarest behaviours in the world is the act of genital self-mutilation (GSM) in males. To date, approximately 125 cases have been recorded in the clinical literature dating back to the turn of the twentieth century. The first recorded case is thought to be a letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr D. Stroch in 1901. GSM has been recorded in a variety of forms (e.g., simple lacerations, scrotal cutting, testicle removal, penile amputations, self-castration, and a combination of the above, so called ‘lock, stock and barrel mutilation’) across a variety of countries (USA, Middle East, India, Kenya, and Nigeria). The range of instruments used to enable GSM include kitchen knifes, Stanley knives, scissors, blades, chain saw, and axe. A 2003 case report in the journal Urology, reported an attempt by an Indian man to become a ‘hijra’ (i.e., eunuch of the Indian subcontinent) due to his dissatisfaction with the wait for gender reassignment surgery. Like this: Private practices: A brief overview of male genital self-mutilation | drmarkgriffiths
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Places you can go to help save the tiger: 5 is the ultimate tiger information center on the Internet. Definitely worth a visit!The Save the Tiger Fund is "dedicated to supporting the conservation of Asia's remaining wild tigers."The World Wildlife Fund has a very nice website about tigers. They have pictures, conservation information, and ways you can help save the tiger.The Carnivore Preservation Trust is a wildlife sanctuary, that educates the public while saving tigers and other animals that are no longer wanted.Kids for Tigers is a way for children to get involved in helping to save their planet. Tiger Pictures & Facts
The name black bear is not a very accurate name for this species of bear. They can come in many colors such as black, brown, gray, silvery-blue, and cream. Most black bears are, in fact, black but often a black colored bear will have brown cubs and brown colored bears may have black cubs. The black bear’s habitats range from the far northern tundra of Canada and Alaska to the forests of Central America and Mexico. Black bears have small eyes, long noses, round ears and a short tail. Black bears have been given the reputation of attacking people. Mating happens in spring but the females have an ability called ‘delayed implantation’, which allows the egg to be fertilized later. The 16 sub-species are: Kermode or Spirit bear (Western Canada) Vancouver black bear Queen Charlotte black bear Newfoundland black bear Glacier bear or blue bear (Alaska & British Columbia) Kenai black bear (Alaska) Dall black bear (Alaska) Cinnamon bear (central U.S. Black Bear On-line Jigsaw Puzzle Bear Facts - Species - American Black Bear
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Detroit’s white population rises
The Downfall of Detroit: White Flight and the 1967 Race Riots | husseinbazzi
Why were the effects from white flight in Detroit so big? (middle-class, apartment complexes) - General U.S. - Page 3
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